Kaptur: Get a lawyer!

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Last year, when I wrote articles about the large number of home foreclosures in Erie County, every judge and lawyer I talked to said they have the same advice for homeowners in trouble: Get a lawyer and find out what your rights are before you let the bank take your home.

So I thought it was interesting to hear U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur say the same thing when she spoke Monday night before the Erie County Democratic Women at UAW Local 913 Hall on Hayes Avenue in Perkins Township.

Kaptur told the audience she is very angry Congress bailed out the big banks but did little for homeowners. She advised homeowners to try to stay in their homes.

“I have been shocked, shocked with the number of citizens in our district who don’t get legal help,” Kaptur said.

Many people appear to be ashamed of what’s happened, she said. She said she tells people, “Don’t be afraid. Get a lawyer.”

Kaptur said her office will try to help if people believe they can’t afford a lawyer.


Anonymous (not ...

Pimping for lawyers eh? Any political donations involved?

The socialist pols pushed Fanny and Freddie to force the banks to increasingly offer low interest loans to low income people in order to increase overall home ownership.



It's circular since happy home owning voters help to elect politicians that in turn makes them happy. Don't worry be happy.

Now the socialist pols want people to become squatters?

Where's Comrade Congresswoman Kaptur live? Bet it's nice.

Maybe people would like to begin squatting in houses in her affluent neighborhood?

Anonymous (not ...

I've been hearing anecdotal information for weeks that a high number of the folks whose home value is underwater in relation to their mortgage just want OUT!

Home ownership is a burden that some people just aren't willing to accept. I work to keep my home well maintained; it's expensive and time consuming.

Some people simply prefer the ease of renting.

Are well-intentioned boy and girl scouts dragging seniors across a street that they don't want to cross?

Julie R.

To Mr. Kaptur: Get a lawyer because every Judge told you that? Boy! Do I have a story for you.....