UPDATED: What do you want to see at sanduskyregister.com?

Jason Werling
Nov 18, 2013

I've had conversations throughout our community in the past couple months about what people would like to see at our website and you may have noticed a few changes here and there.

I'm opening a week-long dialogue for suggestions from you and will be checking back here as much as possible.

Tell me what you like, what you don't like and what you would like to see added here at the website.

I look forward to your responses...I think.

Here's a list of suggestions so far. Please keep the conversation going, I don't see comments going away in the foreseeable future. "It takes a community...." can have more meaning than just raising children.

• Thumbs Up/Thumbs down option- This was mentioned several times and I agree it would be a great addition to our comments section. And it ties in with what our editorial board already does.

• Student blogs- We did try adding the announcements from a couple schools a few years back. I will see what we can do with the local schools.

• Fishing/Outdoor blog- Great idea and we will get something going soon.

• Sue Daugherty blog- She has one and we just started putting it online the past couple weeks.  It can be found by clicking HERE

• Investment blog- Andy Waldock writes a weekly column and we will re-purpose it for online use as a blog.

• Good things blog- We started to post the Volunteer Center's column each week with volunteer opportunities, but I would welcome any further positive additions to our site. Anyone have any ideas on who could write it? 

• Non-anonymous commenting (Not Facebook/Twitter-based): This is the big one and we are working on it. Thank you for the input.

• Get rid of Sharon Johnson blog- Sharon has a voice and puts her name behind her statements. She sparks dialogue and I don't see her going anywhere soon as we are looking to add to our site.



I and others helped reveal a crook judge who used to post comments under a screen name on cleveland.com. by her using a computer from the judge's chamber.

Look up the name of "lawmiss" and "governmentwatcher" on cleveland.com.

I see that one of my comments was just deleted on the NR because I used the first name of Cheney, D!ck.

I have ceased posting comments on the Norwalk Reflector. I posted very informative links to Vietnam soldiers who were KIA under the age of 17.

Ef the NR!!

The Sandusky Register could win a Pulitzer Prize like the Toledo Blade did about Tiger Force in Vietnam.


There are many stories to be told about corrupt Erie County, Ohio.

I will cease to post any further comments here on sanduskyregister.com.

Goodbye to all.


Elyria’s Chronicle Telegram at one time had a similar setup as yours. It also was a hotbed of political and social debate and articles generated many comments.

Unfortunately, they also failed to enforce their discussion guidelines and it deteriorated into chaos. Their cop-out was to introduce Disqus to their website.

No longer the mecca for savvy discourse, nowadays they are lucky if they get 5 comments on an article. And they are still replete with inane comments and disparaging personal attacks from Facebook trolls, many of which are using pseudonyms.

Leave it like it is now, changing it will not make it better.

Pterocarya frax...

Jason, we have one of the best county extension agents here in Erie county. Has he ever been approached about doing a weekly column, or a blog? He would beat the pants off of the garden columns you have been running!

Jason Werling

Could you e-mail me the contact info for the extension agent? We do have a weekly column/blog by Tim White and Breann Hohman available HERE

getit right be4...

I would like to see a way for local artist to share there art. Photography, music, paintings, poems, any type of art that is family friendly.

What they share needs to be protected from click and copy and no bull about the register get to use what is posted as they wish.

getit right be4...

No facebook or twitter sign up. I refuse to facebook or twit.

Stop It

Is the current format "broken"? If it isn't, don't "fix" it.


It's only broken to those who want to find out who you are so they can carry out some sick fantasy of trying hunt you down.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

The burger contest is nice. It spurs creativity in the users and offers a nice reward, which is good for us. Presumably it turns into some kind of in/tangible reward for the Register as well perhaps through advertising, notoriety, etc.

Perhaps making a bi-weekly or monthly contest of some kind that spurs positive, civil user-created contributions would be nice. Perhaps a photo-taking event with a particular subject that you don't have to be a professional to do (professional being high-speed stuff, microscopic subjects, and so on). Poetry, short stories, drawing, or other user-created pieces. Even opinion pieces of some kind.

If I learned one thing in my business it is that "organized play" is what drives motivation, spurs creativity, and creates a community.

Stories can also be given "tags" to make them easier to research/archive as well as perhaps give a filter to people who aren't interested in a particular subject. Perhaps in my profile I could select to un/subscribe to "cats", "crime", "schools" or the like. To take that idea even one step further, perhaps file tabs of sorts can be added across the top so that stories are already pre-filtered. If I want to read what is put out for politics, I just click on the politics tab at the top to see what's offered. Otherwise if I don't want those discussions spilling over into other things (or roll my eyes because next to a Home & Garden article I see a political one ablaze perhaps driving me away or making me second guessing to hazard a comment) I just navigate to where I want to be knowing that an accompanying "keep replies relevant to the topic" rule is enforced.

Jason Werling

Hero Zone: All good ideas and I'm glad you like the burger contest, we will look to do something similar here at sr.com. And we are looking for the best way to facilitate a weekly photo contest whether it would be through Instagram or something similar.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. We do have a "tag" system in place, it just isn't widely known and we are making people more aware as we improve the taxonomy. If you click on the blue box with the white letters of a story that has a topic associated to it you will be taken to that list of stories.

This works with all of our school systems, law enforcement, local communities and bigger stories like the Limberios Shooting Saga, Bound, Gagged and Raped and the Triple Homicide.

Thanks for being part of this conversation, you and several others are bringing what is needed in this online community...constructive, healthy dialogue.

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The Hero Zone

Thank you for the compliment, I am happy to have earned it. There is too much destruction, too few questions asked, and it is easy to become uncivil quickly as legitimate passions boil over. I am guilty of that here. But if my offerings can act as repentant flagellations for my sarcasm then so be it.

I have also found that not posting anonymously has helped to guide how I express myself here. Not so much in content, but rather, how they are conveyed. Truth be told, I think it is better for it to be voluntary. If people wish to do so then so be it. Maybe those of us who do can get a tag called "Register-ed" or something else witty. If nothing else as a cosmetic badge or some kind of collectible achievement.

There's more that can be done with that kind of achievement system, especially marrying it to promotions which can earn the Register ad revenue from participating businesses that want to extend a reward/discount through you to contributors. Some of these are harder to explain in this format. To that end I am just down the street from you guys, I can come visit at a convenient time or you are always welcome in the shop.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


I would like to see the sale ads and stuffers - The Plain Dealer can do it. Also, I miss the Sunday comics. How hard would it be to add these?


I remember when the Sunday comics were twice the size they are now. Cheapskates


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights) and Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language.

looking around

Speaking of bloggers, What happened to TAXPAYER? was his identity outed? IS that WHY he NO LONGER POSTS! I used to LIKE laughing at HIM!


Taxpayer was banned. I used to get a lot of laughs from his comments. The left-wingers had some part in getting him banned. Taxpayer was not outed from the information that I received.


On the issue of using "real" names. Many who comment anonymously are in a social position where commenting could hurt them socially or professionally.
These same people have very important information to share and would effectively be muzzled if not permitted to post anonymously.
I think in a large part this comment section has affected change and given a voice to a segment of the populace who have been silent before this service was offered.
Why is an anonymous comment opinion any less valid than an identified one. I'd offer that anonymous comments are often more honestly a true indication of a commentators feelings, they are unfiltered by social and peer pressure to conform.

And.... how about a monthly story on an area runner.... local adult, local high school student or former local kid who is now running in college. These runners are some of the best and brightest the area has to offer.

Did you know that the area girls XC teams are mostly made up of honor roll kids?

Did you know a local girls 4X800 team advanced to the State Track meet and all four girls have a 4.0+ gpa and were recognized as Academic All-Ohio?


Re: "Why is an anonymous comment opinion any less valid than an identified one."


As long as the discourse is well-mannered and interesting - what does it matter?

Pseudonyms have a long and storied history in world and U.S. socio-political life.

See: "The Federalist Papers," "Gulliver's Travels," "Harry Potter," et al.


Bring back Rufus Sanders or have another left-wing oriented blog.

Certainly you can find a socialist lurking about in a back alley somewhere?


For those of you who want to make the comment section be a Facebook/twitter log in, what about those people who do not use either of those social media outlets? I personally find both to be a waste of time and do not use them. So for those of us few who do not use them we are being expected to start using them just to put in our two cents. How is that fair?
And before anyone can jump on me...my username is part of my real name and I chose to keep my mouth shut on most issues because there doesn't seem to be too many people who like to hear what others have to say. There doesn't seem to be many on the comments who like to have adult conversations where one person talks like an adult and the other listens like an adult and vice versa.

Insert Witty Na...

This may be geared more towards the sports section and fandy.com, but I would like to see more stories on former area athletes who have gone on to play in college. Whether it be football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, etc...also whether it be division 1, 2, 3 or at any other college level. It'd be nice to catch up with them and know how they are doing at the next level and it'd be nice for them to know they have hometown support.

Jason Werling

We do have our college notes section in the Register. I think it is in today's actually.

I will try to get the most recent one online, but here are two from last month...



looking around

It may be off topic a bit but what if political party was anonymous You picked voted for candidates not by what party he was affiliated but on his reputation and ideals. No backing from those with special agendas, those voted into offices would report for work, no left or right side of the isle, they sit together and do their job. If your unhappy there is no finger pointing or animosity towards a political group or eachother. You simply replace those not doing their job with those that appear they will with no preconceived notions of agenda or political affiliations.

Everyone is fam...

"People should use their real names" says the people with fake names. Lol!


a section to promote small businesses, non franchised, mom'n'pop places

Jason Werling

ashes0624: Something similar to your request can be found HERE with our new business section


"• Get rid of Sharon Johnson blog- Sharon has a voice and puts her name behind her statements. She sparks dialogue and I don't see her going anywhere soon as we are looking to add to our site."

I consider Sharon Johnson a political activist who writes some very interesting articles. If you don't like reading her blog then don't. Others like myself look forward to her blog.

"• Thumbs Up/Thumbs down option- This was mentioned several times and I agree it would be a great addition to our comments section. And it ties in with what our editorial board already does."

This option would be a good one. It might encourage more commentary from the good writers and discourage the trolls and flamers.
NOTE: Why do some people make a big deal out of typos, misspelling and grammar usage? The comments are not a term paper that get a grade.

"• Non-anonymous commenting (Not Facebook/Twitter-based): This is the big one and we are working on it. Thank you for the input."

I predict that the comments section will die out. Why use a real name if a commenter has been threatened with bodily harm or loss of a job? Years ago there were a couple of bloggers in Ohio who used their real names. That blog was called Erie Voices. Look what the powers that be done to them. The powers that be would welcome making people use their real names. That way the good old boys and girls can continue with their illegal activities.

I have been posting comments here since around 2011. Many people who posted good comments were banned. The posting guidelines are not fairly applied to some comments. Some get deleted while the trolls and flamers get a free pass to try to pull people in online fights.

I miss the option of being able to send and receive private messages to those who are registered to post comments.

I do know a lot of things because I never stopped learning. I love history and sometimes spend too much time researching the past. Sometimes I will share some information and post some internet links. I will not be posting much and will slowly fade away from the Sandusky Register site. I have other Ohio newspaper sites that I can post comments to.

SUGGESTIONS: People here as a group have a lot of knowledge and wisdom. How about a section where people can ask a question or seek help and the commenters can offer up some answers or suggestions? This would be in addition to the MAILBAG.

Another suggestion is to give the staunch Democrats, staunch Republicans, left-wingers and right-wingers their own section to post comments to. Since the comments would number in the hundreds, delete any comments that are over three days old.


Wow that was a long fart.


I'd like to see the SR do a better job of highlighting the outdoor resources and threats to those resources in our area. Given that the entire area sits entirely on the Lake and is surrounded by beautiful hunting, fishing, and hiking areas, the SR does not really showcase them. We get all of our outdoors news about the area from the Toledo Blade.