BLOG: Let Connie be Connie!

Tom Jackson
Sep 9, 2011


Connie Schultz, the Plain Dealer's best-known (and Pulitzer-winning) columnist, has a column up where she apologizes for making a couple of mistakes in her Tea Party column.

Connie is in an awkward position. She's married to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat running for re-election. It's a little difficult for her to pretend to be neutral about Democrat vs. Republican arguments.

In her column, Connie says she should have mentioned that Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, a possible opponent for Brown, showed up at the Tea Party rally she wrote about. She also says she shouldn't have taken video of Mandel after a Democratic cameraman was booted out.

Connie says she caused "anguish" for her editors.

I don't see why. Connie is a left-leaning opinion columnist. Nobody who reads her columns would expect her to gush with praise for the Tea Party. She shouldn't be expected to pretend to be "objective."

Obviously, if she wrote a column roasting Mandel as Ohio's most evil politician, that would show poor judgment. She should probably stay away from the Senate race. But I don't see where she's obligated to go out of her way to give Mandel free publicity.

If Connie had been a right wing columnist along the lines of Kevin O'Brien, her colleague at the PD, and suddenly changed sides after marrying Brown, she'd be open to criticism.

But as far as I can tell, her opinions are exactly the same as they ever were. Why should she have to change what she does, just because she got married?




Connie is in an awkward position. She's married to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat running for re-election. It's a little difficult for her to pretend to be neutral about Democrat vs. Republican arguments.

Very true

She will not write about both sides to any issue at hand

One sided at best

Connie is not neutral in her writings



Taxed Enough Already

She in no way can be neutral.  I don't believe a thing she prints...she is too biased.


Yep A biased media will always skew the truth to support their own agenda, Seems she has made herself irrelevent for political commentary that anyone will believe doesnt have a left wing slant to it.

Maybe she should find a new line of work other than political commentator, And instead be a "campaign promoter". Enough Rachel maddows,Ed shultz, Glen beck, Rush limbaug to murky up the truth with their own political opinions that people really have no idea on a day to day basis whats going on without a political slant to it. How easily the masses are led into the purgatory of statism and bovine attitudes.


 Connie doesnt mention the blog that broke the story.  It was we good folks over at Third Base Politics.


Bytor is so proud of his crack reporting skills in breaking this huge story!  Good job Bytor.  I love the tagline at the top of your blog:

"analyzing, interpreting, and incessantly mocking all that is American politics."

Funny thing isn't "ALL" that is American politics.  It is only the parts that make liberals and "The Democrat Party" look bad. 

You would think that being based in Ohio would help thirdbase politics find stories about Ohio Republican legislator scandals, but apparently not.  I went through every story from today back through May 27, 2011, and could not find a single story about 3 Ohio Republican legislators scandals.

Bytor, do the names Robert Mecklenborg, Kris Jordan, Jarrod Martin ring a bell?  Apparently not, since there is not 1 single story about any of them on your site.  Maybe you should spend more time reading your "pals" at Plunderbund to hear about these guys' antics, because the Dispatch and Plain Dealer, and even the allegedly liberal Sandusky Register aren't giving these stories any coverage.  And this, in spite of one of your cowriters (Revoltaire), writing in a story about Anthony Wiener:

Democrats are generally more forgiving about scandals than Republicans

Yeah, I really trust the integrity of your mocking of American politics.

Captain Gutz


Your blog reads more like a gossip column than a substantive political discourse.


Commie Schultz is still published?  Who knew?!?!?


Commie Connie is about as left as they come. If you understand that she thinks government is the solution for every problem from unemployment to a stubbed toe, then you can get thru her columns.

I do like O'Briens columns, they sure bring the RAAAAARRR comments from the libtards! Quite entertaining to read


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