BLOG: LeBron: We won! Let's celebrate! Oh, wait ...

Tom Jackson
Jun 3, 2011


This morning I checked the headlines and told my wife I'd spotted some good news. The Miami Heat lost!

My wife asked, "Are you still bearing a grudge?"

Well, duh. Go, Dallas!

The Heat blew a 15-point lead. Here's a video of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade indulging in a premature celebration:



Sue Meredith

I'm with ya Tom. Go Dallas. Put LeBrat in his place. :)


My dream is that LeBron NEVER wins a  championship !!!!!


Come-on people, Why do you still hold a grudge against Lebron?? are you serious?? I was angry as a Cavs fan for the way that he left,but not for one second can you be angry that he left. Cleveland is going to struggle to get big market players there. The economy sucks, weather sucks, team sucks, coach sucks. If your one of the best doctors in the world are you going to be a doctor at Firelands Regional Medical Center or John Hopkins? seems pretty simple to me. It's time to stop bashing the man has talent. I would have taken it else where also..

Erie County Resident

Bucky you just don't get it do you?

It's not that he left, it's how he left that has fans holding a grudge.

It's kind of like having a good employee leave for another job. No big deal until the former employee slaps you up side the head on the way out the door.


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Erie County Resident

Hey frizzlefrap don't pay any attention to Buckeyessuck.

He is from Michigan, you can tell because he is the one bent over the desk waiting for the mother-ship to dock.




lemoron is a one-way, selfish, peabrained, individual who could care less about his fans ....... and cares about how many people fawn over his abilities (which are good) .... but ..... not good enough .... cause .... if mavs win next game .... i can assure you that miami will not win it all!


Interesting posts, in fact they are down right comical. What seems to be the real issue for those of you who dislike the former Cavs player? Is it the fact that he left a loser town and team that you can't handle?Because what I saw last May when the decision he made to leave was a grown man who decided that he had had enough of the back breaking task of doing most of the work on a team that was going no where fast and tired of the expections for making sure every gas station owner, hotel ,diner, parking lot, and bar profited from his ability to draw a crowd..(7 Years) . So what makes you think that he should have consulted any of you with his future plans for his career or his family?Get a life and get over it. News flash he did not need your permission to change teams. He did not need your permission to play for the Cavs and he did not need your permission to leave. I REPEAT get a life.... and get over it or get some much needed counseling. Not only is this really juvenile but it is kinda sick.. I mean really who in his or her right mind hates someone just because he has had enough? I keep hearing about the way he left. Did he burn down the city, did he slander anybody, did he create havoc in the streets by burning his CAVS jersy? What exactly did he do? There is no good way he could have left. People were additcted to the hype and the money they made off of his name so throw the way he left theory out of the window.  Hmmmmmmm.... By the way what is a Caverick or Maveliar? Just the thought of it  sounds absolutely crazy I can't imagine what they would have called themselves if the Bulls had won.... People find something else to do besides bashing this guy. I recommend a good therapist.

Erie County Resident

bluedot you have stated your from nowhere near here and know nothing of the area. So go away and mind your own business on all the local articles you've been spouting off about.

What's wrong where you live doesn't have a newspaper or a blog to crab about things?

Go back in the woods and crawl under your rock.


Awww Frizzle Flap did i hit a nerve? One would have to assume i suck in order to swallow...Forgive me for clearly stating some pretty good reason why Lebron had no desire to play in Cleveland and Erie im pretty sure i stated that as a FAN i was ANGRY at the WAY he LEFT, but maybe some how you  missed that.If your BEST EMPLOYEE asked for you to get some better help around the OFFICE and you knew his contract was going to be up wouldnt you do your best instead of bringing in a Antwan Jamison?  But what can i say if i was a all around ohio fan id be pretty angry also been a bad yr for you boys.. The Sweatervest is gone in Buckeye nation, Lebron " took his talents to south beach". You can take out your frustrations out on me i can handle it.


Wow Erie county resident, why make this a personal attack and what is up with the people in this area ,can't anybody spell? You people should be focusing on getting hooked on phonics instead of blasting everyone who has an opinion that is different from your point of view. I thought blogging was a universal format for one to state his or her opininion. Are you sure that you're and not(your) from Cleveland? Because you sure sound like you drink from the same well of irrational water that the Cleveland Cavs fans drink from. I blog for fun ,laugh a lot and take nothing personal. Oh and that rock thing and the woods hysterical. Keep them coming I love a good joke as well as the next person. LOL!

Raoul Duke

Is anybody still mad at the Indians for trading Rocky Colavito? Or mad at the Browns for trading Paul Warfield(so they could draft the dynamic Mike Phipps)? You might even be mad at the Cavaliers for signing Walt Frasier to a two year hot tub contract. The list is long and devestating. And if you are an Ohio State sports fan, how about all the players that left school early or couldn't manage to stay eligible? At least LeBron and DWade don't seem like criminals. Having said that, I'd love to see Dallas win.

Sue Meredith

@ Raoul

There's a big difference between a player being traded and a player turning his back on his team and his fan's. I can understand going where the money is, but it's the way he did it that makes us continue to hold a grudge. He couldn't even be man enough to go to the Cav's coaching staff and management to make them aware of his decision. No, he had to go on national TV to make his big announcement. I have absolutely no respect for LaBron James.After all the is no "I" in team.


When Michael Jordan was getting his azz kicked by the Detroit Pistons he didn't  demand to be traded to Detroit or weigh his options in the free agency market ......he dealt with it  like a man and accepted the challenge and i think we all know the rest from here !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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