BLOG: Bad news for Obama

Tom Jackson
Jun 8, 2011

Let's see. Judging from what's getting the most coverage, the most important news in the U.S. is that a you-know-what in Congress Tweeted a picture of his you-know-what, and Sarah Palin's account of Paul Revere's famous ride may not be strictly accurate. Oh, and there's big news in Ohio, too -- some guy left the football team at OSU.

Here a couple of apparently unimportant things you may have missed:

(1) The U.S. economy actually is getting worse, at least in terms of employment. The unemployment rate has gone up for two months in a row — from 8.8 percent in March, to 9.0 percent in April and then 9.1 percent in May. People who have given up looking for work aren't counted in these numbers, because they are considered no longer in the workforce. People who took a crummy, low-paying job because they can't find a good one also don't figure in the raw numbers.

(2) President Obama's war in Libya apparently is illegal. Or so says lawyer and author Glenn Greenwald.



digger: I would expect nothing less from a republican house paid for by fossil fuel industries. We need to be looking to the future instead of protecting outdated forms of energy. A large percentage of these cuts put us in a continued monopoly position, where energy can only come from single sources.

Why are we not looking at tariffs? It seems to me that other countries protect their people. We, instead, protect the corporations who want American protection, but none of the accountability. The anger, and decline of the American Deam, are directly related manufacturing outsourcing.

Stop trying to blame the unemployed as slavin. These folks are not lazy. They built this country. You just don't want to pay for the upkeep any more.




Patriot: Bush 2 bailed out the banks; without strings. The bill was like 2 pages long. It said something along the lines of, here take this money and loan it out, but of course they didn't.  Obama bailed out the GM and Crysler, saving many jobs, but he didn't get any credit for it. You only hear negative about cash for clunkers, by the same people who rushed to take advantage of the program.

Just the truth. Not a political stand.


eriemom - that tariff idea is a genius idea!   how about we start right at the top with all of the gm and chrysler vehicles that are made outside of the usa.  this would account for 99% of all vehicles made by gm and chrysler.  you know, these are the same two companies that reaped all of the bailout money and sent the majority of it to their facdtories OUTSIDE of the usa.  so, the workers of mexico, china etc would like to personally thank you, eriemom, for supporting obumbles and his plan to revive their economies while ours if dying!


You did read my last sentence, right?

How about this? Were these programs part of the cut list? I think they were on Diggers list.

“The United States cannot replace its dependence on foreign oil with a dependence on clean energy technology abroad. I’m hopeful that China’s decision to end these clean energy subsidies is one more step towards Ohio wind turbine manufacturers competing on a level playing field and adding good-paying jobs,” Sen. Brown continued.

Sen. Brown has been working to promote the competitiveness of the American clean energy industry. More than 70 percent of the components of clean energy systems are produced outside the United States. Sen. Brown is fighting to bolster domestic production of clean energy components and to make Ohio the Silicon Valley of Clean Energy Manufacturing. This Congress, he reintroduced legislation that would expand and improve the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit (48C) program. The Security in Energy and Manufacturing (SEAM) Act would extend the program and allow for grants in lieu of tax credits. This would enable the program to reach additional companies that would otherwise be unable to utilize the program—new companies that do not yet have tax liabilities or companies that struggle to find credit in today's tight financial market. The SEAM Act also adjusts the selection criteria to give higher priority to facilities that manufacture—rather than assemble—goods and components in the U.S.

The New World Czar

@eriemom - nice of you to post such "original" material...why not just post the link the next time?



I posted only a small segement because I have learned that I need to keep posts short. Most don't look at links. Many others doen't read anything longer than 4 lines. Which one are you?

I kind of like that at least someone in this state is interested in making jobs available, instead of slash and burn politics.

As far as I know, we are still digging and burning coal. My network is still up.

The New World Czar

eriemom- next time you talk to Sherrod, ask him what his role was in trying to save the GM plant down in his hometown of Mansfield...or the Lorain Ford plant when he lived in a lakefront house there back in the 1990's.

Like it or not, tough decisions have to be made in tough times, and the party of "No" is doing it.


clean energy? really?  these programs are not able to fund themselves.  so, they can only continue by being subsidized by the gov.  yeah, so we get to pay more taxes on programs that can not survive i.e. amtrak, usps, ssi etc.

As far as green energy goes, how can you take Obama serious when he said that he would bankrupt oil and coal, those jobs must not matter. How can you take his staff serious when they more or less defend high gas as a way to push green energy? He is going to use the revenue from closing tax loopholes on oil, for green subsidies, your fuel price will never come down after that happens.   Oils main goal, turn a profit; green energy goal, turn a profit off of fear. You replace one monopoly with another. You will have big greedy millionaires just like oil. I am sure Obamas buddies like Soros and disciple Gore are drooling at the mouth. Don’t believe it, look what happened in Europe with the wind-energy scandals. At least one of those players are involved in America wind energy. Its all money, both sides of the coin; and we get shafted either way. How much stimulus money went to China for green job creation, in their country.   So other countries that we compete with like China, Indonesia, protect their workers, hahah.
The New World Czar

Yep, Sherrod Brown has been promoting "clean" energy while (along with Obama) also doing his part to decimate the coal industry...sure these guys stick up for the unions, LMAO.

Brown has not worked in the private sector since delivering the Mansfield News Journal as a teenager, and has no clue (except for the term "subsidy") what it takes to run anything except his emotional-blackmailing rhetoric.

"We're all in this together" says he to the unemployed from his posh Avon home...

These two cannot be voted out soon enough.

brutus smith

 So is Brown supposed to live in the ghetto nwc?


New World Czar, don't confuse the far left loons with facts.

The New World Czar

Confuse...or abuse? Either way, it's way too easy.

The New World Czar

Good morning Brutus...

Brown grew up in a nice big house on a nice corner lot...and got a nice Ivy League degree from Yale in Russian Studies. His track record all along has been that of a community activist, promising the underbelly side entitlements paid for by those who actually contribute to society.

Where he lives is where he lives, trying to portray himself as the voice of the common folk but out of touch with his true supporters, hence the term "Limousine Liberal".

Let us know if he likes his quarter-pounder with or without cheese next time he pays you a visit to talk about domestic policy.

brutus smith

 nwc, please give me an example of your Senator or Congressman who is our "ordinary guy or gal".

The New World Czar

Good question Brutus, Kaptur doesn't fall into the category either, doesn't she?

Actually John Kasich was our congressman when we lived in Central Ohio, about as straight-forward and accessible as they came. Whether working out at the Westerville Athletic club, grocery shopping in Kroger, or sitting outside on the front step of his house, this is what a great example of an ordinary guy.

Around 15 years later he is foregoing the governor's mansion to live in his own place, setting a good example for not spending when you don't have to. A great example of a continued success story of working hard and smart.

This really gets under some people's skin, doesn't it?


brutus smith

 And you know Sherrod Brown doesn't do those same things?

The New World Czar

Yes, when the photo-op is available.

Again, according to him, "we're all in this together", says he to the unemployed UAW member around Mansfield and Lorain.

brutus smith

 I didn't quite understand what you were saying about Kaptur. Do you think she is an ordinary gal?

The New World Czar

Re: Kaptur- she likes to parade in front of her neighborhood home in Toledo, whenever home...but spends most of the time in her posh condo in DC.

Not much different than two local politicos, one who lives on his estate in Perkins, and the other on his waterfront property. Good Democrats, reaching out to the working man, aren't they?


Hey, New World Czar.  You are SPOT on the MONEY!  You have your work cut out for you trying to debate against long time, entitlement, welfare, reparations, and more money for more failure, whining liberals.  They have been indoctrinated all their lives to keep their hands out for their freebies for everyone else to PAY and that is why the city is dying and they are so miserable.  You are correct about Kasich.  But, for Brown and Kaptur, it is all about an entitlement job forever.  Why should they do anything?  They get paid to RUN in front of the cameras, allow the liberal press to stroke them up and then go back to doing NOTHING.   

brutus smith

 Hey boys, kassick is a career politician too.

The New World Czar

Sorry Brutus, but incorrect on your part...Kasich had gigs with Lehman and FNC, as well as owning a restaurant (with his wife) in the Columbus area.

brutus smith

 Not incorrect. 


He was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1982, defeating incumbent Bob Shamansky. Kasich was reelected eight times, serving from 1983 to 2001.[1


He originally worked as a researcher for the Ohio Legislative Service Commission.[9] From 1975 to 1978, he served as an administrative assistant to then-state Senator Buz Lukens.


In 1978, Kasich was elected to the Ohio Senate, representing the 15th district, after defeatingDemocratic incumbent Robert O'Shaughnessy with 56% of the vote.[11] At age 26, he was the youngest person ever elected to the Ohio Senate.[12] One of his first acts as a state senator was to refuse a pay raise.[13][


Now let's stop splitting hairs here nwc, he is a career politician. How do you think he got the Fox news gig and the Lehman brothers job?


2Bess give it up........from winnie smith " I ain't a Christan."                           Fill in the blanks.   He even used my prose.................@.                                                       Is he a true PDB?        Me thinks so.  


2Bess give it up........from winnie smith " I ain't a Christan."                           Fill in the blanks.   He even used my prose.................@.                                                       Is he a true PDB?        Me thinks so.  

The New World Czar

Thanks for the update Brutus (and Wiki)...but your cut and paste did reveal one universal quality about Kasich putting his money where his mouth is "One of his first acts as a state senator was to refuse a pay raise".

No doubt that his successes in previous public life helped him get back into the private sector, as both stints tapped his penny-pinching qualities as a resource. His fiscal common sense runs circles around the conga-line dunce team of Kaptur, Brown, and Obama...all of whom again have no fiscal-responsible background....and it shows.




Taxpayer and New World Czar.   You seem really upset that Sherrod Brown is both a liberal (liberal/liberal progressive/progressive) because he is educated and successful.  Successful and educated liberals pose a problem for conservatives because of their generalization all liberals are winey, uneducated, welfare recipients’.  They just don’t understand that liberals come from all points on the economic spectrum: poor, middle class, upper middle class and wealthy.   Conservatives don’t know what to do when an educated person who works hard and is successful do not share their narrow view of the world. 

Kurt.  Not a clue what your post is attempting to communicate.

6079 Smith W

 @ Bess:

U.S. Senator Brown is educated all right - he has a BA in Russian Studies.

As one of your fellow-minded socialists, he obviously is knowledgeable about the tragic lessons contained in the seventy yrs. of Bolshevik rule in Russia and would like to see a similar economic and political path for the U.S.

Many liberals stupidly believe that the Soviet Union would have worked if only the right people would have been in charge.

 In the book "The Road to Serfdom," FA Hayek brilliantly showed that authoritarians could later misuse even the most benevolently intended rules and regulations. i.e., Mr. Obama has only reinforced the vast majority of the legislation known as The Patriot Act, which liberals had originally decried as Bush fascism.





As a liberal I am always impressed by those that can read and comprehend.  I am always discouraged by those that read and either miss the point or misconstrue the data presented, a common conservative problem.  For example, a conservative can read that a person studied Russian Studies and conclude that he/she supports the tenants.