Why they hiked the water rates

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


If you're still unclear why the Erie County commissioners decided to hike water rates for county customers, finance reports delivered last week by the county's chief numbers-cruncher, Pete Daniel, offer a strong clue.

If you'll recall, the commissioners hiked rates for residents of Water District A about 7.7 percent, and passed steeper hikes for customers in District B. The rate hikes vary for those folks, but a typical household have 24 percent higher water bills, a hike of about $12 a month.

Going over figures for this year's budget at the Department of Enviromental Services, Daniel said that withouth the rake hikes, District B would finish this year with a $332,483 deficit.

With the rate hikes factored in, the deficit is reduced to $46,097.

"Even with the rate increases, you still have a deficit," Daniel observed.

The figures don't include the cost reductions from laying off eight Department of Environmental Services employees, so the figures will be revised again this week, Daniel said.


Anonymous (not ...

It's a simple case of supply and demand. Govt. can only keep the true costs hidden for so long. Market prices will prevail eventually.

Tip of the iceberg; in the future, expect to pay more for less when it comes to govt. regulated or provided health and welfare services.


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I asked one of the commissioners (democrat) why the water prices are going up in these districts...he explained that it wasn't fair for others to pay.........hmmmm, I asked him, isn't that what the goverment is trying to do on a federal level? He didn't answer...