BLOG: Gluttony for a cause!

Tom Jackson
Sep 29, 2011


REM, the rock band that just broke up, once sang that "Not everyone can bear the weight of the world." We're all busy, and we all have only so much energy to aid charities.

But there's one thing we all can do — eat!

Dine Out for United Way of Erie County has returned, with everyone invited to show up and eat for a good cause. These are some of my favorite places, so pigging out for charity will be easy.

Here's your eating out schedule for October:

Oct. 3 — Danny Boy’s Italian Eatery
Oct. 6 — Mona Pizza
Oct. 10 — Berardi’s, Sandusky
Oct. 12 — Mr. Smith’s Coffee House
Oct. 17 — Zinc Brasserie
Oct. 19 — Crush Wine Bar
Oct. 21 — Cold Creek Cafe, Castalia
Oct. 24 — Lee’s Famous Chicken
Oct. 26 — The Angry Bull
Oct. 27 — The Pie Factory
Oct. 28 — Perkins
Oct. 31 — Cooker Bar & Grille