BLOG: Rep. Murray rips petroleum drilling in state parks

Tom Jackson
May 26, 2011


 On Wednesday, the Ohio House voted 54-41 to approve drilling for oil and gas in state parks, sending the proposal to the Ohio Senate.

Rep. Dennis Murray, D-Sandusky, debated against the bill. Here's a video of his speech:



If you set up a rig at Middle Bass, angle the drill NE, you can suck the oil and gas right out from under Pelee Island. Close off the marina and dump the contaminated waste in the hole.

Or another option, set up at the KI State Park, drill towards Pelee, and dump the contaminated waste water in the abandoned quarry.


6079 Smith W

Naw! Let's not sell off or exploit any state assets to help reduce budget deficits and create local jobs; let's just tax the h*ll outa wealthy seniors and business owners and watch 'em flee to warmer, more business and tax friendly climes.


brutus smith

 birther/deather/full time right wingnut, do you need help packing?

6079 Smith W

@ Confused:

 "Is there something you want to add to the conversation other than your usual hate and nastiness?" (brutus smith, May 24, 2011)



The New World Czar

Mr. Murray should be grateful that the provisions didn't include drilling in Sandusky Bay or Lake Erie, as this would ruin his million-dollar views.

brutus smith

 Not to mention the oil spills that come automatically with drilling. nwc, do you want Lake Erie to be a lagoon? This shouldn't even be a right or left issue when it comes to preserving our Lakes and parks.


The right wingnut's goal -
every resource depleated
on the day he dies


6079 Smith W

Confused writes:

"Not to mention the oil spills that come automatically with drilling,"

As misinformed as ever. There have been thousands of wells drilled in the Gulf, the vast majority of which result in no leakage. The technology keeps improving. 

Most of these would probably be nat-gas wells anyway because of the Marcellus Shale which runs along the Lake Erie coast and the Eastern edge of the state.

Louisiana and TX must really hate all those jobs that go along with fishing plus the gas and oil production as well as all the tax dollars it brings in.

The OH "regressives" and the RINOs could show 'em a thing or two about taxing and spending while sending employers and jobs elsewhere couldn't they?

You don't even live in OH, what do you care?


brutus smith

 Let's see, winnie's right wingnut version of oil spills or reality. Hmmm.

Oil spills escalated in this decade

By Alan Levin, USA TODAY The number of spills from offshore oil rigs and pipelines in U.S. waters more than quadrupled this decade, a trend that could have served as a warning for the massive leak in the Gulf of Mexico, according to government data and safety experts.

The spills — and the amount of oil that leaked — grew markedly worse even when taking increases in production into account, a USA TODAY analysis of federal data shows. The leaks came as the oil industry repeatedly claimed that offshore drilling was never safer.




BS (Brutus Smith) 
If you say we can't quote Fox then please don't quote from the second most socialist paper in America.

Thank you


brutus smith

 USA today Socialist? ROFLMAO! Who owns them tool?


You're a fool if you think Fracking is safe, this will turn water supplies into toxic time bombs, look what it has done when utilized on land in states like Pennsylvania . WHAT WILL IT DO IF ITS USED NEAR MAJOR WATER AREAS?THESE TOXINS WON"T JUST BE LEAKING INTO LANDS IT WILL LEAK INTO OUR LAKE!

6079 Smith W

"Confused" doesn't even read his own article. ROFLMAO!!

"Environmental activists and safety experts said the increasing numbers of spills should have been a red flag that the industry needed to tighten safety practices and that federal regulators needed to improve oversight."

"The amount of spillage represents a small fraction of that piped out of the ground, according to the American Petroleum Institute, a trade group that represents the oil and gas industry."

As I wrote: The technology keeps improving.

Does your Mom let you use her car or does she make you walk?

You don't even live in OH, what do you care?


brutus smith

 birther/deather/full time right wingnut, did you fail to read the paragraph before the one you copy and pasted? here it is.


In the 1980s, an average of about 2,900 barrels of oil and other toxic chemicals spilled a year. That figure rose to more than 4,400 in the 1990s and to more than 6,100 in the 2000s. Offshore oil production increased during that time, but the rate of barrels spilled per barrels produced continued to increase.


Such an old fool.


"As I wrote: The technology keeps improving."


Here's your technology that keeps improving, finding new and exotic ways to poison us and the environment.



Oil City PA,

TOURISM plays a prominent role in the region by promoting oil heritage sites, "NATURE TRAILS"  But forget that, the liberals have to live in FEAR, always FEAR that something, somewhere might happen, BOOoo!!  Did you jump Brutus?

Could the reason that Dennis isn't happy about drilling be that if something happened his family would have a difficult time suing the government, especially if he voted for it to be allowed?

 Dennis can afford to spend upwards of $10-20-30 even  $40 a gallon for gas, just imagine if you can count that high how much his family makes on just one well played lawsuit.

Its easy to be the big shot who is 'protecting' all us poor and stupid citizens who should cut back on living and drive less while they charge what I believe is excessive fees for representing clients in the name of JUSTICE. I seriously detest lawyers, they are the lowest of all things I can think of.

6079 Smith W

@ DaBusiness:

Yes, fracking technology is improving all the time. You're practicing naive scare mongering.

There's a direct correlation between the creation of the EPA in 1970 and decline of heavy industry and the loss of millions of jobs in the U.S.

Cleveland's population has sunk to 400K. The air may be cleaner and the water fresher - but where are the jobs?

Los Angeles is almost at 1 million people on food stamps. Who's going to pay for all this?

Can environmentalists and liberals be burned for fuel to help keep the rest of us warm in winter?

Enjoy your Brave New World comrade - leave me out of it.


6079 Smith W

@ Confused:

Yep! The govt. kept pushin' production into deeper water.

Why did Obama congratulate Brazil on their oil production and say that he wanted the U.S. to be their best customer?

So did you inherit your MIL's car after you caused her death?




Well get scared here's another story of another town/area in PA...

What they are improving is the cheapest and easiest way to get to the "gold" no matter the consequence to the surrounding area, I beleive you're an intelligent person and see this.There is no way they are making it safer beyond a few cosmetic dressings to appease anyone in the general public. The EPA can't touch a vast majority of these companies because of loopholes from which they operate behind.

It's not fears, its facts.


Bought and paid for. Listen to the people. This is 1/2 of 1% of land, yet we need to deplete any and all natural resources so that a few may profit.


Kudos to Rep. Murray.....Kasich & his supporters in the House and Senate will most likely  DESTROY  the State of OHIO in the next three years.....The taxpayers paid to purchase land for these parks, passed levies to manage them...Now Kasich wants to lease them to allow drilling for gas & oil...He cares NOTHING for the State of Ohio...He is only interested in SELLING OHIO to the highest bidders...then in four years he will be a Highly paid CEO for one of them...Shame on you Representative & Senators for not listening to the people of this State...You all created this deficit now you want to SELL our State...Shame  on you!!!!!!!!!!  See you at the polls!!!!!!!

  For 33 years, all high‐level radioactive components Including fuel assemblies have been stored on site at Davis Besse. Initially in a cooling pond and then in above‐ground containers.     After we rape and plunder the State Parks, we can move the spent fuel rods to State Parks.    Problem solved.
Peninsula Pundit


'Yes, fracking technology is improving all the time. You're practicing naive scare mongering.'

Wrong again.

There is already a safe way to frack, but it costs more money than the way they're doing it now.

Just like BP in the gulf.  If they'd used drilling mud, they would've been able to control the high pressure the natural gas was exerting in the well.  But using drilling mud was more expensive than using sea water. The BP supervisor on board said, and I do quote:

"I'm BP here, I say use water."


It's the same story over and over.  The technology is there if it is used correctly, but it costs more to do so.  That's why business screws everything up through their pennywise, pound stupid methods.  That's why no one trusts businesspeople or Republicans.



It's the same old story . The bean counters for the big companies will always override safety practices in favor of the almighty profit . And all it will take to turn the waters and land into a dead zone is one short cut that will make a few more bucks for the already ridiculously rich .


Disclaimer:  Not only am I an environmental scientist that works at a nuclear facility in southern Ohio, I'm also a proponent of drilling in State parks. 
It can be done "right," but doing it the right way is expensive.  It shouldn't be about politics, it should be about safely harnessing our natural resources, relying less on foreign resources, creating Ohio jobs, and being safe and keeping things "clean."  I can't imagine them drilling someplace like John Bryan State Park, but someplace like Dear Creek State Park, yes. 

Seems easy enough, but it never ends up that way. 


 People need to realize that the Great Lakes is the largest body of "fresh water" in the world and it is being polluted and drained constantly.  The last thing we need is to have a major oil spill in one of the Great Lakes.  I don`t have a problem will them drilling for oil as long as it is away from our drinking water source.   This country is motivated by greed and  leave it to the greedy Republicans to crap where they expect  "everybody else"  to eat.  I want to know why instead of creating the jobs they promised, they are passing laws exempting Congress from  Obamacare,Medicare and everything else "We the Taxpaying People"  HAVE to live by.  AND they are passing laws to make the USA the world police to keep us in steady wars.  When is our government going to make cuts from their own budget?  NEVER!!!   Americans need to come together for the sake of our country and our childrens future and vote ALL the old faces out of Washington. Remove the ones who know how to play the system and get  real people in there who actually care about the American people and our future.  The wealthy and big corporations haven`t been creating any jobs and are still moving out of this country.  They didn`t use the stimulus money to create jobs either. So why do they still need the tax breaks?  If they aren`t going to create jobs in THIS country, then why do we need to give them any breaks? All while making record profits and keeping the money instead of spreading the wealth and creating jobs. Make them pay their FULL share of taxes. If they move out of this country, double the taxes on everything coming "into" this country and lower the taxes on exports.  If they don`t like it, then let them leave!!  How about doubling the taxes on everything "imported" into the USA. That will force businesses to locate in the US while creating jobs HERE.     That is MY OPINION.


Take a cruise along the Canadian shore and you will find oil and gas wells all along the shore.  They have been there operating in Lake Erie for years and selling the oil and gas to the United States.  Do you really believe that we are not as technologicaly capable as the Canadians?

brutus smith

 Canadians don't put greed 1st.



Re: Not only am I an environmental scientist that works at a nuclear facility in southern Ohio

U been around 2y 6m, how many diff screen names for how many diff right wing causes?

And yes I really am Superman................




What does a lawyer know about geology? Is the lawyer Murray also a scientist educated in geology?


Creative one, Kimo.  Sadly (or not?), I don't live on these blogs, nor do I hide behind screen names.  My name is Alison (Cullen) Lake.  I was born and raised in Sandusky, and I enjoy reading about what's going on in my hometown.  I most certainly don't live on these "blogs" with multiple screen names, or even this one.  Nor do I have the energy to sit and fight back and forth with people over which political party is right or wrong, like so many others do.  It solves nothing.  You won't ever see me on here ranting and raving about how it's either political party's fault.   I'll occassionally state my opinion, and I'll state a lot of scientific fact, but I won't ever post nonsensical ramblings. 


If this country is so desperate for energy (and it is or soon will be) then why aren't both parties talking about new sources rather than squabbling over a few drops of oil from state and/or national parks? This whole energy/oil debacle has been going on since the "oil embargo" in the early 70's. We (our government, et. al.) have had 40 (+) years to get serious about this entire matter. So rather than getting we are...still "talking" about it.

Our country is in shambles in so many various respects and yet the same old tired mantras and philosophies are being "debated". Our democracy is now a plutocracy whereas the stewardship has been traded for profits. Corporate America is alive and growing as is "New World Order".

I say, "We sincerely need to have an overthrow".

"Radical reactions stem from radical conditions."

tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock

looking around





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The problem is once the oil companies get their leased land they send in independent contractors to do the drilling. The contractors get very little oversight from the parent company and are motivated by profit to take short cuts. My family owns property within boundary of state park land in Pennsylvania where such drilling is taking place. The water supply has been ruined to the point that it is undrinkable, the land has been ravaged trees ruined by the access routes which are a muddy mess, and the constant noise is absurd. Oil is visible on the surface and banks of the stream that I once fished for trout in. To top it off the smell of crude in the air that may smell like money to these companies is just stench to me. Don’t let them sell you this bill of goods here in Ohio!




Tis awful hard for Obie and the other sponges to get their kick-back money from a large producer of wind energy (GE) when there is cheap and plentiful fuel available. Not to mention Government Motors needs to recoup our investment in the Volt



Re:My name is Alison (Cullen) Lake.

Not sure how many of you there are in Ohio.








Most of the intelligent posts on these sites are made by people that have a dog in the race.

I was just looking for a motive and wondering if you had a dog in this race, obviously you do.

Captain Gutz


That's not a very good apology.

6079 Smith W

In March, POTUS Obama told the Brazilians:

"We want to help you with the technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely. And when you're ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers."

So in Brazil it's "Drill, baby drill," but in OH and the U.S., it's - import more and more of our gas and oil from Brazil, the Middle East and other countries?

Just wait until this country experiences rolling blackouts because we're not keeping pace with our energy demands and then the warmers, the environmentalists and the loony luddite liberals will be screaming for someone to do something!


brutus smith

 Rolling blackouts? Like the phony blackouts Enron had just to raise prices? Those kind?

6079 Smith W

@ Kimo:

Dog in the race? Reads more like her J-O-B.

So as a wealthy millionaire retiree, none of your invested assets are involved in gas or oil?

When are ya putting your order in for a Nissan Leaf and sell that gas-powered car you drive?

Better not hook it up to the power grid; the electricity being produced might be from nukes, coal or nat-gas.



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6079 Smith W


When the liberal Luddites refer to "peak oil," they are referring to oil that is relatively easy to extract using existing technology, however:

"No one suggests that the Gulf nations are running out of oil. Heavy oil, although difficult to pump, is abundant. The Middle East alone is believed to hold some 78 billion barrels of heavy oil that is currently recoverable, more than three-and-a-half times the U.S.'s total reserves.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates there are some three trillion barrels of heavy oil in the world, about 100 years of global consumption at current levels. The catch: Only a fraction of it—about 400 billion barrels—can be recovered using existing technology. New techniques like the ones being tried in Wafra could unlock more."


FYI: Did you notice that when Mr. Obama gave his Middle East speech and was sputtering on about democracy and the Arab Spring that somehow the words "Saudi Arabia" were never mentioned?





I have no dog in this race, but I do have a job to do, and it's called environmental remediation.  People like me do our part to clean up the mess government entities and private sector companies have made in the last 50 years.  It doesn't matter who is in office, there will continue to be environmental contamination that needs cleaned up.  Bottom line is, as someone else has already pointed out, is that there is technology to make this type of drilling safe and "clean."  It is however, very expensive, and neither left nor right want to make it a priority. 


brutus smith

 Why should it be up to Gov to make these companies to drill safely and responsibly? Right now we can't trust these companies not to have a spill. They are still cleaning up the mess from the Exxon-Valdez and will never be finished cleaning up the Gulf spill. Is it really worth it?


I'm just wondering McMuffin how you get solar panels to work in your basement so you can type your drivel

Or do you just have a turbine attached to your monitor and use your over abundant supply of hot air to generate your power?


Yes, "TheScientist," but from reading your last comment one could draw an inference that on environmental matters there's little difference between R's and D's, but nothing could be farther from the truth. While there are a few D's who tend to vote dirty, and a few R's who vote green, by and large, D's vote much greener and R's vote much dirtier, usually without apology. The League of Conservation Voters tracks this thoroughly and annually publishes their "National Environmental Scorecard."

Murray's speech was long but worth listening to. Matt Huffman (R - Lima) who spoke shortly thereafter, claims that drilling in parks will help return Ohio to its past greatness. Seriously.


To Venerable Veteran :

You are correct, there are hundreds of wells along the canadian shore line. However if anyone was to look at a navigational map of Lake Erie you would see that there are hundreds of wells "in LAKE ERIE" as well. We have traveled through those areas numerous times and never seen any signs of leaks. Perhaps someone should look into this as they apparently have founds ways to drill without polluting the Lake as far as I know.


 Watch and be EDUCATED....




Re:there is technology to make this type of drilling safe and "clean." 

That may or may not be as "clean" as it needs to be to protect future generations.

We have made a hellva mess of this world, all the while patting ourselves on the back and spouting what a great job we have done.

I have been around long enough to see an invention called "no till" come along and the end result is chemical run off into our drinking water.

We keep piling up nuke waste, but wait............just around the corner there is a solution.

We have "safe" coal mines that blow up, people die, oh well..................

I was a very, very, very small part of a very large sewer project. It was an attempt to stop people from pooping into their own wells. There were a lot of excuses used to try and stop the project, but the bottom line was "money". The wealthiest part of the population fought the hardest and ran up the cost the most.

If we were half as smart as we think we are. would we be in this mess?





 Great to see Murray taking a stance on this. For updates on FRACKING CLICK HERE... 


  Yep, he's against it alright, that is until one of the companies put a little something in his pocket.  When you come out and say you are against something in todays politics what they are really saying is it's going to take a little more than usual to get my vote.  If this was going to be done on one of his properties he'd vote for it.  Cuba started drilling right on our line in the Gulf and the angle drilling will supposedly will be way in US territory, but who cares, as long as it's not us or one of our companies.  Anyways, we will be doing the clean-up if there is a spill, DO YOU think Cuba cares?

   Our country is a JOKE!  They are drilling on all sides and we think we are saving the enviroment.  About 4% of the world's population and we are the great savior.  We saved the natural resourses in Lake Erie for Canada and they are taking good advantage of the situation.  Yes, Ohio stopped Commercial gill netting on Lake Erie, GOOD JOB DNR.  Last weeks Cabella's tournament from the Sandusky boat ramp, over 500 walleyes caught in Canada, For ohio Waters score a big fat goose egg.  Their perch fishing is at an all time and we are limited to 30 fish.  Fishing License numbers have declined from 1.1 million in the mid 1990s to around 625,000.  Yeah, you can trust these guys to tell us what's best for Ohio.  If the oil and gas is there, go get it and worry later.  Did you ever hear a young person claim the end of the world is coming, NO!  It's always some dilapidate old person who has already lived their life.  Were you ever told to save for a rainy day?  Well, it's pouring outside, in more ways than rain, use our resources wisely and world prices will come way down.


   I clicked on the Fracking link and I can tell you first hand it not true.  Pure water was used to Frack oil wells in Pennsylvania, I watched it being done south of Oil City.  Rubber stops are placed below and above the layers that contian oil and it creates a circular cavity.  On my property in West Virginia they used pure Nitrogen to frack the gas wells.  There is enough gas in the Marcellus Range to generate power (Electric) for the whole Eastern United States for decades.  The gas is at a depth of around 3000 feet.  It's been reported that a larger supply lays a little to the West, a lot is in Ohio, at a depth of 5-7000 feet.  A little tid-bit, I waas told after Hurricane Katrina that the Natural gas from my place in West Virginia, GOES WHERE?  South on a main line to Birminham, Alabama then West to New Orleans where it is liquified and shipped to China.  The gas company workers told me this and I haven't found out if it was accurate but they were slowing the flow rates at the time.


Re: EZOB  "if the oil and gas is there, go get it and worry later."

Never concern yourself with a bill you don't intent to pay?

To hellwithit let someone in the next generation clean it up?

Nice guys finish last, rape and plunder.

I want it and I want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's why Sandusky has the mess in the Bay.

6079 Smith W
@ Kimo:   As a millionaire retiree with taxpayer funded Social Security and Medicare benefits, you've already got yours and now you suddenly see the light and care about "the next generation"?   Why shouldn't each and every American have a present and a future as rich and bountiful as yours?   You've complained about exploiting resources and the waste products, yet you've been the recipient of everything you've complained about.    

I got mine, scr*w everyone else eh? Your outlook stinks of hypocrisy.  

6079 Smith W

I read a stat somewhere not long ago that said that TX was ninety-some percent self-sufficient in energy and that OH was at about eight percent.

If liberal luddites don't want to drill and don't want to import any of that filthy gas and oil, then we had better start building a whole lot of windmills and solar panels - and soon!



  6079 Smith W says 1-22-2011   When looking for intelligent, thoughtful and educational comments on news stories, I tend to look to several business news web sites. Looking for similar levels on the SR is for the most part a practice in futility and so I mostly use it as sport. 
6079 Smith W

@ Kimo:

Per usual, you continue to miss the point.

Allow me to expand on the quote: 

Intellectual "sport;" of which you and most other mind-numbed liberals on these comment pages seem incapable of competing in order to help justify your opinions.

If you don't want to be challenged you came to the wrong forum.

Have a beer and enjoy being lost in your vacuous sanctimonious thinking.




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