BLOG: Let's all pull together to destroy the local economy

Tom Jackson
Aug 11, 2011

Thank heavens Sandusky officials have finally addressed the latest terrible problem facing the city. The city is finally cracking down on people who spend up to $4,000 a week to rent fancy private residences for a few days. After years of inaction, our city fathers have recognized that it's time to move.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of well-heeled tourists coming to downtown Sandusky to spend money on upscale restaurants or wasting their money to hire fishing charters from local boat owners.They are the kind of nuisance visitors who rent expensive homes.

In a community that depends upon tourism, it's about time we got serious about driving away rich tourists and persuading them to go rent their fancy houses in some other community. We can always make up the loss of income by taxing working people more.

Why stop there? There must be other creative ways the Sandusky City Commission can hurt the local economy.

Let's hold a contest. Local citizens should be invited to find ways — at taxpayer expense — to discourage private investment and growth.

It wouldn't do to have too many rules. But I think bonus points should be awarded if we can find ways to punish Cedar Point or Firelands Regional Medical Center, our two biggest employers. Additional points also should be awarded if the new program involves hiring $100 an hour lawyers at taxpayer expense, or assigning additional resources to the Sandusky Police Department's elite new Harmless Behavior That Annoys Rich People Squad.

When the contest ended, the most promising new idea for wasting taxpayer money could be enacted into a city ordinance.

If possible, the City Commission ordinance creating the new program should be the same one that allocates additional taxpayer money to the Erie County Economic Development Corp.



Return of Dragon II

If this is all about getting money from the tourists........ why not make some of those blue signs that say "Waterfront", "Ferry" and etc. and make some that say "24 hour street pharmacy" and point our tourists toward scenic Hancock St.?

Julie R.

When I first saw this I thought Bryan Dubois was back. This is tooooo funny!


I happen to own a vacation rental (not in Sandusky) and have stayed in several myself.  I DO pay the bed tax and am proud that I am able to house families that get together once a year for a week of vacation and family time.  Most are grandparents that rent the home so their kids and grandkids can get together from distant places for a week of Cedar Point, Kalahari, beach time, etc.  Just look at the license plates from around the USA you see in this area. THEY SPEND MONEY HERE because they are here for a week and need groceries, supplies and go out to eat in local restaurants, unlike the daytrippers that eat in the park and spend no money outside the park.  Every time they purchase something, they also pay LOCAL SALES TAX which funds our County government.  Do you really think that popular vacation spots like Florida, Myrtle Beach, etc have zoning restrictions on weekly rental?? They would not exist if they did.

Zoning is the law but if the law does not reflect the desires of ALL citizens, it should be changed.  Zoning is meant to reflect a community and its land use desires - THIS IS VACATIONLAND !!  Or it used to be. 




It says a lot about a community when the two largest employers are an amusement park and a hospital

If you are not sick or want to ride the roller coaster, why go there?



I really don't have a problem with any of these people except for one~and I would be willing to bet you know which one~~don't care what they do as long as it doesn't hurt any human or kill any HELPLESS animal!   This guy and his buddy will DO ANYTHING to anybody or any animal just to have it HIS WAY.  They are not GOD and it's time they pay for all of the people they hurt and animals they have killed.   Hurt/kill anything/anyone that gets in the way of his crooked rentals~THEN I HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM!    Get a job!

Dick Tracey

If the city is going to pay a lawyer $100 an hour, they could have at least hired a real lawyer.


My My doesn't anyone know what a great thing this is.What we need is more of this.Lets get these dumps and creepy areas turned into vacation rentals.Give people these dumpsfor a song.Let's loan buyers rehab money at a fair interest rate.Let's let painters and plumbers work locally.Each rental gives Sandusky a concerned small business man or woman who will take care of the neighborhood.EVERYONE WINS!!!!



1-I thought I owned my property?

2-I know some motel owners are involved in this crackdown.

3-bed and breakfast are allowed in Sandusky.


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Darkhorse:  There are not separate rules for the rich.

Where did anyone advocate separate rules for the rich?  Please, lay it out. This should be amusing

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Raoul Duke: Tom, seriously, are you suggesting that Sandusky residents should be allowed to break any law for the good of the local economy?

No, but some laws have no business being on the books.  History is full of examples of people we laud for breaking unjust laws. I'll bet some of them are among your personal heroes.

 I'm not arguing that there is a need for weekly rentals here. But I can tell you that I wouldn't want to live next door to one.

WHY?  What impact would it have upon you that wouldn't involve breaking some OTHER law?  What impact would it have upon you that couldn't take place with an owner/occupant next door to you who is an unmitigated jerk?  DEMONSTRATE THE CAUSALITY STEMMING FROM THE INDEPENDENT VARIABLE TO WHICH YOU ARE OBJECTING

We need schools too, but I wouldn't want to live next door to one. We need stores, and factories, and fire stations, and water treatment plants, and animal shelters, and hospitals, but I wouldn't want to live next door to them. That's all I'm saying

And some people don't want to live next door to people of a certain race, creed, nationality, etc., but we specifically outlaw their efforts to serve their preferences.  You and I may not agree with their preferences, but who died and made you and I Elvis?  Why are YOUR personal preferences entitled to be enshrined in law?

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This action is just another example of Sandusky's leftist government governing for the benefit of those who reject the social contract and to the detriment of those who keep it. 


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T. A. Schwanger: let's put a tax on ice cream cones sold on Perkins Ave

OR, we could just spend all our time rabble rousing to stop any non-socialist or private sector development on the waterfront, eh?

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mrlizzzard:What we need is more of this.Lets get these dumps and creepy areas turned into vacation rentals.Give people these dumpsfor a song.Let's loan buyers rehab money at a fair interest rate....START ON HANDCRACK ST!,

Wow, somebody gets it.  The only problem is that clowns in Washington keep giving the parasites on Handcrack rent money so their landlords are foreclosure-proof.

1-I thought I owned my property?

Silly - didn't you know that under the current statist regime, the Bill of Rights is void where prohibited by law?

2-I know some motel owners are involved in this crackdown.

Well, duh - the entrenched major players always support more nannystate regulation, because it protects them from competition by creating barriers to entry for their industry.

3-bed and breakfast are allowed in Sandusky.

And don't think for a minute that the major hotel owners aren't quietly lobbying to change that.


edit post: woops nvm, i was wrong it seems

Raoul Duke

BW1-I wouldn't buy a house that was next door to one of those businesses, so when I buy a house, I expect that one of those businesses won't open up next door. What's so hard about that?

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Raoul Duke: BW1-I wouldn't buy a house that was next door to one of those businesses, so when I buy a house, I expect that one of those businesses won't open up next door. What's so hard about that?

The problem is your expectation that what goes on beyond your property line is any of your business or subject to your approval or control. Your neighbor's right to swing his fist ends at your nose - i.e. he is free to do as he wishes until he MATERIALLY infringes upon your rights.

You've not presented any way that his choice of who stays in his house, for how long, and on the basis of what relationship, financial or otherwise, deterministically represents an infringement on your rights in some way that isn't covered by existing, term-of-occupancy-neutral law. Claiming the right to prohibit these rental arrangements next door differs in no substantive way from claiming the right to control how many barflies the would be Cassanova next door brings home each week to have wander out his front door the next morning, or to veto your neighbor's right to have his best friend from college come and spend the week as his guest, or have his inlaws house-sit while he's on vacation.

You've not demonstrated how this regulation is related to the reasonable ends of protecting you from excessive noise or any other material infringement on your right to enjoy your property. In essence, your justification boils down to being a nosy busybody who is vaguely uncomfortable with the concept of a vacation renter being next door. If a vague sense of discomfort is a sound basis for dictating to a homeowner who may stay in his house, what happens when the bigot next door doesn't like the ethnicity of your houseguests?

Like I said in another thread, every single goal of this law can be better achieved by banning fatherless families from the neighborhood, so would you support that as readily? I wouldn't, because, apparently unlike you, I'm not willing to use the hammer of government to impose my personal tastes on my neighbors.


 Let's see - let's buy up the houses around you and - since it is our land - let's build a


1.  nudist bar on one side  2.  shooting range behind you   3.  fireworks store on the other side


All three would bring in money -  it is their land.  Bet you would want those rules followed now. You owuld be demanding action - at any cost.   And for those people who think renters bring in money - let's see, five to six families in a house - cost divided by 6, bet it isn't as much as in the hotels.  There is a reason they rent this way - to save money.    Plus they have a kitchen so tjhey don't eat in restaurants and I bet they bring their own food.   So what money do they really bring in. Tickets to Cedar Point?




Great column.  The city leaders are acting like their usual selves.


Mr. Jackson,

Your tongue in cheek article is pretty good and I think you point out a real problem in Sandusky, but using local homeowners who rent out their home to tourists is missing the boat somewhat. The real problem Sandusky and it's governmental leaders (who are the mouthpieces for the "good ole boys" network in town) show to the rest of the world is that they are Anti-Business. The city has never really demonstrated or proved may be a better word, that they were business-friendly. There are many examples to cite, such as applying a parking tax on Cedar Point, sending a new manufacturer (Okamoto) a delinquent water bill from the previous owner who stopped paying it, to this latest faux pas. The kind people of Sandusky are so sefl-absorbed in trying to be better or bigger than Perkins Twp and Erie County, that they do not realize that "perception is reality". The funniest comment in your article Tom is the last line about putting more money into Erie County Economic Development. Sandusky won't ever make a substantial commitment of funding to ECEDC because they are scared ECEDC will use the money to develop Huron, Milan, Perkins Twp, Margaretta Twp., etc. Political & community leadership in Sandusky can't get beyond themselves, which is why the city keeps losing people, Sandusky High School keeps getting smaller, and there is no real investment going on in that town. Until the City gets some good leadership, with vision beyond next week, Sandusky will continue to slowly decay and ultimately be pretty much a ghost town with people just driving through it to get to Cedar Point. The waterpark tourist don't even need to drive into downtown.