Update: Berlin Heights does not stink

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Last week, I wrote a story about a water pollution conference at BGSU Firelands, and I quoted a health department official who said sewage treatment in Berlin Heights is in bad shape. According to him, people in Berlin Heights say “they can’t go out for a walk at night, because it smells bad.”

This statement is controversial in Berlin Heights and, apparently, even at the health department, where another official called me at home, on my day off, to talk about it.

So I called up Mathew Old. He’s the chairman of the Erie County Republican Party, but more to the point, a member of the village council in Berlin Heights.

Getting right to the point, I asked him, “Matt, does Berlin Heights stink?”

Old told me that while it’s true his village does not have sanitary sewers, and that can pose an environmental challenge, the village does not suffer from odor problems.

“My girlfriend and I walk almost every day when the weather is nice,” he said. “I think it smells perfectly fine.”

He invited me to come over and go for a walk, to “prove to you it doesn’t smell.”


Anonymous (not ...

'Does not stink' reads like damning with faint praise.

A senior once told me that during WW2 there was some consideration that Berlin Heights should change its name. Sounded plausible.