UPDATED: What do you want to see at sanduskyregister.com?

Jason Werling
Nov 18, 2013

I've had conversations throughout our community in the past couple months about what people would like to see at our website and you may have noticed a few changes here and there.

I'm opening a week-long dialogue for suggestions from you and will be checking back here as much as possible.

Tell me what you like, what you don't like and what you would like to see added here at the website.

I look forward to your responses...I think.

Here's a list of suggestions so far. Please keep the conversation going, I don't see comments going away in the foreseeable future. "It takes a community...." can have more meaning than just raising children.

• Thumbs Up/Thumbs down option- This was mentioned several times and I agree it would be a great addition to our comments section. And it ties in with what our editorial board already does.

• Student blogs- We did try adding the announcements from a couple schools a few years back. I will see what we can do with the local schools.

• Fishing/Outdoor blog- Great idea and we will get something going soon.

• Sue Daugherty blog- She has one and we just started putting it online the past couple weeks.  It can be found by clicking HERE

• Investment blog- Andy Waldock writes a weekly column and we will re-purpose it for online use as a blog.

• Good things blog- We started to post the Volunteer Center's column each week with volunteer opportunities, but I would welcome any further positive additions to our site. Anyone have any ideas on who could write it? 

• Non-anonymous commenting (Not Facebook/Twitter-based): This is the big one and we are working on it. Thank you for the input.

• Get rid of Sharon Johnson blog- Sharon has a voice and puts her name behind her statements. She sparks dialogue and I don't see her going anywhere soon as we are looking to add to our site.



The student one was tried a few years ago. It didn't go over very well.

Insert Witty Na...

A fishing blog is a great idea!


Since I don't do Facebook or twitter, My space or other such things, and don't plan to expand anymore into social media than I have, I wouldn't be here till my house is built out in Twin Falls and then I wouldn't care what some of the crazies who post threats to others would be far away from me and mainly my family. If you look above you will see the reasons when you read what some of them have said. Why would I chance my family when that fool (4shizzle) and others like him might be out and about?


4shizzle, you are just a mouthpiece for idiocy.


keep it as is


Facts, truth in journalism, a like button, a thumbs down button and less censorship.


great idea!!!!!!!


Jason, as for the comments, while it would probably decrease the drama, it keeps your newspaper more reputable then the anonymous names on here. The point is if you wouldn't say it as yourself, why say it? Because it's easy to hide behind anonymity, myself included. I'm 100% certain there are comments I wouldn't make, if my real name were on here. That doesn't mean I won't read online. I see the drama that gets caused on here. It will increase the integrity of your commenters and hopefully get away from the tabloid reputation. I say log in with facebook and if no facebook, no comments...if it's THAT important to you, you'll find a way. Yes you can probably create a fake facebook account too. A lot of trouble to go to, just to leave a comment but it is what it is.

Carlos Danger

I would like to see the Register follow its own Discussion Guidelines.  If you are going to ban someone or delete their posts merely for criticizing a story posted by the Register, then list that as a reason in your Discussion Guidelines.  Otherwise you are censoring legitimate comments just because certain reporters/editors are oversensitive.


Like someone has already said, proofread!!! I can understand some errors but sometimes they are ridiculous and completely change the context of the story. Another thing that really bothers me is when you try to make cutesy titles for storys. They aren't cute or funny and the can be demeaning. An example of another problem I see is this: A few days ago a young man was sentenced to 9 years in jail. He had that coming. What I don't understand is why you had to include a picture of his parents with his mother crying. Of course they were upset, he's still their son. It was completely unnecessary to publish their picture on here. They didn't commit a crime, their son did. You do this to sensationalize your story with no concern for the feelings of others. That was simply an example. It happens too often. Oh the other hand, there's a lot of good things happening that should be reported. The news is depressing enough, we need to hear some stories with a good outcome.

Jason Werling

kingd: Your points are noted and I will try to address them with abridged responses. Each could entail a long debate.

proofreading: We address this on a daily basis and I have addressed it several times already today.

cutesy titles: If you have specific examples, please provide them. A majority of the time we only have a few words to get the gist of the story. We are trying to get as many people interested in reading stories as we can.

family in court photos: It is our job to convey to our community what we can with a given story. Crime doesn't affect just the victim or the defendant. It affects the family of all involved as well. I believe the story you spoke of touched on the family's reaction to the sentencing and the photo helped illustrate the anguish a family can face when a loved one commits a crime. People can argue whether it is right or wrong to publish the photo and have the right to view it or not.

To say there is no concern for the feelings of others is insensitive to the photographers and reporters who bring you the news. We don't enjoy documenting the worst days in peoples' lives, but it is part of the job. We would rather cover the stories with a good outcome and we do every day.

I have posted this before, but please e-mail any positive story ideas you may have to werling@sanduskyregister.com


Including a photo of the parents of the young man on trial illustrates the anguish a family faces when a love one commits a crime has some merit but what about the embarrasment they might feel having that picture out there for all to see. That's just my opinion though.


I would like to see a regular column from Sue Daugherty (if she has time). That lady stays busy.


U should try to get the know it all commenters to get on air and debate each other. It would be nice to see how intelligent they are with no google in front of them.


That would be a wonderful idea but then the nutcases would then know who you are and be able to find out where you live. On second thought, I'm game. If one of the resident kooks is dumb enough to show up at my door...well I will leave it to you to figure out what the outcome would be. LOL

Yellow Snow

If you tie this to FB or Twitter, or real identity, you'll lose most of the commenters. Would be nice to see a thumbs up thumbs down option.
A column about investing would be interesting. A column about outdoor activities, such as gardening, fishing, hunting, snow skiing, landscaping. I'm currently interested in learning about aquaponics, might not be good for a weekly column, but would make for a great read. tk has a good point, Sue Daugherty does so much for so many. Hope I spelled everything correctly.


Bring back the "search" feature. I discovered it was missing after I tried to find the article and video of the OSU band on the Miller ferry entering Put in Bay harbor.

Yellow Snow

click on the magnifying glass in the upper right to search.


what happened to weired mama? she knew EVERYTHING. She said she was going to run for city commission but, like others, she was all bark no bite!


How about showcasing a neighborhood resident with a need such as ,leaves that need raking, grass cut, house painted, put out a request for volunteers to help them , then have a small piece with neighbor & volunteers, photo. Feel good story once a week. Ahhhh, so nice of them, nice folks


Good idea.


How about a site were folks can put a personal little story about observing someone doing a kind act or service that day. Such as today, I watched as this older lady had her scarf blow away at Walmart, I mean really take off, and this young man chased it down and returned it to her.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

A "Like", +1, and/or -1 button isn't bad. But there are a few things to consider. Would this increase the bombastic tangents in a race to the top/bottom? If employed, will the scores bump up topics so that the top-rated one is displayed first while no or low comments are forced to the bottom? If that's the case, commentators may be discouraged from posting as they'll never be seen by those who don't want to click past the first page of replies.

What may be able to be employed is a kind of "karma" system that is a long-term way to display or move comments. That can be fueled by overall "likes" with static bonuses given to encourage things like verifying your identity, not receiving any alerts for your comments, etc. Civil behavior.

You can also try employing a collapsible comment system. If a comment gets something like three or more comments it collapses the conversation into a drop-down option. That way if someone wants to read a back-and-forth they can click the button to show all comments. But if someone doesn't, they don't have to abuse their scroll wheel.

An additional feature you see in the gaming community is the ability to blacklist or "squelch" offensive, uncivil, or irrelevant people on an account-by-account basis.


I like the idea of a like button if it is just used for that thread, post, or even just the point in that post. Don't have it recorded somewhere so that posters are "rated" by what others think of them. That is for the owner of the site to decide.

I also like the collapsable drop down when two or so people get into a back and forth situation. It is rarely intersting to others outside of the 2 or 3 involved.

I like the addition of an ignore feature so those whose sensibilities are such that they have trouble tolerating folks with opinions they don't like they don't have to even see them, even if they will overide that feature just to see what the other person says. (grin)

AJ Oliver

Lets see, if everyone posts under their own names, the blogs might lose twenty or so mostly uninformed and uninteresting people.
And the problem with that would be ?


How would you verify it is their real name?

Creating a false FB account can be done in a couple minutes. Not that hard to do.


I'd be really sorry to see you go AJ ;)


So I'm "uninformed" and "uninteresting?" Because what I REALLY am is one of those who won't use my real name online. Not here, not ANYwhere. People who take those sorts of risks in this day and age end up headlining the stories you'll comment on tomorrow and, while I may be "uninformed" and "uninteresting," what I'm NOT is "stupid!"


SamAdams, I have followed your comments for a couple of years. Your comments are very thought provoking. My comments here on the Sandusky Register comments will fade away and cease. I will be posting comments on the Norwalk Reflector comments site for now. In time, my comments will cease. There are other Ohio newspapers that I will be posting comments on.

Look at it this way. At least you tried to make a difference with your efforts of posting comments. Some people don't care as they are sheeple and follow.


Since the reflector is owned by the register you can bet they will be changing that site too. That's ok, the people on the other end of the spectrum are much more interesting on the Cleveland PD site, and I have never received a threat of harm there. Bye Bye SR.