BLOG: Eat the secret beef sandwich, not the cowardly chicken

Tom Jackson
Aug 22, 2011


If you pay any attention to food and books, you have probably noticed the "Eat This, Not That!" series, which offer a guide on how to eat healthier when you go to restaurants.

The recommendation for Arby's says to eat the "Super Roast Beef," sandwich, which is essentially the basic sandwich with a tomato and lettuce.

So I looked for it on the menu when my wife and I went to Arby's the other day, but I couldn't see it listed. The young woman at the cash register said she'd sell it to me anyway, so I ordered it and ate it.

I thought it was kind of weird to get an "under the table" unlisted sandwich, but Kathy Siefert, national spokeswoman for the Arby chain, said that it is not unusual to continue selling items that are not on the menu.

"If we have all of the ingredients, more often than not, we're going to make it for you," she said.

I ate my sandwich in Berea, but when I called the Sandusky Arby's, a nice young lady told me that no, it's not on the menu, but yes, they'll still make it for you.

You just have to be a fast food hipster, an Arby's insider, and know it exists. The kind of person who is in the know. The kind who reads this blog, when he's supposed to be working.

My visit to the Berea Arby's was pretty weird. We also ordered healthy, low fat dressing salads, but I could not pry the lid off. When I asked an Arby's employee for help, she offered to take the lid off for me (no doubt thinking I was the stupidest customer ever). She couldn't open it, either. She finally had to go and get me a new salad.

I'm pretty sure the salad containers at the Sandusky Arby's are fine. Another reason to shop local!

When we finished eating, my wife mentioned that she has a coupon for the Craven Chicken Sandwich. It seemed like a low blow. Does Arby's have to tell people the chicken was, well, chicken before it died?

Ann explained that I had misunderstood. It's the "Cravin' chicken sandwich," as in, "You will crave this food item after we turn this chicken into a sandwich."



Tweety Sees Eve...

Seriously? It has been of the menu for a LONG time. Apparently, you are not a hipster or a frequent buyer!

Get with the program!!


Does anybody realy give a poooooooooooo


I now feel dumber after reading this article


There are tons of "off-menu" items at most fast food places. This is not a new phenomenon. For example. Also here. And here. Etc. 


Gee I've been ordering the Super for years & didn't even know it wasn't on the menu anymore


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