BLOG: Living in Ohio, bracing for disaster

Tom Jackson
Mar 28, 2011


 If you don't have enough things to worry about, I may be able to help you out., a personal finance Web site, sent me a news release today of the "Top Ten States Most at Risk of Disaster."

I dutifully checked out the list. Hurricane-prone Louisiana is No. 1, my native state of Oklahoma is No. 6 (lots of tornadoes), California is No. 8 (seems a little low) and Ohio rounds out the list at No. 10.

"Great Lakes-effect snowstorms blanket northern Ohio regularly in winter, and spring tornadoes plague the central and southern parts of the Buckeye State. Hurricane Ike blasted the Ohio Valley in 2008," Kiplinger says. "The state also had more than 30 earthquakes between 2002 and 2007. Standard homeowners policies do not cover earthquake damage. If you are worried about earthquakes, we recommend you add an endorsement to your existing policy or buy a separate policy."

Ten seems like a suspiciously round number; maybe Ohio only was added to round out the list. The last time I checked, California was still waiting for a big earthquake.



One of the biggest faults out there is right under Lake Erie. Is it likely to  let go? No. But will it go eventually? Yes. When? Who knows? But geologically, it's overdue. And when and if it DOES let go, it's likely to be catastrophic. Of course, the New Madrid fault is also overdue (which will almost certainly affect Ohio to some extent, though far less than those states it actually touches), and it hasn't done anything in well over 100 years. I'm not losing any sleep. But I can't promise not to look into an earthquake rider! Hey, at least it'll probably be cheap since, statistically speaking, I'm probably perfectly safe during my lifetime. :-)

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How about financial and economic disaster?

Of the ten worst states in which to retire, Ohio has been rated as number five:


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 Region is losing population, so there won't be [that] many people left to rescue from "THEMSELVES..." The region's leaders area the scariest aspect of a disaster on the lake front... 

Woody Hayes

Ohio is already in the midst of disaster with the bafoon we have in the Govener's office.