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Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The official White House Web site has already changed. While the new administration obviously has just begun posting material to the site, there’s already an official blog with several items. As I write these words, the full text of the inaugural address had not be posted to the blog, but I’m sure it will be up soon. News organizations already have posted the text on the Internet.

The new president made good use of the Internet during his campaign, so I’m hoping the official site will do a good job of providing news to the people.

My recent column explaining how Obama’s decisions on the space program will affect Erie County is here.



Yep, and Obama has already started using the whitehouse's webpage to make political statements about GW Bush. Real classy, isn't it?

Obama's digital brownshirts will erase it as soon as they get a clue - so here's a screenshot:

Anonymous (not ...

For one, the entire conceptually disjointed and confusing Inaugural Address can be found at:

Was there one memorable line in there somewhere?


One of the several random thoughts that I found particularly head scratching was:

'...the selflessness of workers who would rather cut their hours than see a friend lose their job which sees us through our darkest hours.'

What and where was the example of this action to which he was referring?

Perhaps I find it difficult to tolerate "˜bubble gum' political philosophy, but I find myself amazed at the citizenry's gullible acceptance of his sophistry. I find myself frequently asking, "˜And what does that mean?'


Mr. Jackson, So how was home life Tuesday?

Are you coming around, or will you be packing for that country club-like political re-education camp that hopefully your spouse will get you into?

Anonymous (not ...

From Tues, a Clinton-Carter snub?

Watch Clinton; watch Carter.

My caption for Jimmy is, 'Come on Rosalynn, don't waste your time with those hillbillies.'

This morning, during the National Prayer Service for President Obama, I caught a live shot of Clinton and I'd swear that he was chewing gum. The guy's always been a "˜class act.'


I saw that video. Had to watch it a few times actually because it was so fascinating. Notice how Hillary quickly backs away to avoid chancing an interaction.