BLOG: Newt Gingrich, dramatic monologue

Tom Jackson
May 26, 2011


I used to actually kind of like Newt Gingrich. He was unafraid to offer new ideas, even controversial ones. He seemed genuinely interested in history. When I covered one of his speeches, I noticed that it was so well-organized and clear, it was easy to write it up for the newspaper.

But the current Newt is hard to admire. He is running for president, but he seems to be devoid of any ideas. He seems to offer only ambition.

Gingrich said modestly Thursday that his campaign hasn't caught on yet because he's offering "something that happens once or twice in a century, a genuine grass-roots campaign of very big ideas."

That's pretty rich, but it doesn't top the megalomaniac press release his campaign put out earlier this week, after he got criticized after attacking his own political party for trying to contain the cost of Medicare.

You can read the press release if you search the Internet, but it's best experienced as a dramatic monologue by actor John Lithgow. Link is here.




Obama's ideas were...what?

Another anti-Republican, pro-democrat editorial from the lives and breathes obamacare!


Obama's Ideas:  Restoring America's standing in the world.  Restoring dignity to the middle class.  Making health care affordable and available to all Americans.  Eliminating corporate greed and regulating the out of control Wall Street.

So far so good. 


Buff, you really don't believe your own post, do you? 

1. " Restoring Americans standing in the world. " Are you ignorant of the news or just ignorant? Read the headlines over the last year, READ THE HEADLINES TODAY ! He has thrown just about every friend America has under the bus, even the Jews which voted upwards over 77% for Democrats have been reduced to 44% and Israel is absolutely livid with this ass in office. Why the Jews voted for a known muslim is beyond me.

2. "restoring DIGNITY to Americans' OH MY, I suppose this is why his ratings tanked to the mid to lower 40% range?  Ask those on our boarders what they think of Obama's lack of leadership skills and downright treasonable acts! When has a President ever sued a state that is trying to protect their boarders besides this fool of a so called President.

3. "Eliminating corporate greed" Lets have you provide ONE example of this happening. How about Obama's support for Soro's, giving the richest man in the world 2 BILLION dollars so he can drill oil in Brazil that is GUARANTEED TO GO TO CHINA. Come on BUFF, explain this!

4. " Making health care affordable" WHY THEN DO I HAVE TO PAY $50 instead of $10 just four years ago. Why is it that Medicare patients are getting blasted now in hospitals, yes, wait until you or your loved one are placed into the hospital and find out how much MORE you have to spend than we had to just four years ago. AND why such a GREAT healthcare is everyone getting excused from it who are Obama's friends. Only a complete fool would believe this drivel.

I might submit your post for  DUMBEST POST OF THE YEAR award.

I question the level of commitment for anyone who makes excusess for this trash help of a ''leader'', a traitor who should be impeached and put on trial for treason against the USA. He REFUSES to protect the boarder, thumbs his nose at the constitution and now he's thumbing his nose at the war powers act.
So, go ahead, bury your head in the sand, heck, click your Red shoes heals together if you want, it doesn't change the truth that hes NOT for the benefit of America.

And to Bucknut36. You brought up the draft dogging so 'he doesn't have a chance. What about Obama, he never served? And since when is it a requirement for someone to serve to be President? I'm so sick of hearing about those running for office that havent served in the military!!  I'm also sick of making the military out something it is NOT. Lets be real, MANY in the millitary are those who are not the sharpest tack and this was a place for them to 'hang' until something better comes along. I respect our millitary but I also respect the proffessional sector who serves our country without being int he millitary. Now, those without brains will completely distort what I said and twist it like liberals do but I don't care, its the truth.

BTW, I can't stand Newt, I never have and never will, he's FAKE to the bone. The Republicans have good people running, a few blacks, but history teaches us the the party will pass those who actually stand for something and will go with those they can control and adapt too. Col West is a GREAT man, so much better than anyone else but he will not be recognized by the press or the party because he's too honest and stands on what he believes and wont move. The others are like Obama, polititians.


Heres the Health Care Buff is makeing reference too!


Sad thing is, he and the others think this is rational.


 To Bailey,

                  I agree you dont have to have been in the military to be President. My problem with people like Newt, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, etc, is they all bang the war drum loudly. They have no problem sending our kids to fight, but they got out of their military obligations during the Viet Nam War. By the way their was no draft when President Obama was  a young man.


Agreed that there was no draft, but the fact still remains that it doesn't matter if there was or not. I never served, I was drafted by mistake as a junior in high school. With such a corrupt war as Vietnam, putting mostly the poor families sons on the front line for a war that was 100% political i surely wasn't going to sign up. Call me a coward, doesn't matter to me. I stayed home and took care of my paralyzed sister.
Personally, i think those who didn't go to that political war with NO DETERMINATION TO WIN are the ones who are SMART and are MORE qualified to be President.

Your argument that they order the military around doesn't hold water with me. It doesn't take a Doctor to run a hospital, or a scientist to run General Electric, why then does it take a Military man to run the Military? It doesn't, it takes a man/woman with courage to do what is necessary and best for the country. NOTE: Those countries besides ours that have Ex Military leading them are usually what? Yep, dictators or a supressive nation. Look at the Sudan, Libya, Cuba, Russia, China. No thanks, 


Just what is a Newt? A newt is an amphibian.  Adult newts have lizard-like bodies.  Newts are characterised by a frog-like body .    After courtship rituals of varying complexity, which take place in cheap hotels with silcone-injected younger females,the male newt transfers a line of crap which is taken up by the female.

After this, while the wife has  developed  cancer , which in the process of dying, the adult Newt continues his search for another female.   He is after all,  a slimy creature without a brain.  Appealing to the masses with his forked-tongue.  


 I hear this all the time: Newt has, or had, great ideas.

Such as?

Where does his patina of intellectual superiority come from?



Newt Gingrich , more ego then know how .

Mr. Info

Buff, don't forget his other ideas that he's already followed through on:

• Reducing nuclear arms throughout the world (new START treaty)

• Increased the average fuel-economy standards for cars from 27.5 mpg to 35.5 mpg by 2016, so we're less dependent on foreign oil and more safe and economically stable in the long run.

• Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act, restoring equal pay for women

• Provided travel expenses to families of all fallen soldier, so they can be on hand when bodies are returned to US

• Signed the Children's Helath Care Act, which got 4 million more children health insurance

• Ended credit card companies ability to randomnly increase rates against Americans (Credit Card Bill of Rights)

• Cut taxes for 3.5 million small businesses who provide employees health care

• Provided more mental health services and protections for US Veterans

• Lowered the cost of college tuition by expanding Pell grants availability

• Made violence against gays a hate crime

And of course, as you said, restored Americans standing in the world.


@Mr Info

Lowered the cost of college tuition by expanding Pell grants availability?

Now that I have stopped laughing, I can reply!

Let me tell you what your hero did!

He took away state funding (OIG) reduced federal aid limits, THEN expanded Pell grants. Students are actually receiving less than they were before his "help".

Students can no longer defer their student loan payments when they can't get a job after college (unless, military,full-time volunteer)
You MUST pay, at the minimum, the interest on the loans. At 6.9% (and growing) this is very hard for some people esp. when there are no jobs!
Regardless of what you have heard, or seen (on obama news stations) this is fact. I can show you the proof straight from the Dept. of Education!

Stop spreading his propaganda! Afterall, the brown shirts were just an after-school program right?



 Newt said the reason he cheated on his first two wives was " because he loved his country so much". As Speaker of the House he was fined $300,00  for inappropriate behavior. Newt  was also a draft dodger. ( like Cheney & Limbaugh)  He has no chance!!!!!


Tom Jackson - and what were Mr. Obama's "ideas" when he ran during his campaign? The word "hope" seems to ring a bell. Didn't see you mention that Obama didn't really have any ideas then or now, as he's proven in two years. Killing Bin Laden only got him a two-week bounce in his popularity and now its on the way back down.


Another grandstanding ,flag waving, blo-rod.   Ted Nugent is seated next to him.    Real funny though, he won't be president. 


It's amazing what you can learn from these blogs, I really didn't know that Dick Cheney,Rush Limbaugh,Sean Hannity, and Fox news had the authority to send our troopers into war. Who da thunk!! You're right the annoited one never faced the draft, the Kenyan and Indonesia governments never had the draft.


    OK Bailey. You want to be taken seriously, don't trash your own credibility with an opening line as ignorant as 'Obama is a known Muslim'. Just what does the man need to do to prove he isn't? Perhaps a notorized, long form confirmation certificate. People like you have hated the man from the start, and will continue to refuse to give the man credit for anything and continue to hate him for no good reason. 

   I'm not saying that he is the best we have ever had, but give me a break....Muslim???? His wife is educated, doesn't wear a scarf, his kids go to school, and they have been known to go to  a Christian Church from time to time. AND he had the most notorious Muslim in the world killed. Where is a picture of him praying in a mosque? It's time nut cases like you start proving your accusations instead of throwing them out as 'known facts'.

   I know this response won't stop you from hating Obama. I just wanted you to know why no one else will take you serious. 

brutus smith

 That's OK, bailey and the rest of the right wingnuts will be raptured today. There is a God! Yippee! :)))))


I stand with this statement and if you knew ANYTHING about Islam which I have studied for close to 10 years BEFORE 9-11 you would realize just how off target your post is.

First, a birth certificate does NOT PROVE A BELIEF, so you should edit your post and remove the entire first paragraph. AND, on his birth certificate his father is listed as MUSLIM, AND in his book he states that he was RAISED A MUSLIM. And your right, he went to Church Sept 2010 to HEAR A MUSLIM SPEAKER and I don't believe he's gone back to church since. ALSO, those who know and use Adobe has brought forth information that this birth certificate was never flattened. Do your own research for this,  its easily found and a proffessor at Harvard even claims that the certificate that was ON THE WHITE HOUSE WEB SIGHT WAS MOST LIKELY EDITED. Hmmmm. I guess Harvard PhD's aren't going to be taken seriously either.

Second. His wife doesn't wear a scarf, LOL, yea, thats proof of a religion....  Indonesia and Malaysia Muslim women seldom or never wear the hijab.  India, Pakistan, Bangladesh only about 3% of the women were the hijab. To show how ridiculous your post is, look at this pic: 

 MOSQUE prayer session  AT THE WHITE HOUSE,

I don't hate Obama, I detest him, he's a liar, a manipulator and a Muslim pretending to be for the best of America. You who stand by him REFUSE to acknowledge facts, like when Obama stated that he WANTS $7 a gallon gas to CONTROL THE PEOPLE. And what about him saying his energy program WILL INCREASE ELECTRIC RATES OFF THE CHART AND WE WILL JUST HAVE TO BEAR IT, all the while his wife buys $4000 purses, spends 2 million on trips, flys all over the nation and WE are told to cut back and enjoy his raised energy prices.

Sadly there are those like Brutus that take YOU seriously, and those with prejudices for a PARTY  will never be free, just look at my black race, they are IGNORANT of the fact that it was the Democrats that put us into slavery and continue to do so with government handouts and not making those who milk the system accoutable for their decisions. I can't stand 90% of the conservatives running for office, sadly however you and the other liberals here will never make your 'leaders' accountable. There is NO ONE that should be exempt from accountabliity, including ones personal political possitions. 


Newt! What a tool.

Marcus M

brutus if the rapture occurs you, Commrade Obama and Nancy Pelosi might be the only ones left behind.

It won't be that bad you will have the earh's supply of pudding cups, sweat pants and depends all to yourself.   The down side Obama will have to tax you as the upper 50% in income and you will have to repopulate the earth with Nancy Pelosi, we might save  Whoopi Goldberg and  Joy Behar as your personal harem...........

brutus smith

 As long as you go marca$$ that will be good enough for me.

trouble shooter

Newt sure had some good ideas, like his CONTRACT on AMERICA! That is exactly what it was, AKA the "THE ASSASSINATION of THE MIDDLECLASS" it has almost worked to perfection!

Return of Dragon II

Reagan's war on drugs would have been so much more successful if he would have used some of Bailey's or Taxpayers posts followed with "This is your brain on crack"!


@ Dragon

Your post was so full of information, PACKED full of accuracies. I would have been so very disappointed to see you actually POST SOMETHING OF VALUE or anything that contained FACTS in an effort to critique what you obviously disagree with. Look how your post brought out the intelligence of Brutus.
6079 Smith W
@ ROD deux:   Spewing your historical ignorance once again eh?   It was POTUS Nixon who coined the term "War on Drugs."   And the “New Prohibition” has helped to foster a horrific bipartisan destruction of the Bill of Rights and created an era of violence and death ever since.   Forget Mr. Newt; Mr. Cain has formerly announced his candidacy – should be interesting.  


 God is walking the beach. He comes upon  a Christian, a Muslim and an Aethiest. God addressed these gentlemen and said "this is your luck day. I will grant each of you one wish, your greatest desire."

He turned to the Christian and asked :"what is your wish?" Oh God, I would like you to send me and all of my Christian brothers and sisters to heaven where we may worship you each day, all day long. Poof the Christian vanishes.

Then God turned to the Muslim and asked the same. The Muslim replied Oh God thank you. I would wish that you send me and all of my fellow Muslims to heaven so that we may receive our gifts and worship you. Poof the Muslim was gone.

He turned to the Aethiest and ask for his wish. The Aethiest said, I'll have a Coke. "A Coke?" God replied "with anything at your fingertips, all you want is a Coke?" The Aethist looked at God and said Yep, and it's for you! You've just fixed all of the worlds problems and made me the happiest guy alive!!!!

Maybe the joke should read a Republican, a Democrat, and a True Independent. 

brutus smith

 That's true and funny sarah.

Return of Dragon II

Hey Bailey how about setting an example?.  You seem to only post discredited nonsense from rabid rightwing websites and you think that is informative? Winston we both know that Reagan expanded the war on drugs in fact wasn't that the pet project of his astrologer drug abusing wife?  Don't let the facts get in your waty though princess!


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines

brutus smith

 We won't hear from bailey anymore, he's been raptured.


Buff, you wanted to talk about Obama's Ideas: 

1. Restoring America's standing in the world.

Yes, if the "standing" you wish "restored" involves the alienation of our most loyal allies, the alienation of those who are sometimes allies, and the almost complete capitulation to those who will never BE allies. Obama's speech and actions re: Israel is a prime illustration, but only the latest in a series of grievous international "faux pas" that started with the summary return of an historic bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits who gave it to the United States as a symbol of gratitude...

2.  Restoring dignity to the middle class. 

Yes, provided you define "dignity" as job loss, unacknowledged inflation, a refusal to do anything about gas prices (I don't know, like actually develop our own resources, perhaps?) which only further damages businesses (read "jobs") and spending power.

3. Making health care affordable and available to all Americans. 

Health care WAS available to all Americans, and you may as well call it affordable, too, since those who COULDN'T afford it weren't turned away. "Obamacare" will be MORE costly for most of us, whether via increased premiums or increased taxes.

4. Eliminating corporate greed and regulating the out of control Wall Street.

Only if "eliminating corporate greed" means demonizing capitalism and doing anything and everything to minimize profits, and "regulating" means selecting one whipping boy or another (Big Oil at the moment) to distract the rest of us from Obama's abysmal economic policies.

5. So far so good.

Yup. Assuming, of course, that "good" is "bad" and "war" means "peace." Me? The last two and a half years have been double-plus ungood for those of us who DON'T speak newspeak!

Whew! All of this has nothing to do with Newt Gingrich. So here's my take on Newt: Better than Obama. But then so's pretty much anybody else. Relax, Buff, Brutus, et al. Newt doesn't have a snowball's chance of getting the nomination. And if it makes you feel even better, I'm personally dam*ed glad he doesn't!

brutus smith

 Put the bottle down.

Choices, choices, and none good at this point, dumber and dumb.   Obama, His accomplishment is doing on purpose in two years, what it took Carter four years of mistakes to do. Now he supports putting the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt. That’s because they don’t have to play along with the peace treaty that Egypt and Israel have. Then there are the lies, found many just in his April 2011 speeches. I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up under the crescent moon and stars with two more years of Obama, those that care nothing of religion now, will then. Go spread your atheist ideas in a Muslim stronghold country and see what happens, you could get your head chopped off. Maybe I can buy you a ticket to Turkey and you can spread the word.   CIC cannot tell the difference between “corps” and “corpse” and he went to Harvard. “You stay classy Navy corpse men”  Dumbnutz.   Newt, who is more scandalous, him or Willie Clinton, both draft dodgers. Out of touch and mostly bad ideas.   At this point I would vote for Bill Cosby, probably an improvement.      
Marcus M

Good news, bad news.  Good news the world did not end, bad news brutus didn't buy anymore depends in anticipation of the end. Stand by for EPA alert.

brutus smith

 sam, er marcus, the real  news is you have to post under different names. Bawk, bawk bawk bawk.

Marcus M

brutus , I am not Sam but I wonder if you ever had a bad experience with a golf cart?    Don't worry about the rapture you will be taken care of, god watches over the simple of minds, your safe.......


 I hear this all the time: Newt has, or had, great ideas.

Such as?

Well, he does oppose the Ryan Budget, so there ya go



On a side note about the destruction of earth scheduled for yesterday.

I really was hoping for the Rapture. 

Unfortunately,  he didn't get his Viagra prescription refilled.........     :}

I wanted to scream "Oh god" but not in that way. 



2meomix:    ekoj:   What is 1problem female atheists have?     When making love they have no one to talk to.          (Oh God! Oh God!)

Return of Dragon II

Pundit a Newt is very slippery..... he now supports the Ryan plan and he warned opponents of using his first position against him because that would be dishonest. 


Well now, who would have thought little 'ole me could spark such a vigorous debate?  I like it.  Carry on. 


Kottage Kat

It will take more than an "eye of newt" and a few bat wings to get this man elected.

Captain Gutz

No newts is good newts.






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