Phillies fans rejoice over Cliff Lee trade

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Here's one angle to the Cliff Lee trade that hasn't gotten much attention yet: Philadelphia Phillies fans love the trade and think their team got the best of the deal.

Check out the comments to this Philadelphia Inquirer article about the trade. Here's one: "FANTASTIC TRADE! A front line pitcher for unproven prospects, talent that was clearly a notch lower than what it would have taken to get Halladay. I like this trade very much." (Philadelphia had looked at Toronto pitcher Roy Halladay but rejected Toronto's demand for top prospects.)

After an Inquirer sports columnist wrote a column saying that it's hard to judge the trade, the piece drew 40 comments, with nearly all saying that he was wrong and the trade was obviously a great deal for Philadelphia. Sample comment: "Another idiotic article. Fans aren't happy with Lee? Really? A poll they did on Daily News Live came back with 89% saying that they were happy with the trade." Another comment: "i can't believe the media isn't absolutely in love with this trade. don't be a casual fan and be enticed by the name of "halladay"... lee is nearly as good and the price (at least for now) for him was amazingly better than the price for halladay. they didn't lose ANY of the prospects that were considered to be required for halladay - theoretically they could still trade for halladay! that's how good this trade was for lee. period, end of story."



Shapiro and company are making it tough to be an Indians' fan.    I am very disappointed the team would throw in the towel on this year and next season, too.   If the Dolans don't want to put a contender on the field they should explore selling the club to an owner who will.  Maybe the Cavs owner would be interested ? 

Cleveland sports fans have always come out to support their sport teams as long as there's a chance to win.  They deserve a smarter management team then the Dolans, Shapiro, and Wedge.


It's nice that when the Indians trade their Cy Young winners at least they trade them to the National League.  :)