BLOG: Mercedes seeking a new home

Tom Jackson
Apr 25, 2011


Mercedes has been a tough-luck kitty, but she's trying to make a comeback with a new home.

She's currently a resident of the Erie County Humane Society's shelter, seeking a new owner.

There seems to be nowhere to go but up for Mercedes, who came to the shelter after her previous owner abandoned her, then ran her over. Peggy Grant, 24, has pleaded no contest in Sandusky Municipal Court to counts of animal cruelty and animal abandonment and awaits sentencing.

Mercedes has recovered from her injuries and is doing fine. Applications are being taken for a new home, and then the adoption counselor,  Kelly Wilson, will make a selection.




Cat food?  In these times?


kURTje...yes, there are those of us who do well and like to share our homes with animals.

I do not owe you a thing!


She is so precious! Why would anyone want to run over an animal on purpose? Whackos.


Someone needs to run over that.....uh.....woman, for lack of a better word.

Tool Shed

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Didn't say  you  did.


She sure is a pretty cat!  I wish I had room, I would take her in a minute.  I hope Kathy Wilson makes sure her next owner is the BEST~Mercedes sure does deserve it!   As for her previous owner~I hope they throw the book at her!  Witch!

Kottage Kat

She is so cute, I also wish I could take her. Have four rescues, and 2 of those are special needs due to abuse. Give3 her a loving home and she will be forever grateful, they know when life gets better and give back so much love.

Hope they will let us know if she is adopted.  Good luck Mercedes.


 I hope Mercedes finds a home soon!  Goodness knows that if she weren't so darn famous, she would more likely be one of the 79% of cats that are killed when they are at hsec.  Very sad.  When is hsec going to improve its adoption rate?  All that commotion when Amy was wrongly dismissed and now we get nothing but happy stories while the vast majority leave the facility in a garbage bag!

Suitcase Simpson

 How could a humane society put so many animals down?  How can they be called a 'humane' society if they kill the majority of animals?  Is this the same humane society that had all that ruckus in the paper a couple months ago?


What a cutie of a kitty cat.  I already have two humane society graduates in the house along with a graduate from the pound.  They tolerate each other like brothers and sisters.  I am tempted to bring that cat home.  I do need a shop kitty cat, but his one needs a lot of attention and will have a few issues after being owned by an idiotic KILLER and MURDERER of cats.  How can you own a cat and then decide out of infinite wisdom to run over it with a vehicle to KILL it?  The previous loser of an owner must live an exciting and meaningful life.