BLOG: Bob Latta — he's ALWAYS working for you

Tom Jackson
Jun 21, 2011


Taxpayers in Congressman Bob Latta's district, which includes Huron, Sandusky and Seneca counties, may be getting lots of extra representation when they send him to Washington. When he's working in his office in the U.S. Capitol Building, he never goes home.

A Columbus Dispatch story says that six of Ohio's U.S. House members, including Latta, sleep in their offices during the week.

For some reason, all of them are Republicans.

Maybe Democrats like to read fancy magazine articles about "maintaining a work-life balance." Maybe Republicans work harder, or they are just fanatics. We report, you decide.

"He works long hours and this is more time-efficient," Izzy Santa, Latta's press secretary, told the Columbus Dispatch.

I visited some Congressional offices years ago. I noticed that the U.S. Senate offices seemed spacious, almost adequate for a Byzantine emperor, but the House offices seemed cramped. Does Latta sleep on a futon to maximize his space? Does he keep pajamas in a desk once used by Henry Clay?

We figured that Latta, 55, a Bowling Green resident who likes to talk about serious stuff like the federal deficit and energy policy, might want to chat about what it's like to live in an historic federal building.

It turns out, he doesn't!

"We don't have further comment on the story," Santa said.




Working for?

Working against.


Talk about working AGAINST.

Michelle Obama meeting with a KNOWN communist and MURDERER in South Africa. the famous Nelson Madela who is responsible for MILLIONS of innocent people being murdered! 
Mandela should be on the FBI's Terrorist list but our first lady of shame goes and visits him 

Why hasn't the press ever spoken truthfully about Mandella and his Tire neckllaceses?  How about the crimes of the ANC are beyond disgusting and evil. But Obama pays this murderer tribute and snubs our real allies.

Read more about how evil Mandela is and how this first lady of shame sucks up to him? Why do they do this you may ask? BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THE SAME THING ! Birds with feathers flock together.


our problem isnt with Latta, its with those who vote in a scum bag like Obama that hates this country.

brutus smith

 Well bailey, how Christian is it for you  to show hate and disdain towards a fellow Christian (Obama)?

nosey rosey

He may work long hours but he certainly doesn't listen to his constituents. I have notified his office numerous times to request that he take my name off his robo-dial list. I'm tired of being interrupted by his automated calls with nothing more than a record message spewing his rhetoric.

Put America 1st

Bob Latta is the worst congressman in the House. He has voted against EVERY pro-american worker legislation, against legislation for worker's safety and american's safety, regulations to strengthen our economy and safety but he has no problem advancing his Pro-business agenda at the expenses of his constituents.

real talk

corporate tool

Woody Hayes

Only one POS bigger than Boob Latta, that would be his father Delbert Latta. 


Who voted him in? The people! Just like Obama. If you don't like him, campaign against him and get him voted out.

Kottage Kat

Bob Latta in Norwalk next Tuesday, You can all go tell him what you think. 


Having lived in DC I imagine he sleeps in his office because of the extreme high cost of living there.  Hope he is declaring this on his income tax as a job perk.  Dont know when he is up for reelection but perhaps saving in case he looses his job.  Whats not to like, free gym and showers, free security as well and I'm sure there is more to make it an agreeable sleeping quarter.  It certainly isn't due to wanting to work more hours for the home folk. 


I'll be working next Tuesday.........Latta is for big money like Boose.  He is not for the little guy.

real talk

Can we get rid of Tom Jackson?

brutus smith

 bob is nothing but a born with a silver spoon in his mouth tea partier. If it wasn't for daddy being Nixon's buddy bob wouldn't be where he is at.


Is that how you got your current job Brutus? Your dad is a fry cook also?

Captain Gutz

real talk,

Sure you can get rid of Tom Jackson, go down and tell his boss you want his job.


Scripture tells us not to judge. But it also says if you do judge do so in Gods measure. So Brutus, Baley can call Obama out if his decisions don't run with Gods laws. Calling oneself a christian doesn't neccesarily mean they are. Many people hide behind titles for their own advantage.

My thought on Latta is I just want to know if he voted for continuing and expanding homeland security.