UPDATED: What do you want to see at sanduskyregister.com?

Jason Werling
Nov 18, 2013

I've had conversations throughout our community in the past couple months about what people would like to see at our website and you may have noticed a few changes here and there.

I'm opening a week-long dialogue for suggestions from you and will be checking back here as much as possible.

Tell me what you like, what you don't like and what you would like to see added here at the website.

I look forward to your responses...I think.

Here's a list of suggestions so far. Please keep the conversation going, I don't see comments going away in the foreseeable future. "It takes a community...." can have more meaning than just raising children.

• Thumbs Up/Thumbs down option- This was mentioned several times and I agree it would be a great addition to our comments section. And it ties in with what our editorial board already does.

• Student blogs- We did try adding the announcements from a couple schools a few years back. I will see what we can do with the local schools.

• Fishing/Outdoor blog- Great idea and we will get something going soon.

• Sue Daugherty blog- She has one and we just started putting it online the past couple weeks.  It can be found by clicking HERE

• Investment blog- Andy Waldock writes a weekly column and we will re-purpose it for online use as a blog.

• Good things blog- We started to post the Volunteer Center's column each week with volunteer opportunities, but I would welcome any further positive additions to our site. Anyone have any ideas on who could write it? 

• Non-anonymous commenting (Not Facebook/Twitter-based): This is the big one and we are working on it. Thank you for the input.

• Get rid of Sharon Johnson blog- Sharon has a voice and puts her name behind her statements. She sparks dialogue and I don't see her going anywhere soon as we are looking to add to our site.



If the rules were followed, 4shizzle and a few others would have been banned a long time ago


Actually, using facebook wouldn't solve a thing. I am a member of several political blogs and nearly everyone on them now uses a dummy facebook account. I agree, if they banned people like 4shizzle, who love to threaten people, it would solve the problem, and I mean not just by username but by IP address.

Licorice Schtick

Facebook is mostly pablum, BECAUSE it's mostly Real People, and fake accounts are against the rules. Dissent gets bullied into submission with niceness.

The opposition will be silenced.

Stop It


Thomas Paine

Agree with the fine patriot SamAdams. Putting a real name out there would not allow people to post things without fear potential clients would disagree and no longer be patrons because of that. The idea of people knowing where we work or live also would be a factor to consider before commenting. I doubt I would comment on hot topic issues considering my income is based on commission. For that reason I do not discuss politics or issues at work or with clients.

google me

I'd like to see the Register do a better job of reporting on some of the good that is going on in the area rather spending time trying to come up with a witty headline to the police blotter. There are some great organizations that are expanding in our area and some great people working to make a difference.

Jason Werling

google me: You are correct about the great organizations and we have been reaching out to them. Send your suggestions to me (werling@sanduskyregister.com) And you can always let us know about any good you hear going on in the community and we will do our best to report on it.

Licorice Schtick

I like witty headlines

looking around

What happened to the web cam?

Jason Werling

Long story-short, it broke.

Medium story: The costs associated with fixing it far outweighed the benefit to having it. We would be interested in getting it fixed if there is an interested business that would want to sponsor the camera.

Interested sponsors can contact me at werling@sanduskregister.com

Thomas Paine

How many people used the webcam on a daily basis?

Jason Werling

I'm not sure we tracked it when it was operational. But our bandwidth would skyrocket when there was breaking news within view of the camera.

If a roller coaster stopped at Cedar Point or there was something going on at the Jackson Street Pier the camera would be busy.


I would love if people had yo use their Facebook page to log in or use their real name.

Peninsula Pundit

Is that your real name?
Practice what you preach!
Lead by example!
But really, everyone who posts that they would prefer real names under a nom de plume proves the point of those who support anonymity.

Tell it how it is.

Please Facebook logins. Please remove the anonymous names.


Why? Anyone can fake a facebook profile.


As Peninsula Pundit said, practice what you preach. Since I have never met a person named Tell it how it is, I would assume you prefer to remain anonymous. If not, why not change your username?


Note how santown419 and Tell it how it is apparently have VERY unusual names on their birth certificates! Either that, or they're using anonymous names, too. Why? I mean, since they want everybody else to use their real names...


You claim to never bite your tongue so why you so scared. I would have no problem using my name if it was he rules unlike you I won't bite my tongue and I'm not scared of anyone. Grow up its not that serious. Its people like you that make using your name something that should be done. Over and over when you use the term in my opinion we know you are about to say some bs.


I've had several friends on other blogs that received death threats and even had people show up at their homes or place of business before they changed to a dummy facebook account. If you think it won't happen you are kidding yourself. There are a lot of nuts out there. While some of us may disagree vehemently on issues, I would never try to harm someone for their beliefs or opinions, however, there are people out there that would. It happens all the time.


You and I rarely agree on anything. Yet I've never once threatened you, nor have you ever threatened me. But I've seen OTHERS make threats, and you're right: There are a lot of nuts out there! Posting anonymously has much less to do with the people posting than it does with the people threatening!


Excellent comment!

I take all threats including death threats seriously.

Sometimes if the powers that be fail to intimidate me and other online political activists, threats are made against our loved ones such as a spouse, children and grandchildren. That is when I back off and stop posting comments or voicing my concerns in a public meeting.

"They" can come and beat me up, break my legs or kill me. It is a sacrifice that I have accepted. But when it comes to threats against my family, then I am silenced.

Peninsula Pundit

Thumb Up!


I see two issues that are the pretty important. First issue is the comments. You guys have to do something on here. The Blade and other papers use Facebook logins, other have other systems, so it is not like you have to re-invent the wheel here. I know it may make your web-traffic take a hit when there is no more mini-race riots on your website, but the experience and the website's credibility will increase. Speaking of increasing credibility, the other issue is one of your "bloggers". I think it is great that you have people in the community contribute to your website, but man...one of them, and you know which one...makes your product look less than professional. Sorry, but it is the truth.

The most important thing, and from looking at the other comments it seems that other agree, is to clean up your comment sections. As far as additional content, whatever happened to webcasting the commission meetings, this was discussed in the past (I think it was anyway, I could be wrong).

The Bizness

1.I would recommend getting rid of some of your blogs. Especially the ones that throw out statements as facts when in realty they are opinion. Specifically this one ---> http://www.sanduskyregister.com/...

2. You should open up the mail bag. Make a post on Sunday or Monday asking for mail bag questions for the week, and then use those questions. That way we can see that the questions are real questions and not ways for free advertising, or your way to sell print papers.

3. I would not recommend going to real names. Either keep it the way it is or remove the ability to comment.


With the amount of physical threats on here which people have used against each other at times, is that really a good idea? I've had threats against me, just because others didn't agree with me.

Yeah , just a groovy idea to do away with the anonymous usernames. ** Note heavy sarcasm with obligatory eyeroll **

The Register wields the almighty sword to disable comments at any time - as they wish. Bottom line.

They have done so in the past.

However, with the five or six people who constantly just love to go after each other on here, they keep those.

Go Figure.


Keep in mind that the Vermilion PD newsletter was published due to an anonymous source sending it in.

I guess some anonymity is a good thing.

Capt. Ford

I too find the regulars amusing, and I would comment far less if I had to use my first name Fred.

Capt. Ford

And I also assume correctly that in the end we are not anonymous,[NSA] bogeyman etc. and conduct myself accordingly.

Jason Werling

Keep the dialogue going, this is good. I'll respond to a few of these after I get a couple more stories posted.

Are there any organizations you would like to hear from on a daily basis? Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Back to the Wild have been contacted and are looking into what they can offer. 

What other areas of our community are not being heard and could use a voice, and audience, like we provide here?


A Sandusky High School student would be a good addition, if possible. It would be good to hear from a student and their weekly thoughts on local issues an school issues, plus it would look good on a college application.

Also, an outdoors or fishing blogger would fit nicely.