Getting annoying messages? Filter them out

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Connie Schultz had an amusing column in the Sunday Plain Dealer about an annoying facet of modern life: What do you do if you're a liberal and you are bombarded with angry, partisan e-mails forwarded to you by your conservative friends? Or, conversely, if you're a conservative and you're tired of being sent copies of e-mails from

Schultz suggests e-mailing them a copy of her column. That might work, but if the goal is to avoid offending your otherwise dear right wing friend, why not just filter out the e-mails? On Gmail, for example,  you can easily put together a filter that will deposit any e-mail from that uses the word "Obama" directly into your trash folder. Conservatives could filter out messages that include the words "health reform" and "insurance."

Genuine personal messages from your friends would still get through, but the latest Birther e-mail would go in the folder with the breast enhancement and Viagra ads. If you friend says, "What did you think of that e-mail proving that Obama is really from Mars?" you can say, "I'm sorry, I get lots of e-mail. I must have missed that." (You don't have to say, "Sorry, I didn't finish going through the Trash folder.")