BLOG: Can polygamy work in Ohio?

Tom Jackson
Aug 5, 2011


The new issue of "The Week" magazine has an article on Kody Brown, a polygamist in Utah who has four wives and 16 children and stepchildren. (Apparently, he's a reality TV star trying to dodge prosecution.)

Okay, I didn't actually read the article, but I did squint at the tiny picture to see what his four wives looked like. Even when I'm off duty, I'm doing research, trying to become a better blogger.

Wouldn't this be a complicated business? Four birthdays to remember. Four wedding anniversaries. (Here, I am assuming that a polygamist weds one at a time. I don't really know.) Four Christmas presents, and you have to make sure all four are pretty good. In Ohio, it would be even more complicated, because we have a romantic holiday, Sweetest Day, that nobody in the other 49 states has ever heard of.

If Wife No. 2 wants you to run to the store to pick up milk and light bulbs, what do you do if Wive No. 4 tells you to cut the grass instead? It would be like having four bosses who all think they're in charge.

My wife says that polygamy requires special conditions, a "man who thinks he's God" and women who are "a little funny in the head." So we don't have to worry about polygamy in Ohio. There's nobody like that around here.




Maybe it could, maybe it couldn't....all I know is it wouldn't work in my house!


Dont like the one i got why would i want 3 more?


Trolling for animal nuts got stale.

Now it's a humor column.

I like it.


What about all of the cheaters both male and female who produce children outside of their marriage to their spouses?


Look at it from the womans point of view though... 3 other women to help keep house, take care of the kids, etc etc. 3 other women who would be close like best friends etc. If you dont feel like cooking dinner that night there is always 3 other women who can do it.. etc. see my point???



I WAS looking at it from a woman's point-of-view....and I have no interest in sharing my husband with even ONE other woman, let alone 3 or 4....different strokes for different folks, I guess.


But the funny thing is.......If a woman were to do the same thing and have 3 or 4 husbands she would be called a whore.  IF you are a man you are called a polygamist and protected because you use the religion card.


 That's exactly what I need ... More than 1 woman to not satisfy!


Re: Origen

What did the hctib do vote democrat????


The Answer Person

It is already going on here.  They just don't get married.  Baby Daddies everywhere!


I think its ok.  I dont understand why its illegal.  Its your personal choice, and as long as your not hurting anyone the government shouldnt be able to limit what you do in your own house.


@kimo LOL Nope, She Apolitical, Very mall savy when it comes to shoe sales. Lol!!!


4 wives and 16 kids. Lets "assume" half the kids are girls

12 women in the house "sinking up" so they all go at the same time every month? I DON"T THINK SO!


They've got that now here, right? 

It's called  " multiple baby daddies".    Without  the paper of course, LOL!


Forget all the wives.  I couldn't imagine living in a house with 16 kids. 


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Truth or Dare

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Truth or Dare

Hey Mr. Jackson;  If you haven't already, please watch "Sons of Perdition" (2010).  It may give you some insight into  certain religious sects right here in the U.S. and their polygamist lifestyle.    Read today's SR, pg. C3.  There is an article under News Roundup regarding Warren Jeffs.  He's a "convicted polygamist sect leader",  who is facing life in prison for sexually assaulting 2 underage girls.  Whatya wanna bet he's guilty of abusing more than just two girls!  His nephew, Brett Jeffs, testified against him regarding being sodomized by him when he was 5.  Warren Jeffs settled a lawsuit filed by this nephew in 2003.   The boys in "Sons of Perdition" that chose to escape, leave and stay away, will do whatever they can to not only convince, but to help their Mother(s) and siblings escape as well!  They refer to life within the compound as "modern-day slavery"!   It's like a city within a city, w/their very own law enforcement!  What better way to prevent the abused from getting out and reporting such abuses!

I believe it to be horrid, a sin against God to use scripture, from whichever book you so choose to read, to facilitate/defend/support sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse of woman and children!     

Truth or Dare

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