Breaking cat news from the animal shelter

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The Erie County Humane Society reports that it has two all white 6-month-old cats available for adoption.

“We get several calls a year from people looking for white cats and we never have them,” said Amy Porter, director of the humane society. “These are very rare.”

The shelter is continuing to make cats 3 years old or older available free, without the usual adoption fees.

Porter also is reminding animal lovers that dogs and cats suffer from the current extreme cold, too.

Dogs should be let outside just long enough to take care of their business and then let back inside, and owners should take a moment to clean snow and ice from their paws. Tender ears, tails and paws can all suffer frostbite.

The neighborhood stray cat also could use a little help. Take a big cardboard box and set it outside so that the opening is away from the wind.

“Then put a towel or blanket in there for the stray kitty to snuggle up inside,” Porter said.


Anonymous (not ...

Gotta strongly disagree with you about aiding feral cats.

My spouse likes to feed the squirrels and birds during the winter and the local feral cat gang tends to view the feeding spot like a cafeteria.

Shootin' "˜environmentally friendly' hazel nuts at "˜em with my cheap slingshot chases "˜em off and potentially gives the squirrels something else to eat.

And when our toy poodle was alive, they would intimidate her in her own backyard.

Nope, I hate feral cats.


RE: Winston Smith. You are ignorant.

Anonymous (not ...

feral cat feeder:

Most likely, as everyone is ignorant in something.

And if there were a feral porcine problem would you be feeding them as well? They're overrunning Berlin.


Hopefully the increase in the local coyote population will eventually decrease the number of stray felines and canines.


Just like the rest of the people like him. If it weren't for the so called "human race" we would not have a feral problem. It is caused by ignorant people as he. Animals are by far more intelligent than the human race...quite evident. For all of you animal haters out there that mistreat and abuse animals or in alot of cases kill them, I am a FIRM believer in karma and you WILL get yours! You can take that to the bank. I just hope it will be the exact same thing that you did to that helpless animal. I would take a dog/cat over a person like 'ol Winston ANY DAY! As a matter of fact, I have. Feel MUCH better about it too. ;)


Winston is just a miserable person. Not even worth listening to.

Anonymous (not ...

After some soul searching, I've reconsidered my previous position and I now wish to thank all of those who feed feral cats.

If the current national economic situation happens to devolve into serious food shortages, we all may be left with the eventually of dining on roof rabbits.

Anonymous (not ...

There were big doin's at the 'ol bird and squirrel feeding spot yesterday.

In the morning, I spotted a feral calico cat that was eatin' bread meant for the birds. I scared it while opening the door and as it jumped over the fence, I fired a good-bye hazel nut from my slingshot, hitting the wooden stockade fence with a loud sounding whack.

And in the afternoon, my spouse caught sight of hawk that swooped in and made off with one of our squirrel buddies. It's the circle of life in action.

Opinions regarding my character obviously vary. In the eyes of the State, I am after all a "˜thought criminal.'

I find it amusing that my comment about "˜roof rabbits' was deleted. Londoners who lived during the Battle of Britain knew the term well.

ILL: How "˜exactly' does the physics of the karma myth work?


I have a neighbor that seems to think pummeling ferals with rocks is a way to keep them out of his precious yard. I too firmly believe that his actions towards animals will be repaid back to him through karma.

There are other ways to keep ferals off property that don't involve cruelty or abuse...privacy fences, repellents that are easily obtained at any Lowes or Home Depot but people like this are too lazy, too ignorant, and too superior, and too uncaring to put the effort into handling the feral problem in a humane and effective way. Cruel acts and abuse seem to entertain these types of idiots more than solving the problem.

What's even sadder is the people who try to help these animals are the ones who are treated like criminals instead of these ignorant abusers.

Anonymous (not ...

I smile at the hubris of those with an over inflated sense of moral superiority.

Feral cats can easily climb over fences and repellents are ineffective and a total waste of money.

Regarding a nonsensical belief in karma; if one eats animal flesh, one is undoubtedly in big trouble in a future life. Will one transmutate into a can of tuna?


You reap what you sow.

How you treat the lesser of God's creatures speaks volumes about the kind of human being you are. You are a small man in more ways than one who abuses innocent creatures in order to make up for something you are lacking in yourself.

Anonymous (not ...

To Winston Smith: Are you an omnivore?

If so, think about how are you abusing 'God's creatures?'

Chasing feral cats out of my yard, so the birds and squirrels don't get attacked while they eat is abuse?

Get a life you pathetic loser.