BLOG: Enough LeBron-bashing for now?

Tom Jackson
Jun 20, 2011


Connie Schultz had a good column in the PD the other day, entitled, "Now, can we get over LeBron James?"

It was an appropriately ambivalent column. She's not a big fan, but she wrote, "The crowd is turning into mob."    I'd actually planned to differ with Connie. It seemed to me the level of vitriol among sports fans wasn't as high as she suggested. But I changed my mind and decided she was right. Most of the LeBron James jokes to me seemed funny rather than mean. I (You heard of "National LeBron James Day," right? You celebrate by leaving work 12 minutes early). When I say, "I hate the Yankees," it just means I'm happy when they lose. I don't literally wish for anything bad to happen to the players or their fans. But the same day Connie's column ran,  Canadian hockey fans rioted in the streets when the Vancouver team lost the NHL championship. This seemed to dent my "Sports fans aren't crazy" thesis. I also read the latest over-the-top Bill Livingston column in the PD attacking James.  All of the sports columnists over there have taken shots at James, and that's fine, but for Livingston it seems to be an obsession. The latest diatribe disputes that James choked. "Whatever name you want to use for James' vulnerability, it was closer to quitting than choking," Livingston opined.  

Benedict Arnold got better press. Admittedly, Arnold didn't announce on national TV that he was  deserting to the British.  But are we taking our sports passions a little too seriously? 


Raoul Duke

Todays "sports fans" are people who don't know that you eat the wings for the sauce, and think that watching cars drive around in a circle(oval)for two hours is somehow entertaining. Americans also seem to need enemies, villains if you will. Cleveland fans have spent more time hating LeBron this year than cheering on a GOOD Indians team. These aren't sports fans. A sports fan is a 13 year old girl who sits and listens to the game on the radio and keeps score(as in, stats). That was my mom in the 50's. Later, she watched them every night, even when they SUCKED. That's a sports fan.


Each person seeks their own entertainment. I enjoy many sports and that includes watching cars run in circles. Who knows, maybe your mom would have enjoyed it. As for Lebron, it's time people stop feeding his already enlarged ego and let it go. Get a some NASCAR and relax!!


anything to do with NASCAR or drags ...... bores me outta my gourd ....... when paint dries ........ now there's entertainment at it's best! ....... oh, and BIKE WEEK ............ boooorrrriiiinnnnggggg! (varroooommmm, varrrrrooommm)!!!


Personally, I don't see what the fascination for NASCAR is. I would much rather go to Norwalk and watch the drags. Now that is entertainment! As far as LeBron goes, I don't watch much basketball. Since the big men stated playing, it seems that anyone can dunk the ball. I think the nets should be higher. I do however like to see the poetry in motion of a three pointer.


My favorite LeBron joke is, "Don't ever ask LeBron for change for a dollar 'cause all he will give you is 3 quarters."

Tweety Sees Eve...

Why do you keep re-reporting what the Plain Dealer is reporting/Blogging? Isn't there anything in Sandusky that we can talk about?

Maybe even come up with your own storylines instead of the PD's?

Obviously, it is a much better newspaper, but retelling their stories? Really?


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