BLOG: I love HalloWeekends

Tom Jackson
Sep 17, 2011


I toured the new attractions for HalloWeekends for the Sandusky Register on Thursday night. I've written up a story for the paper, but I want to use this blog to share my personal opinions for people who love Halloween as much as I do:

(1) The new Blood on the Bayou outdoor haunted attraction is very good. After I went throught it I rejoined the tour, as I was supposed to, but I really wanted to go through it again right away.

(2) Last year's fright zone in the Frontier Trail was not the most interesting one in the park. It's been replaced with Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks, which has a steampunk theme. It's not as scary as Blood on the Bayou, but the park's art director, John Taylor, has outdone himself with interesting visuals. Recommended for fantasy fans, or anyone who appreciates a good-looking display.

(3) Cedar Point's press releases can be confusing — they highlight "new" attractions but don't mention the old ones that have been axed.

However, the bottom line is that there are still four haunted houses, and the number of outdoor scary walk-through attractions has been upped from five to six. The total number of haunted attractions is thus up from nine to 10.

(4) The official site is pretty good, although unfortunately the download sites for the wallpapers mostly produce a series of "file not found" messages. The whole "Twisted Fun" section could use some attention.

I am addicted to the local Ghostly Manor haunted house and will blog about it later.




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