BLOG: GOP candidate dodges hot issue

Tom Jackson
Apr 1, 2011

As I wrote recently, U.S. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, is riding high in the polls as he heads into a re-election campaign next year.

Republicans have no announced candidate so far. Mary Taylor, the lieutenant governor, apparently is thinking about it, but the latest faux candidate getting attention from the press is Josh Mandel, the new state treasurer.

Senate Bill 5 is obviously the hottest issue in Ohio today, and Democrats have been having fun mocking Mandel for refusing to take a stand on the new law. If he's serious about running, he can't make a career of dodging issues.

Brown has press conferences almost every week in which he takes questions on the telephone from reporters. The conferences usually are called to push a particular issue, but Brown will answer questions on anything. I've yet to ask I question that I felt he avoided




Hunter S. Thompson,

First of all, I haven't contacted Brown's office regarding SB5. As you so aptly pointed out, he's a representative to the FEDERAL government, not the state. I've contacted his office (and Kaptur's) about OTHER issues when they arose.

I'm also not defending any candidate or non-candidate for answering or not answering questions. I was responding to Mr. Jackson's assertion that Brown doesn't duck questions when that's pretty much ALL he does. He has his stock answers and that's all you're going to get. That I don't like his stock answers (largely because I'm not a communist) is immaterial to the fact he ducks the questions in the first place.

Meanwhile, although SB5 is a state issue, I'd be very surprised if Brown DIDN'T have an opinion on it. It is, after all, just one of several comparable measures in several states. The man from whom Democrats largely seem to take their marching orders (Barack Obama) instead of "we, the people" has made clear HIS position on these measures, after all!


Come on, guys, leave brutus alone! We all know he's upset. After all, McDonald's HAS been granted a waiver from "Obamacare!"


Brown could be replaced by Dennis Kucinich and no one would know the difference.  Kucinich will answer any question too.


Hunter S. Thompson:

Sorry. While my comments still stand, the response was apparently mis-directed to you. Given what I'd said, there are some on these boards who would quite happily infer I meant something other than what I wrote. Add to that the fact it's very confusing when there's more than one "Sam" around, and not everyone types the full screen name when responding. I appreciate your setting the record straight.

My comments where brutus is concerned speak less of me joining up with such as goofus (though I don't have any issues with him) than they do about the fact I've been exposed to typical brutus insults, selective or perverted facts, and worse on pretty much every board in which we both show up. While I can't say that everyone put a lot of forethought into the McDonald's gag, there IS the old joke that goes something to the effect of, "How can you tell a liberal arts major? He's the guy that asks, 'Do you want fries with that?'"

Thanks again for clarifying. Carry on. :-)

brutus smith

 Gee sam a, could it be that all you do is repeat right wing talking points?

Hunter S. Thompson

sam adams,

let's call it even.  if you vote against SB5 in november, i'll vote against any future cap-and-trade measures...what do you think?

Erie County Resident

To Mr. Tom Jackson

Since the Brown Clown answers all your questions ask him one for me.

How come during the past years on many occassions when I've tried to contact HIM all I get is one of his office flunkies or a stupid form letter saying "I'm very concerned with this issue and interested in your point of view".

If he was so interested in my concerns and point of view how come he won't talk to me?

Is it because I'm not a good photo-op for his ongoing campaign? Is it because I'm not standing here with a $25,000 check in my hand for his campaign? Just what is the problem?

The same goes for Kaptur, SSDD.

So Tom please see what you can do for us unimportant people that are not from the media.

brutus smith

 ecr, you act like you are important. You hear from 1 right wingnut, you heard from them all. You all repeat the same right wingnut talking points doled out by your masters. (rush, glenn, fox).


What bfrutie really said is, from this one far left loon, you heard all the same babble from the MSNBC rants for loons and their audience of what, 10 nationwide. Pass out the drool bibs for the far left wackadoos......

brutus smith

 It seems to be a Repub trait to dodge questions. Watching Fox news Sunday Chris Wallace never got one answer to a question he asked from either Paul Ryan or tea bagger Marco Rubio. They sounded like taxpayer on here, replacing Liberal with Democrats.


Does this sound like a senator who is enjoying a huge lead over Drew Carey in the Polls. ROFLMAO

I swear this whole article was and is a joke!!!!

Join Durwood Brown and his fight against Hitler! 


With our agents being shot at and killed on our southern border and the Obama regime wishing to make illegals citizens. Coupled with the gross ineptitude of Homeland Security, they're too busy hiding documents from the FOIA people, Durwood Brown comes up with this while drugs pour into this country from Mexico and south america ROFLMAO at Durwood.


Finally hope for brutus, he watched FOX News.  I saw the same interview with Chris Wallace and both Congressman Ryan & Senator Rubio they both gave logical and straight forth answers.  Facts & logic tend to confuse left wingers......

brutus smith

 " Senator Rubio, if it comes down to you for the 51st vote on extending the budget will you vote yes or no to shut down the Government?" Rubio's reply, Democrats, Obama, Obama, Democrats. Yes or no Senator Rubio?


"Congressman Ryan, your proposal for Medicare will slash Medicare benefits in half, isn't this true?" Congressman Ryan's reply, Democrats, Obama, Obama, Democrats.


Yep, pretty logical to a right wingnut. 


bfruite, The dems still  control the Senate and White House with a veto, they had two years of total control to pass a budget that cut spending, what did they do, added a third to the federal debt and increased unemployment. They now want to blame others, I can understand you confusion, facts and logic once again not you best friend, left wing loons run amok......

brutus smith

 You must have me confused with someone else sam. I never said to reduce the debt during the 2nd Depression that the Reoubs caused. That's foolish unless you are talking about reducing the military budget or taking away the tax cuts for the rich.


Hunter S. Thompson:

If SB5 isn't improved, I almost certainly WILL vote against it. And if Cap and Trade remains as is, your opposition is appreciated not just by me, but by all who will suffer as a result (i.e. everyone). Deal!

We can always revisit our perspectives should there be material change in either of these things. I have my doubts that either will be improved, but hope springs eternal! Hence the re-election of politicians who break promises, but happily make more... <sigh>


Erie County Resident:


Mr. Jackson, add me to the list of citizens who has NEVER had a question answered in any other form than, well, a form letter. "Interested" and "will keep my views in mind," my a$$!

brutus smith


buckeye15 that like:     I need to take a Kasich? url is available!


As long as we are questioning ethics, why is it when anyone else in the area gets picked up for even speeding it is the newspaper but when someone from the news paper gets picked up for shop lifting it isnt even mentioned