Time to discover ProPublica

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The Pulitzer Prizes for journalism were awarded Monday, many of them for investigative stories that required a lot of digging.
But with newspapers shutting down or laying off reporters all over the country, public service reporting is likely to become a scarcer commodity.
ProPublica is attempting to fill that gap. It's an investigative reporting Web site, staffed by professional journalists and funded by foundations, grants and donations. The nonprofit site allows any newspaper or Web site to reprint its stories for free, as long as credit is given (see the site for the full terms.)
A recent story: The Bush Administration decided that abuse of prisoners wasn't torture, so long as a doctor was present.
If you care about what the government is doing (or not doing), check out the site.



Oliver Hardy

Thanks for the ProPublica news link. Dr. Josef Mengele was present during torture at the Nazi death camps. Those in the Bush administration would think that torture is acceptable because a doctor was present. Enough said.


Torture comes in many forms. One example would be the financial and social torture our justice system exerts on the innocent as their lives are destroyed financially while waiting for the "wheels" to grind slowly. Many are just worn down to the point of accepting plea bargans to avoid an expensive trial. Thereafter, they are tortured socially because no one really gets to hear the whole story and they are denied basic human rights such as getting a job to support their families. Many innocents are "tortured" by an American system that is simply out of control.

Another form af torture might be the pain and suffering of a fetus as it is partially delivered before having the back of his/her skull punctured and his/her developing brain sucked out. A doctor is present there, too.

We might also consider the hienous financial crimes exerted by the rich and powerful as they suck the very life out of the economy and individual retirement accounts. Real torture as lives and families are marginalized by those exempt from prosecution. The American Dream snatched from our grasp.

Maybe, just maybe, we should consider the torture of those who clung to life as the World Trade Centers burned and eventually crumbled to the ground. Didn't their families suffer? Didn't many of the rescuers suffer from the affects of being exposed to the hazards at the site?

Life has become cheap. Our hearts have been hardened by a lack of Christian values. Society is exposed to torture in many forms so it's no wonder that our government reacted in such a careless manner. We have become a society that values the lives of cats and dogs more than it values the human souls who just try to live life.

Until our hearts are changed, we shall see many more examples of just how evil the human spirit can become.