Soon, we’ll all be Canadians, Russian scholar says

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010

I like Canadians, so if Ohio really becomes part of Canada, I’ll try to deal with the situation with good grace, although I refuse to become an ice hockey fan or to learn how to speak French.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a Russian academic, Igor Panarin, is predicting that the U.S. will suffer economic and moral collapse, suffer a civil war and break up into several parts. All this will happen in 2010, Panarin says.

Once the breakup comes, Alaska will be part of Russia again, he says. A color map that helpfully accompanies the article shows that Ohio will likely become part of the “The Central North-American Republic,” which is likely to be “part of Canada or under Canadian influence.”

Panarin sounds like a crackpot, but his theory is being widely aired in Russia’s state-controlled media, the WSJ piece says.

What’s the best (or worst) thing about becoming a Canadian in the next couple of years?



We'll have a national health care system.

And we can all say, "eh", after every sentence, eh?


The worst thning about becoming part of Canada is that our winters will be colder. :)

A Sovereign American

He may, or may not be nuts. However, I do know that there have been "talks" of a "North American Union" = The U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Go to YouTube and type in Marcy Kaptur North American Union, watch all 7 minutes and 24 seconds, you will get very mad. Crack pot, wack job, conspiracy theorist, or any other name the main stream media uses to keep people from listening to those who speak the truth, Marcy Kaptur is one of our representatives, and this was on c-span. But who watches c-span. Alternative news networks talk about this also, but everyone has been trained, to only watch Fox, ABC, NBC, etc., so people have no idea what is going on.


so what do we do with all of our negroes?


all i can say is----

arm yourselves and stockpile food and medicine.


Go buy Walter Cronkite's autobiography, better yet get one for every one of your reporters. Whatever form the SR takes you need to have some actual news. Your reporting is becoming so biased that you are losing all credibility. The occasional editorial is fine, but they should be the exception, not the rule. The SR should focus on getting information and passing it onto the public, not taking sides (i.e. dispatching, police chiefs, etc.)


I will second My Advice's comment below. At one point a reporter came out to our neighborhood to interview some of my neighbors for a story and the photographer came in and acted as if SHE was the reporter. The photographer was so negative and biased on the topic that it left a very bad taste in everyones mouth in regards to the "professionalism" of the Sandusky Register employees. I honestly do not know where you hire these people from, but perhaps they should have a bit more life experience before jumping into this career?


I think that is more of a local tv station than the commercial ladden fluff jobs the register does.


Mr. White, you are undoubtedly onto something.

I recently read an article quoting the Audit Bureau of Circulation’s (ABC) stats regarding a 2.1% year over year decline in the circulation of weeklies.

The rate has been accelerating for over twenty years. Television news was undoubtedly the original culprit for the decline and now the Internet.

To most observers, the evidence is a clear sign that there is a significant migration of readership to online.

SR has a good, solid brand name and should fair well with the proper guidance in the ever-changing face of information in the media Best wishes for much success in this brave new world.


One of the few articles of yours that I
agree with.


Nick -

After a 2 weeks of skipping my class, this is the best topic you could come up with? This is just an extension of your previous assignment (post) - and a bad one at that! Come on Nick, I know you; you can do better than that! Sorry Nick, but as your journalism professor, I'm going to have to give you an "F" on this assignment.

Next time either call me or see me after class and I will give you a list of topics to write about.


if the taxpayers, administrators, & legislators want to cleanse the air and breath hope into the city it's quite simple. remove one name from the public's tax burden: DON ICSMAN. it's up to the seven elected commissioners. if four say go then sandusky has a chance; if not, the city will continue to fall deeper into the abyss. his record speaks for itself. it really is that simple....


it'll never happen... icsman controls everyone. kline never had a chance & the commission has been lead around by the nose. so sad, but so very true.


I agree with the other posts. As a long time resident of Sandusky it has amazed me to watch the power that Don Icsman has consolidated. Whenever there has been issues with people working in the administration, (some names I recall are Mulvin, Schee, Poggiali, to name a few)
Icsman is there in the beginning and then he disappears. Don Iscman has proven over his ten years at city hall that he is the one in charge. Just ask the 3 city managers that Sandusky has gone through during his tenure. To bad, Matt Kline will be the 4th to leave under Don Icsman's watch.


Many Santa Clara residents in California are becoming so frustrated with Cedar Fair that a petition to call for a natinal boycott of Cedar Fair parks is underway. Rumor has it that petition signatures were gathered near shopping centers calling for the boycott of Great America by Santa Clara residents due to the actions by the national leadership of Cedar Fair to impact Silicon Valley businesses by trying to ram a noisy roller coaster down the throats of the Santa Clara Planning Commission, and Cedar Fair's attempt to block the 49er stadium.


Good points Matt. You nailed it right on the head. There are reputations at stake here with the five that are involved. I expect to see five heads roll on this sooner or later. I think a deal was made with Crandall and I am sure there is more to come. As for the local judge deciding all this, I think it should be taken to another venue because all the people in town are tied together. This whole matter of dispatch has opened pandora's box. Sooner or later this has to come out because they can't sit on it forever.


Don't forget "I've been working on dispatch for ten years" Meinzer!


Matt, Keep track of the total cost. My estimate is $150,000.00 when you add up unproductive hours, lawyer fees, investigation costs and wages paid while on leave.


you use the "whisper" in point # 3. if memory serves me correct the word "whisper" was used when don icsman, gerald lechner, bob shultz, and mike kresser dispatched dave mulvin out the door. the only one left fron the original "whisper campaign" is don c. icsman. i wonder who the author is on nuesse's "whisper scam"?


Matt, what is your reason for sticking your nose into this? Its obvious you have no idea what is going on. You're supposed to be this hot shot newsman, so shouldnt you know that an investigation like this, until completed, can not be told to the public. It is your paper that has made such a fiasco out of this and now you are the ones stirring up all these questions. If I were you, I would quit while you're ahead on this. You are fighting a losing battle as is obviously have no integrity and all you are looking for is to sell papers, all the while you are hanging the PD out to dry....good looking out Matt and I will be anxiously awaiting your reply when this all comes out.


When daddy is one of the owners of the paper, you can bring the kids to work and let them play. He does what he wants cause daddy says so. Hey Nick, do you have to remove that gold spoon when you sit to write your new blogs?


Re: Your angle. It is the job of a newspaper to ask questions and attempt to keep the public informed. It is one of the few things that help to keep us a somewhat free society. We cannot depend upon any facet of government to be truthful; hence the need for a free press to help assure some semblance of is unfortunate that the mindset of a lot of those posting here is that this paper is sub-standard and has its own agenda. Of course they want to sell papers, it is a requirement to remain in business. Beyond that, if they ask questions and probe for the truth we may have a chance at continued free society.


The author is a city employee in management who is involved in dispatch.


Re: Matt not Westerhold. It is the newspaper's job to keep the readers informed (of the facts!). However, Mr. Westerhold doesn't report the facts, he only reports his opinion(which really isn't worth all that much, especially the $.50 I pay for the paper).


Nobody makes you buy the paper.


I HATE nick white.


If one connects the dots it appears that the all three city commissioners and the city manager may be all liable in a potential defamation lawsuit if there is nothing to this investigation other than an effort to trap the police chief in some kind of trumped up witch hunt charges perhaps linked to some unhappy SPD staff concerned about losing some cushy dispatch jobs....that may explain why Murry reversed his direction on the dispatch timeline. If there are no criminal charges forthcoming, the police chief needs to take all of the "good ol boys" to task based on what was disclosed in this editorial if indeed a the criminal threat charge comment was made by Murman as reported above....who gave him that idea...who?


This is all the better Nick can do? This is worse than pathetic! I suppose this too will remain up for over 2 weeks. Reading this one was a real waste of my time. I won't bother any more. It's just not worth it. Sorry Nick. Why not try another profession. Professor Al is 100% correct - this post does deserve an "F."


Maybe Don Icsman is the only fair person sitting on that board, that looks at every angle. I believe what I know of the man, he has a matern of thinking for others good, not for himself.


In the past, TV, Radio & Print journalism were all separate mediums.

In today's fast-changing world, the internet is TV/radio/print all in ONE media. Those entities that understand this and strike quickly will corner the market and render the slow movers as obsolete.

As everyone can see, the Register is trying to be "all 3" mediums in one website, with print journalism, video, and blogs. Not that I'm saying it is good or bad, but not all newspapers have moved in this direction yet.