BLOG: Rand Paul speaks up for civil liberties

Tom Jackson
May 27, 2011


On Thursday, Congress rushed through a renewal of Patriot Act provisions that were set to expire at midnight. The bill was then quickly signed into law by President Obama.

Ohio's senators split their vote, with Rob Portman, a Republican, voting in favor, and Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, voting against it. In the House, U.S. Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green, voted for the extension, while U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, voted against it.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., lead the Senate's opposition to the Patriot Act.

During debate, Majority Leader Harry Reid took the low road, stating that Paul was trying to help terrorists hide their gun purchases. Here is Paul's reply:


brutus smith

 I actually agree with rand paul. But Obama had to sign it because if anything were to happen the right wingnuts would say it was because the Patriot act wasn't extended.

Brutus, did I read that correctly? Wow we agree on something.   Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman; Dianne Feinstein; that’s an oxymoron. She can carry a pistol, but wants to ban guns for everyone else.   Ripe for abuse with little government oversight; tips program, data mining; back to the Hoover days if not worse.    

It's all in the timing. Your president ( I don't claim him) is out of the country when he AUTOSIGNS perhaps the worst document this once free nation has ever seen. It is just days before Memorial Day. When we are REMEMBERING those who have died, perhaps now in vain, to protect this nations freedoms, Obama chooses to rub elboes with the Arabs. But don't just blame him. We need to demand a list of all representatives who voted this in and run them out of office. John Kennedy tried to warn the American people who was running this country and they killed him. Just go on youtube and look it up. The only cure is for the American people to get back to God and the Ten Commandments. I know most Americans today do not accept this. To you I say, " Satan has already won your soul".

6079 Smith W

When the Patriot Act became law, the Progressive-Marxist-Democrats denounced the Bush Administration as fascistic.

But when ol' Clueless-in-Chief signs it and his cronies back it, it's necessary for U.S. security. Hypocrisy anyone?

The Democrats are the same idiots who believe that the Soviet Union would still exist if the right people like themselves had been running it.

Totalitarianism is totalitarianism no matter who holds the reigns of power and how benevolent are the intentions.

Slavery is never freedom.


 brutus smith is a "truther." Therefore in his thoroughly confused mind, there will be no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil unless perpetrated by right-wing Repubs.


brutus smith

 birther/deather/full time right wingnut, did you read my 1st post?

6079 Smith W

@ "Confused":

If you're not a "truther," then who would be responsible "if anything were to happen"?

You are in fact a "truther" are you not?

"I am a little confused," (brutus smith, April 19, 2011)




brutus smith

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6079 Smith W

brutus smith writes:

"@ birther/deather/full time right wingnut," did mommy take your toys away this morning?"

“Is there something you want to add to the conversation other than your usual hate and nastiness? (brutus smith, May 24, 2011)




The Answer Person

Rand Paul, Nice toupee dude.


He says,

"The ABSURDITY of it! The INSULT of it!"

"Can we not have a debate on a higher plane?"

The only absurd thing I see is  Tea Party Paul's self-righteous indignation. That speech was pretty sanctimonious, considering the insults the TP's hurl from their subterranian plane.

As far as I can tell, Reid never actually said, " . . . Paul was trying to help terrorists hide their gun purchases."

What Reid said was, "We all remember the tragic Fort Hood shootings less than two years ago. Radicalized American terrorists bought guns and used them to kill 13 civilians. It is hard to imagine why the senator would want to hold up the Patriot Act for a misguided amendment that would make American less safe."

That's a little different.

It's an old trick -- If you can't argue against what a guy actually said, put words in his mouth and argue against that.

6079 Smith W

  Factitious writes:

"It's an old trick -- If you can't argue against what a guy actually said, put words in his mouth and argue against that." 

 Sorta akin to Mr. Obama's ad nausium use of straw man arguments with heavy amounts of sophistry?

"Some believe only in the circle, others only in the square, but I say that we can square a circle!" Yada, yada, yada.

Remember the "Purple State" speech at the '04 DNC convention?  

Welcome to the world of rhetoric; a subject that was taught decades ago in U.S. secondary schools before the political ruling class deemed it necessary to dumbed them down in order to help create generations of compliant consumers.




The ironically named USA PATRIOT Act isn't about anti-terrorism. It's about a "wish list" the Justice Department has had for YEARS. The 9/11 attacks merely gave the DOJ the excuse it needed to shove through various and sundry unconstitutionalities with not only the blessing, but the encouragement, of the American people.

It should be noted that the 9/11 terrorists COULD have — and WOULD have — been caught but for two things: Inexcusably lax border security (many had overstayed their visas, a few shouldn't have gotten into the country in the first place) and a lack of efficient communication between various intelligence agency. The USA PATRIOT Act doesn't deal with those issues, nor did President Bush, nor has President Obama.

Wake up, folks. Rand Paul is right. This isn't about terrorists, it's about freedom. And on the other end of the scale, this isn't about justice, it's about power. And guess who's winning? Here's a hint: It ain't liberty.

The Fourth Amendment has been largely scrapped right along with the Fifth. And now the rabid gun grabbers in Congress are using the same methodology to attack the Second Amendment. And if you think the First is safe, you haven't been paying much attention to the news!

Democrats aren't all bad. Republicans aren't all bad. But you know what is universally bad, at least where the freedom of the people is concerned? Overpowering government. And we've BOTH parties to blame for THAT!