BLOG: Look out! The Hispanics are coming!

Tom Jackson
Sep 1, 2011


What do you call an Op-Ed that warns that white people are in trouble in the U.S. because the number of Hispanic people in the U.S. is rising?

Why, it's an award-winner!

Kaitlyn Davis' piece, "Immigration keeps changing face of America," ran on our editorial page on Wednesday. It warns of the dire threat provided by the "changing dynamic of the American population." Erie County Republican Women, impressed by Ms. Davis' essay, declared her piece the winner in the group's essay contest.

Davis is unhappy because she's a college student and she wasn't able to find a full time job this summer, and thinks "illegal immigrants" might be the cause. She offers no evidence to back up her opinion.

As Davis herself notes, the economy hasn't been in good shape lately. Could there be some other reason Davis didn't get the jobs she applied for?

But that's not her main concern. Her big worry is about the "dramatic shifts in the population breakdown." She can't decide how many Hispanics the U.S. will have in 2050 — at one point in her piece, it's "23 percent," at another point, it's "about 30 percent" — but either way, "it's hard to ignore the facts," she says.

There's a long history of worrying that the "wrong people" are taking over. In 1903, Teddy Roosevelt warned about declining birth rates among Anglo Saxons would lead to "race suicide." Somehow, the country survived.

The 2010 Census showed that Hispanics made up 37.6 of the population in California. Does that really make California a "worse" state than Ohio (3.1 percent Hispanic) or Alabama (3.9 percent)?



No longer a resident

I currently live in Florida.  If anyone thinks that the Hispanic population wants to blend in with our culture, you are badly mistaken.  Their approach is to bring Mexico to the U.S.  While I would personally like to see the whole lot of them shipped up to Erie County so as to clean up our area, I would suggest that the original letter was accurate.  Crime is rampant by the Hispanic population down here, especially in Lee and Collier counties.  Take the time to look at our daily Felony arrest records, and you make the decision whether or not they are a positive influence on an area. 

The Answer Person

Where does this Davis babe live?  Around here? 

If she can't find a job it is HER OWN FAULT.  There are plenty of summer jobs all over the place...unless you sit at home on you cellphone texting all day.

I can tell you I work with the public and I would rather wait on the MANY VERY POLITE Hispanic customers than some of the hateful attitude-laden thieving non-Hispanics that we often have to deal with! 


I wonder what percentage of crime is commited by our 3.1% hispanic community?


Plenty of jobs (low paying) good for college kids and people laid off with nothing else out there. If no one wants them why complain or blame it on hispanics? You remind me of that Rush Limpbrain guy who rants

about anything for better ratings only in your case awarded a win by some Republican   who know nothing about real work or how the jobs the imigrants work (take) no one else will do because to dirty or physically demanding. I am Mexican and born in Ohio and worked in the fields next to imigrants when i was very young helping put food on table. If you so called women republicans want to use the hispanics for yourselves or your husbands stepping stone into the whitehouse do it in Arizona .

Iserved 11 yrs in the Marines and hate it when so called Americans like you talk  about something you know nothing about. Hey college kid, get out and look for a job no one is going to come knock on your door and ask you to come work for them.

Last I knew Mexicans were on North American Contenant before you Pilgram.



No longer a resident

Your response show the problem I spoke of.  Any other person born in Ohio would call themselves American, but I note that you consider yourself Mexican.  THAT IS THE PROBLEM!  And please do not get on the soapbox about Americans will not do the jobs.  Here in Florida, both Lowe's and Home Depot no longer offer jobs to the older/retired snowbirds since they cannot speak Spanish.  The same goes for all the agriculture workers down here.  The job classifieds specifically say "Must be bilingual".  So that obviously eliminates 90% of Americans, since we speak our country's language:  ENGLISH!.  Again, if you feel that our country is so bad, might I suggest you go visit your roots on an extended vacation.  When you come back, you might be a little more grateful.  In closing, thank you for your military service.

The New World Czar

It is good that this young lady took the stance she did. After listening to Hilda Solis crowing on about "how all deserve rights in the work place, no matter how they got here..." is sickening. Businesses who hire illegals should be punished and the illegals sent back, as "illegal immigrant" means illegal.


Would the word ENGLISH be derived from the word ENGLAND? Quit sticking that Q-Tip so far in your ears

it's damaging your brain.


Claude Balls

actually gopher maybe you should regulate how deep your Q-Tips go as well......


 Thats kinda odd, I thought last census is there was more asains in america than any other race.. But hey, can't we all just get along?


 But I do think, if you live here and your children go to school here, you need to learn to speak english. !


I don't care if the "Hispanics," the Russians, or the Martians are invading this country. What I DO care about is that they persist in calling themselves something — oftentimes anything — but American! If you want to move here, fine (provided you can support yourself without any government assistance). Do it legally. And then assimilate.

There's no need for you to give up your traditions. After all, many of us have richer lives because of traditions from other countries that have taken root here! But there is a need for you to stop demanding we speak your language instead of you speaking ours. There is a need for you to stop demanding your traditions be honored by the rest of us. And there is most certainly a need for you to have some respect for the country you claim you want to live in!

The Bizness

 English is not our country's language....our country does not have a language. Deal with people complaining about not speaking English are the same people going to foreign countrys and complaining when people there don't speak English.

Some of you people on here are rude and ignorant. Treat others with respect.


Map of Mexico 1824

There is a reason why all of those Hispanic sounding cities and towns still exist along with the people. The Hispanics and Native Americans were there first.

How about the Kingdom Of Hawaii that once was? The Hawaiian people were there first.



War nicht der Rote mann hier erste?                                                   Ja.



Re: But I do think, if you live here and your children go to school here, you need to learn to speak english.

Which "brand" of "English" are we talking about?

Over on the east side of Sandusky the people speak some dialect of what I assume is supposed to be English, but I'm not sure.

They were born here, but they don't speak the "English" that I learned as a pup.



Illegal aliens ( of any group) cost the American taxpayers  well over $500 Billion a year.  Wake up , people. 

  But  I never see an article about it in the SR, why is that?



Re:How about the Kingdom Of Hawaii that once was? The Hawaiian people were there first

They now dance and roast pigs at the Japanese owned hotels.


 I have worked in certain parts of Texas, Arizona, and even Virginia where illegal immigrants now destroy the tranquility. Ever look at stats on the cost of illegal immigration in the United States or how many of them were criminals in their own country, how many will end up on welfare, ss number and ID theft; its staggering.   I have to also blame the companies and contractors that troll around for cheap labor; they need to be punished harshly to help prevent this.   To “function” in the Texas facility I know some broken Spanish; Bienvenido a America. Hablan Ingles! In return I get, “ I necesidad de pagar, de obra barata, cortar el cesped” oh well. If I can learn broken Spanish, they can learn broken English.    

@ voltzgj says

English is not our country's language....our country does not have a language. Deal with people complaining about not speaking English are the same people going to foreign countrys and complaining when people there don't speak English.

Some of you people on here are rude and ignorant. Treat others with respect. 

Hmmm. gotta call you out on that one..English is the language of business, of law, of medicine,  in other words THE dominant language in this country. It is also dominant language of business in the rest of the world. The language spoken by the most people is Mandarin.


PLEASE! YOU FOOLS!  Illegal immigrants are not coming here and stealing our jobs.  Americans are lazy, and are not going into fields that actually need workers.  Today, Americans take the path of least resistance and are unwilling to become qualified in fields that require them to use their brains.  You need to find an occupation where there is DEMAND!  For example, there will be a major airline pilot shortage within the next five years and there is currently a major shortage for engineers.  Do you see illegal immigrants completing flight school or finishing their bachelor degree in electrical engineering?  No you dumb fools!  They're the ones picking the strawberries in the fields as I fly over them in the Salinas Valley in California.  Below there are two articles talking about how there will be vacancies in these positions in the near future, if they're already not here.  Bottom line; Americans go for the easy jobs.  If everyone is going for the easy jobs like Kaitlyn Davis, and they all complete school in some useless liberal arts degree, then of course you won't be able to find a job!  Wake up people, illegal immigrants are not taking our jobs, we're taking our jobs!,9171,2041094,00.html - "Where the Jobs Are: The Right Spots in the Recovery - How would a pilot shortage affect you?


Americans HAVE lot jobs to illegals (of all nationalities). How can it not be the fact when there are an estimated 14-20 million in our country. The other portion of those facts is that they (coupled with corporations) are driving down  wages (and hence our income tax base which is so desperately needed). If the work/wage playing field weren't tainted by those two factors...tomato picking wages would rise closer to a living wage standard. It's all a simple matter of supply vs. demand (too many laborers equals too little pay).

* Case in point: I (59 years old male, VERY hard worker) jost lost my job to a 22 year old "Spanish" person because as my former boss told me, "I'm not paying him shi_."  By the way....I was being paid a "lofty" $12.00 per hour to bust my arse.

Now...tell me again that Americans aren't losing jobs to illegals. (It's kinda' like saying "Americans haven't lost jobs to India or China.)

Our entire country, it's systems, attitudes and mores are all "upside down" and we all have, are or will be paying dearly for it including our children and our children's children.

The real "fools", idiots, cheats and liers have betrayed us for the almighty dollar.

Ps to OSUAV8TER; Not everyone is physically, mentally, emotionally or finacially capable of obtaining the higher education required to attain a position "in demand". That pool of "in demand" positions is smaller than it ever has been in our country, drying up rapidly and even those wages are beginning to shrink. 

Our entire national economic system worked well (for the most part) post WW2 until about the mid-1990's. Then...corporate greed got it's well-heeled claws deeply into our political system. Now we are living in a plutocracy rather than a democracy.

The real fools are those who "think" they have the knowledge and wisdom to call others fools when they themselves have no real knowledge of facts and better yet...history. 

I would like everyone reading this post to look up in Google, et. al. "Goldman-Sachs bubbles". There you will begin to learn about the industrialists, capitalists, elite bankers, British heads of state , American politicans from both parties and a whole lot more. You may wish you never read it once you begin to did deeper into the brutally ugly past of "civilized societies."


Pntbutter - You didn't lose your job to the "Spanish" job applicant- you lost it to the "young" applicant. The same thing happened to my husband 5 years ago and it has nothing to do with race. The company could hire two new employees(lily white) for what they were paying my husband in wages and benefits. His 22 years of loyalty and experience are what cost him his job, not the color of his skin.


Sash, point taken and accepted. However, how do you feel about the rest of my post? You, your husband, I and my wife and millions of other law-abiding, hard-working and dedicated Americans are being played for foolish pawns. The vast majority of Americans are either too ignorant, stupid, lazy, greedy or gullible to see the thruths and realities of the enslavement tactics that are overwhelming our nation. And...even if they did become enlightened...they sit on their duffs and merely complain about the current national status rather than becoming pro-active. "We" NEED to rally the the great middle class against these terroristic tactics BEFORE it's too late.

If you detect a certain degree of anger in my posts...."Good".


Well  they will be in HIGH DEMAND jobs because they are passing laws the give them FREE PUBLIC ASSISTANCE to go to school, while I have to work and take out loans to get an associates degree to get a better job. How is that right? They get welfare and foodstamps, how do they get all this stuff ? My sister has breast cancer and works and tried to get help to get treatment and they told her she made 1.50 to much so she had to decide if she wanted to live or not be able to pay her bills, she decided to live and cut her hours so she could get help, but these people can get all the help they want. It's just not right.


You have to remember that Democrats think that illegal means an un-documented alien is legal and just ill. Those idiot Democrats don't know how to cow tow to the il-legals and still satisfy the legal natural born citizen or those who worked hard and stood in line to wait to become a legal citizen. We need to oust every Dem who is running for office in order for us to get back to the laws of our nation. How about using the Constitution for a start, or are the Democrats too stupid to know what that is. You know like the leader of the Dems in the Senate, Harry Reid.


Anybody ever been to the Boston or New England area? They speak English there. Sometimes they are hard to understand.

"reahview" as in mirror. I thought the guy said review.  "thihd" as in third.   "cah" as in car.  "ountside in the yahd" means outside in the yard?

It took me a while to figure out what the heck "eye-yen" meant. When I asked the word to be repeated, I was told you use it to press the wrinkles out of your clothes.

What the heck does "hundaweah" mean?

If English is the official language of this country, why don't we pronounce the words like the British and New Englanders?

"hundaweah" ?   Maybe like the product that Fruit Of The Loom makes?




How about rounding up and kicking out all the illegals wherever they are from?  How about securing our borders?  How about rescinding the law that says if you are born here you are automatically a citizen?  How about cutting off all aid and welfare for illegals?  Obama won't do any of that because that would hurt his voter base especially in the future. 


When did "Illegal" mean anything other than against the law? If they are here without the proper credentials and did not go through the legal way of immigration They are illegally here. The US is the one of a handful of countrys in the world with this problem. If a american gets caught in mexico without paperwork guess what "

In 2008, Mexico softened the punishment for illegal immigrants, from a maximum 10 years in prison to a maximum fine of $461. Most detainees are taken to detention centers and put on buses for home.

Mexican law calls for six to 12 years of prison and up to $46,000 in fines for anyone who shelters or transports illegal immigrants. The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the law applies only to people who do it for money."

Yep thats right its "Illegal" for immigrants to cross into mexico without repercussions. Good day!!


"8ball" get my vote.

Ps. There are also so many visa-work programs for non_Americans....they (the government) don't even know how many there are (let alone how many foreigners are here and with "our" jobs)!

Just many American have lost jobs to (a) China/India, (b) illegal aliens AND...(c) the entire visa program. Do `ya think "that" may contribute to unemplyoment AND a loss of tax base??  

BOTH political parties are involved in this AND in corporate welfare that in and of itself also adds to unemployed Americans, off-shore corporate profits (which are un-taxable), higher taxes to we slobs and, again, a loss of the tax base that SHOULD have been collects.

All of the above is massively contributing to our national economic decline. It's the way "they" want it.

The entire sceanario is the worlds finest example of "Economic Euthinasia" (for the middle and lower income earners), New World Order and Global Economy (the later two are for the wealthy ad powerful around the world).\

The hand writing is clear and their plots are obvious. The only questions, "What do "we" do about it?"

Pps. I am a biased and bigoted s.o.b. Biased and bigoted against greed. Greed causing pain, suffering and even loss of life to the innocent, hard working and caring people around the world.

Let the revolution begin because "they" will NOT quit until they have attained total world control for their own self-served interests at the cost to every other man, woman and child.

Raoul Duke

Just wait until the Samoans start moving here. It'll be chaos.

The New World Czar

Illegal Immigrants = The Democrat party's new base for votes in 2012.

Marcus M

Mr Jackson, your question "The 2010 Census showed that Hispanics made up 37.6 of the population in California. Does that really make California a "worse" state than Ohio (3.1 percent Hispanic) or Alabama (3.9 percent)?"     

Answer YES, California has the largest state deficit, and gives welfare and public education to illegals including college aide. 

Kaitlyn Davis, you are a PATROIT, Mr. Jackson you are a political PINHEAD.....



 If any person from any place is is in this country illegally then that person should be removed by any elected or appointed official that has the authority to remove them.

Most any elected person or appointed judge or anyother person with the authority to do so would normally take an oath to uphold the constitution and laws of the land. If they do vow to do so and don't then they themselves are not conforming to the law and ergo should be removed from that position.

If this is what the American people do not want then the laws should be changed by congress but whatever is the law unless changed should be enforced.

I feel certain that if the persons in office would not enforce the law and it was something that went contrary to Mr. Jackson's preference then he would call for the rule of law.

In most cases some persons will be for some things and others will oppose some things so to be fair the rule of law should be enforced each and every time and if it is not good then as I mentioned the law should be changed.



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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained lengthy or off-topic excerpts from other websites. Discussion Guidelines


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained lengthy or off-topic excerpts from other websites. Discussion Guidelines