Tell the Sandusky Library what you think

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The Sandusky Library has a suggestion box and “Tell us what you think” forms for patrons to fill out and put in the box. The library has had the forms for years, but director Julie Brooks recently ordered them to be placed on the circulation desk so everyone will see them.

Here’s how I filled out mine:

I am very pleased with ... "The library’s participation in CLEVNET. It makes many books, audio recordings and movies locally available." I would like Sandusky Library to consider the following ... "I think the library should make interlibrary loan available for the rare instances, admittedly not common, when CLEVNET can’t make a book available.”

(About CLEVNET: You can search a network of libraries, including the Cleveland Public Library, for books and other materials on the Sandusky Library Web site. Then you have the item you want sent to the Sandusky Library, where the nice librarians will keep it on a shelf behind the circulation desk until you come in. And when it comes in, the library sends you an e-mail telling you it’s ready to be checked out. Huron Public Library, Milan-Berlin Township Public Library, Bellevue Public Library and Clyde Public Library all belong to CLEVNET too.)


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A great resource!

Libraries are one of the few collectivist institutions in which I believe because (And I'm paraphrasing Andrew Carnegie), it's one of the few things that you can't get something out without putting something in.


IMO, our overwhelmingly media laced culture tends to dumb down our citizenry and leads them to believe that politically that there are only Dems and Repubs.

I remembered this on-line test from a few years ago:

IMO it helps to demonstrate the multi-dimensional nature of politics.

It can possibly be enlightening and fun.

FYI: I'm a Libertarian - a social liberal and an economic conservative.

In a nutshell, I don't pretty much care what you do; I just don't want to pay for your lifestyle or its effects.

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The "˜unflappable' POTUS Obama gets irritated:

I like how he physically beats on the guy. Those aren't 'love' taps.


On topic: A great resource!

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Our unflappable POTUS Obama gets irritated:

Those ain't love taps he's given to the reporter.