BLOG: Latta snags rising GOP star for dinner

Tom Jackson
Apr 4, 2011


The current darling of the Tea Party crowd, U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has been booked as a Lincoln Day dinner speaker for U.S. Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green.

Bachmann has been making headlines — today's New York Times story is a good example — for her popularity among social conservatives and for her declared interest in running for presidents. She sure sounds like she's running, although she won't make a decision until early summer.

Bachmann will speak at 7 p.m. May 20 at Sauder Village, Founder's Hall located at 22611 Ohio 2 Archbold, Ohio 43502. Tickets are $25. For details, see Latta's campaign site.





Please be aware this women Michele got $ 250K in the form of farm welfare (subsidies) . Why 2go Michele. Looks like you never dug for a broken tile (manual labour ) or baled hay either. Reward BIG Ag business not the small hardworking farmer. Its your money folks. Great pick Bobbi. Do not forget....the GOP stated they are looking @ SSI. Take from the hard working people......not those few @ the top.

brutus smith

 Wow, I thought it was Halloween. I'll put that picture on my fence to keep stray cats out.


Yeah baby!  I WILL be there.  $25 is not bad at all.  Hey you liberal crybabies, your "anointed" one has decided to run for re-election in case there was any usual liberal confusion.  He is going to need over $1 BILLION to campaign.  Come on UNIONS, I know you finally recovered from the last election and are ready to give $800 MILLION in UNION dues for the cause.  You can do it!  Come on 2159, you can give as well.  After all, it is all about UNION solidarity!  Ha! Ha!  Give until it hurts.  Come on blacks and liberals, stand up and reach into your pockets to help with that campaign.  How about all those BIG businesses you constantly whine about?  How about taxfree GE?  They will give several MILLION.  There is PLENTY of money right liberals?  The economy has exploded and everyone is working in all the factories in town.  How about starting to practice that "fainting" now?  No?  Where are those Greek columns.  We need to get them out again.  A BILLION is a lot of money, but I know you can give for all that "hope and change" you can believe in.  After all, 0bama can always charge taxpayers for those extravagant white house parties.  Ha! Ha!  Go Michele Backman (R-MN)!  You ROCK!!  


Oh dear God!  That crazy woman is coming to Ohio?  Better get your birth cirtificates out.

Mime Bloggling

 I've got in-laws in Archbold....think I'll go.

Erie Countian

Now THIS is funny. 'Rising GOP star". Hilarious, and bad news for Repubs. Michele Bachmann (Lunatic-MN) is SO dense and clueless that she makes Sarah "The Squirmish Refudiator" Palin look smart! $25 is actually a pretty cheap cost to see a total airhead in action. Enjoy yourself, Taxpayer. Somehow I knew you'd want to attend.


It boggles the mind as to how this raving lunatic has gotten so far in politics. Come on GOP, you can do better than that! Put her in a room with Palin and you’ve got yourself a good MTV reality show.


Could she be any worse than COOTUS Obozo? Seems like it's amateur hour in the white house.


Goofus, If you had to ask that question, then there's not much society can do for you.  I'd rather have amateur than crazy.


What about a crazy amateur. Palin Bachman 2012


I'd like to see that just for my own personal amusment,


Goof again you borrowed from my prose.  Plagerism?         Maybe its my charisma?      Goof ya godda start thinking for yourself.                 Goof           /                6070Smith             2012.             Opps - forgot  different screen names                      same individual.                                Michele is HOT!!!!!          not

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