BLOG: Free classical concert in Elyria Sunday

Tom Jackson
Oct 13, 2011


CityMusic Cleveland, the organization that provides free classical music concerts in the Cleveland Metro area, is in the middle of a series of five concerts.

The one closest to Sandusky is at 2:30 p.m. Sunday at St. Mary Church in Elyria. According to Google Maps, that's 51 minutes away from downtown Sandusky. Since downtown is about as far away from a highway as any place in Erie County, most places will be closer. Try to arrive a little early for good seats.

The program includes Dvorak's "Cello Concerto in B minor," Beethoven's "Leonore Overture No. 3," and Ligeti's "Romanian Concerto for orchestra." The cellist is a guy named Jan Vogler, a prominent musician. The conductor, Ryan McAdams, also has good credentials.


The Answer Person

OMG what a lame write up! 

"The cellist is a guy named Jan Vogler, a prominent musician." 

"The conductor, Ryan McAdams, also has good credentials."