You’ll never be alone on Valentine’s Day if you own a cat

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The Humane Society of Erie County has a special Valentine’s Day offer.

Anyone who comes in Saturday to adopt a cat will walk away with a new pet that costs just $14, a substantial savings over the usual $60 fee for adopting cats and kittens. And cats 3 years old and older can be adopted for free.

The shelter has 64 cats available for adoption, said Amy Porter, director of the humane society. That means the shelter has a great selection, and needs to make room for the oncoming arrival of the kitten season.

The humane society’s shelter is at 1911 Superior in Sandusky. It’s open from 1-4 p.m. Saturday.

Remember, a cat’s heart is always full of love for its owner, particularly if you are holding a freshly-opened can of cat food. And you’ll need a pet if you want to find a new love at this Web site.

Porter also reports that the shelter is low on dry cat food and cat litter and is appealing to cat lovers for donations.


Anonymous (not ...

Mr. Jackson, speaking of Valentine's Day; do you hold to the idea that 'dog people' should not marry 'cat people?'

I've often found it strange that we honor the feast day of a saint who had his heart ripped out by giving presents to our beloveds. Perhaps the Aztecs would've appreciated the irony?

Sweetest Day used to be the day for the giving of flowers and candy, but something got switched along the way.


this is not a slow news week. Is this your way of making us forget about the real issues on the beat.

Tom Jackson

I would argue that whether one is a dog person or a cat person might depend upon where you live. Sometimes, when I'm sitting in my warm house with my cat on my lap, I look out the window and notice people walking their dogs through the snow and ice left behind the latest blizzard.

Tim, I try to post more often than any other blogger, so perhaps if you don't like any one posting you might like the next one. I encourage people to follow the issues.