More bad unemployment news

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Ohio’s unemployment rate has gone up again, and as usual, it’s worse in Ohio than in most other states.

The state’s unemployment rate rose to 9.4 in February, up from 8.8 percent in January, according to a news release issued today by Ohio Job and Family Services.

The U.S. unemployment rate in February was 8.1 percent.

County unemployment rates will be released in a few days.


Anonymous (not ...

It's little wonder that unemployment is at current levels as Ohio is largely dependent upon three economic sectors: Retail, Banking and Automotive.

All those areas are deeply troubled and won't break out until consumers begin spending and borrowing again.

Currently consumers are increasingly frightened about their future job prospects and are tending to pay down debt and save whatever they can as opposed to spending.

We can probably kiss 2009 goodbye and hope for a recovery in 2010 at the earliest, if then.

Anonymous (not ...

Regarding the A.I.G. bonus broo-ha-ha:

Money is fungible.

While he's printing up trillions of U.S. dollars anyway, just ask Fed Chairman Bernanke to leave the presses on for an extra nano-second and produce an additional $165 million and it's essentially a wash.

Ahh...printing and borrowing our way to prosperity!

No nation in the history of the world has successfully pulled off this technique without producing devastating hyperinflation; good luck!

If ya fear the worst, forget gold and instead stock up on ammo and can goods.

Anonymous (not ...

Obama at the beach with his buddy The Teleprompter-in-Chief:

Anonymous (not ...

Wanna end unemployment tomorrow?

Eliminate minimum wage laws.

Wages will initially head for the cellar, eventually bottom out and then begin to rise, as those who are the most productive will be paid accordingly. Gotta luv those market forces!

Actually, the last time Black employment was higher than White employment was 1931, prior to the original minimum wage law known as The Davis-Bacon Act that was sponsored by evil Republicans.

The Davis-Bacon Act was in reaction to Blacks migrating from the South to factories in the North and in the process driving down the cost of employment.

In fact, minimum wage laws are founded in racism, but don't tell that to the bleeding-heart liberals, "˜cause they won't believe you.



Winston with your wealth of knowledge you should be in office. You know so much.

Anonymous (not ...


Wait. Presently, I'm in the middle of something else. Don't get your panties in a bunch in the meantime.

Regardless, I'll most likely never get elected because I refuse to be a bobble head 'kiss up' for their political masters like "˜some' who post here.

Other than your usual nonsensical ad hominem attacks focused at me, have you got anything worthwhile to offer regarding the subject matter?

So, what's your assessment and potential cure for Ohio's unemployment - more government?

Thanks for playing.

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Michelle Obama clears ground on the WH lawn in order to plant a vegetable garden:

Michelle states in this video that no one has planted a garden at the WH since Roosevelt.

Roosevelt...The Great Depression...Hum.

Does she know something about the future of our country that we don't?

Maybe it's a covert sign from her that hubby's borrow, print and spend policies are gonna cause so much damage to the U.S. economy that we all should begin planting gardens so we'll be able to EAT.

I'll bet Michelle and the girls will be out there regularly weeding, watering and tending to the garden. LOL.

Instead, I'll bet it'll be some WH schlubs who will be doin' all the work. Wannabet?


People like you are America's problem. As others have noted you only complain. You probably have no friends. Here is one idea I will give you though; a 16% flat tax. All pay it. No loopholes what-so-ever. That is all.

Anonymous (not ...


Here's a thought for ya from Eleanor Roosevelt:

'Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.'

Attack and/or discuss the ideas – not the person. Got it? Discuss ideas and concepts or you're essentially a waste of my time. If you've got something worthwhile to share or teach – TEACH IT, but kindly cut the manure.


kURT wrote on Mar 22, 2009 8:09 AM:

'...a 16% flat tax. All pay it. No loopholes what-so-ever. That is all.'

And lowering the tax rate will do WHAT for Ohio unemployment?


Wait till the seasonal jobs are done!  There goes some more jobs.. Once Cedar Point closes the stores and hotels and restaurants  on 250 will lay off workers.  Most likely the Christmas shopping season won't bring a big boom either because who will have money to spend?  Well, Obama did offer everyone CHANGE... how's that working for ya?