Soon, we’ll all be Canadians, Russian scholar says

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


I like Canadians, so if Ohio really becomes part of Canada, I’ll try to deal with the situation with good grace, although I refuse to become an ice hockey fan or to learn how to speak French.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a Russian academic, Igor Panarin, is predicting that the U.S. will suffer economic and moral collapse, suffer a civil war and break up into several parts. All this will happen in 2010, Panarin says.

Once the breakup comes, Alaska will be part of Russia again, he says. A color map that helpfully accompanies the article shows that Ohio will likely become part of the “The Central North-American Republic,” which is likely to be “part of Canada or under Canadian influence.”

Panarin sounds like a crackpot, but his theory is being widely aired in Russia’s state-controlled media, the WSJ piece says.

What’s the best (or worst) thing about becoming a Canadian in the next couple of years?



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