UPDATED: What do you want to see at sanduskyregister.com?

Jason Werling
Nov 18, 2013

I've had conversations throughout our community in the past couple months about what people would like to see at our website and you may have noticed a few changes here and there.

I'm opening a week-long dialogue for suggestions from you and will be checking back here as much as possible.

Tell me what you like, what you don't like and what you would like to see added here at the website.

I look forward to your responses...I think.

Here's a list of suggestions so far. Please keep the conversation going, I don't see comments going away in the foreseeable future. "It takes a community...." can have more meaning than just raising children.

• Thumbs Up/Thumbs down option- This was mentioned several times and I agree it would be a great addition to our comments section. And it ties in with what our editorial board already does.

• Student blogs- We did try adding the announcements from a couple schools a few years back. I will see what we can do with the local schools.

• Fishing/Outdoor blog- Great idea and we will get something going soon.

• Sue Daugherty blog- She has one and we just started putting it online the past couple weeks.  It can be found by clicking HERE

• Investment blog- Andy Waldock writes a weekly column and we will re-purpose it for online use as a blog.

• Good things blog- We started to post the Volunteer Center's column each week with volunteer opportunities, but I would welcome any further positive additions to our site. Anyone have any ideas on who could write it? 

• Non-anonymous commenting (Not Facebook/Twitter-based): This is the big one and we are working on it. Thank you for the input.

• Get rid of Sharon Johnson blog- Sharon has a voice and puts her name behind her statements. She sparks dialogue and I don't see her going anywhere soon as we are looking to add to our site.


Good 2 B Me

I would LOVE to see someone proof read before publishing stories! For an "Award winning" paper, your staff makes a ridiculous amount of mistakes!


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Perkins Resident

I would like to see having to log in to comment via Facebook or Twitter.


Yea, on one hand, you weed out all the people that just want to make jokes and be silly(like me) and the ones who just pick fights. But what you will LOSE is all the people that throw out some TRUTH that otherwise would go unheard if they had to put their name on it. I see some pretty juicy stuff that must have some merit because they get instantly removed or prompt someone to get on here and start defending it. Either way, I have a facebook account, but this site is way more fun!

Jason Werling

People always have the ability to throw out some truth, but don't have to do it in the public forum of the comments section. All of our reporters have e-mail addresses and have the ability to take anonymous tips from "little birdies" in the community.

Facebook has been able to have "some" success with their users going by their real names.

Peninsula Pundit

It really depends on what the paper wants out of its' comments section, Mr. Werling.
If you want alot of comments, you should leave it the way it is, with a thumbs up or down option added.
Going to facebook killed the comments section for the PC Nude Harold and the Fremont paper, as well.
So if you're going to do that, just shut the comments down now and be done with it. I admit the Register has no obligation to supply a section to allow readers to, ahem, respond intelligently.

AJ Oliver

People should post under their own names.


This site will be a ghost town. It'll be you, Matt Westerhold, and Jason Werling chatting it up.

Licorice Schtick

AJ Oliver, who admirably uses his real name, keep declaring that people "ought to" use real names, but he doesn't make much of a case.

He's also not the kind of guy who would be intimidated by the danger of getting brick though his window for saying something that offends some thug or nut-job.

There are a lot of things that "ought to" be said, that wouldn't be, without the option of anonymity.

Who thinks voting "ought to" be public, instead of secret ballots?

Online forums are a new and exciting boon to democracy BECAUSE of the anonymous option, which empowers ordinary people who would otherwise be unable to speak their minds.

American democracy, ostensibly of The People, by The People, for The People, has been co-opted and corrupted by the wealthy and powerful and transformed into a corporatocracy that crushes ordinary people who don't fall in line.

Some People have found a way to push back a bit through online forums. But the opposition will be silenced.


I would say that’s not such a good idea for a local body of commenters. Not as long as there are people like this to worry about.

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 10:40am

Aaron Carmean-

I am not going to look for you.

But I could find you if I did.

You could be easily taken out , even with your toy.

You are an incredibly stupid little person !!!

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 12:06pm

You should really shut your mouth before you call people names.
You cry like a little sissy that your privacy rights have been taken away but you put yourself on the Internet for the whole world to see.

I know what you look like and what city you live in.-- who's the loon now ?

Also , It was VERY easy to find you.

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 8:48am

You look gay and stupid.
You talk gay and stupid.

Darwin's choice

Word most often abused horribly by inexperienced suburban white douche-bags who wish to give themselves some falsified counterfeit form of street-cred. Also used by the oreo cookies who stoop low enough to keep the company of these pathetic weasels.
From the "urban dictionary"


well said


As long as there are mentally unstable people like deertracker, 4shizzle, and big dog out there I will never post under my real name. The people that I want to know who I am on here already know. The crazy's can keep guessing. I bet deertracker and 4shizzle would die if they knew that I already know who they are. Oops, I gave it away. LOL.


I would love to know the real name of 4shizzle.

Stop It


Stop It

Let's just hope you don't find it out on this website.

Jason Werling

Good 2 B Me: you need a hyphen between "award-winning."  :)

I wouldn't call it ridiculous, but mistakes do happen and fortunately with a website, we can fix them when they happen. With our community of proof readers we have been pretty good with fixing the typos when they pop up.

Unfortunately when a mistake is printed in the print version of the paper we can't fix the 25,000+ versions.

As in every business, we strive to get better every day (or is it "everyday")

Perkins Resident: We are looking into our commenting and improving our community experience. Stay tuned for changes.

Perkins Resident

Good stuff Jason. Keep up the great work!


"Every day" (two words) is correct. "Everyday" (one word) is used as a synonym for "usual" or "ordinary."

Jason Werling

Thanks SamAdams, we can always count on you. :)

Licorice Schtick

Complaints about typos and other technical errors are off-topic violations on many successful forums. But illiterates and fumblethumbs are annoying and get downvoted.

Good 2 B Me

Not sure Jason, but you forgot the "?" after "everyday" :P

Gotcha back!

Jason Werling

I had it in there, but wasn't sure if it stayed inside the quotation marks or outside. Since it was in a comment I just left it out entirely. :)

You got me.

Good 2 B Me

Punctuation always goes inside of quotations! :D

This is fun!

Eph 2 8-10

As I said, he needs a good proof reader.....


It's not as bad as people constantly posting "noone" (should be two words) or "REDiculous".

Those two just make me shake my head.

Those are not even typos.

Stop It

It IS as bad as those that have to type *eyeroll*.


Why is that? Just because some people (you) don't recognize sarcasm when they read it.

Maybe emoticons would help. Although watch the traffic dwindle, after FB is in place.

Oh well. S**t happens.


Mistakes happen so it is what it is. It doesn't really affect my life when there is a grammatical error so just keep doing what you're doing in that aspect.


I'd remind those who suggest we have to log in under Facebook or Twitter accounts that you don't need to use your real name for those, either (and, in fact, at least where Twitter is concerned, I'd recommend against it!).

I'd also remind those who keep insisting that we use our real names on these forums that, unlike A.J. Oliver, not all of us are retired and can afford to alienate customers or potential customers based on whether or not they agree with us. And while Oliver has made his anti-gun positions clear and apparently isn't worried about becoming a crime victim, some of us (dare I say especially if we're female) aren't so keen on anybody and everybody being able to determine where we live!

A look at some of the comments from 4shizzle, whether he means them literally or not, ought to illustrate THAT point!