UPDATED 2:51 p.m.
I was sent a map of the Shinrock area by Ben Johnson and you have all provided useful comments, even video from the Flintstones (posted below).

2:46 PM Nov 20, 2014

The center of Ohio was the center of attention for running this past weekend.

About 11,000 people ran or walked 13.1 miles, a half marathon, and about 7,000 people doubled that effort and participated in the full marathon.

4:26 PM Oct 21, 2014

How was your football weekend?

If you're a Steelers fan, it was pretty good. If you're Cleveland Browns punter Spencer Lanning, it could have been better.

Buckeye and Wolverine fans would like a mulligan as well.

10:12 AM Sep 8, 2014

So why is U.S. 6 called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway? 

5:37 AM Jul 22, 2014

We had to tell a lot of people they couldn’t come with us on our U.S. 6 East Road Trip from Sandusky Bay to Cape Cod Bay. Arthur didn’t listen.

6:33 PM Jul 4, 2014

It certainly was a throwback Thursday for day four of the Bay to Bay road trip. And not the “TBT” of posting embarrassing photos from the days of yore on Facebook.

8:30 PM Jul 3, 2014

And on the third day, it rained.

Our day started in Towanda, Pennsylvania after breakfast. A storm rolled in and we decided on a second breakfast as the boys are hungry every 23.5 minutes.

9:10 PM Jul 2, 2014

Monday we barely made it to Pennsylvania. 

Tuesday we couldn’t get through it. 

In a valiant effort the Werling Boys made it through over 250 miles of the state as they “Did 6.” (The slogan for traveling U.S. 6 in Pennsylvania is “Do 6.”)

8:33 PM Jul 1, 2014

We made it to Pennsylvania. Barely.

Within view of Sandusky Bay, the first day of this year’s road trip from bay to bay started in Sandusky and ended in Linesville, PA.

8:33 PM Jun 30, 2014

I don't know how many people have come up to me and the boys and said "You're still in town? I thought you were on your trip."

6:07 AM Jun 29, 2014


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