Livestock cruelty opponents may appeal to the voters

Tom Jackson
Mar 2, 2011


Last year, the  Humane Society launched a ballot drive to force a statewide vote on livestock cruelty. It was called off at the last moment after Gov. Ted Strickland helped broker a compromise between farmers and animal rights activists.

The Humane Society is threatening to renew the ballot drive. Tuesday, the Livestock Care Standards Board voted to allow veal calves to be confined in crates until they are 10 weeks old, confining them so that they can't even turn around.  The Humane Society says that violates last June's compromise agreement.

There's some evidence that farmers should think twice about forcing a ballot fight. The Humane Society has brought ballot measures to a vote in three states and won each time: in Florida, Arizona and California.  

All of the measures passed by wide margins, with the margins getting bigger each time. The "Yes" vote was 55  percent in Florida (2002), 62 percent in Arizona (2006) and 63.5 percent in California (2008).











Mr Jackson is right on this one.  The veal producers tried to over reach on this, and deserve to get burnt by the Humane Society if they persist.  Strickland tried to make peace between these groups, but again greed gets in the way.  I give credit to the new director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture James Zerringer for standing up to the industry on this.

40 Hour Worker

Good!  I hope this finally does make its way to the voters.  It should have made its way to the voters in the first place.  I think people are finally getting fed up with the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals in this country.

Captain Gutz

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. – Gandhi


And what a great nation India (land of Ghandi) has turned out to be!


 I totally agree ..bring it to the voters ... Farmers need to be more responsible and humane!


The farmers of Ohio should be very careful about complying with the agreement of 2010.   Unfortunately, the whole point of raising veal calves is to restrict their motion so that they don't develop muscle tissue and therefore, their meat is more tender than that of mature cows.  Big operations in other states suspend the calves in harnesses off the ground until they are slaughtered.  It will probably be necessary for veal farmers to find another means of earning money from their farms, as veal farming will likely be forced out if it comes to a vote.  There are too many voters who won't stand for inhumane treatment of any animals.  If they are not careful, the hsus will begin to publicize the conditions on many farms concerning chickens, turkeys, hogs, etc.   If a campaign arises, the farmer will lose, the cost of food will skyrocket and the economy of Ohio will be badly damaged.

Just Thinkin

Come on lets remember we already have laws use them, We need no rules that are made from untruths and Bleeding Hearts, The farmer's are on the same page with you  We have good and bad same as all professions, What we need to do is level the International  playing field, What about your fish products coming in with God knows what's in the feed or sprays on the grains or all the toys with what all over them ,We can nit pick all day, But just look at the facts with your brain not some unfounded truths Our farmer's are just about at the limit with rules and regulations How many hoops do you want them to jump thru before our FOOD supply collapses because of regulations and unfounded laws. I for one demand fair treatment for all Gods creature's and I also understand life and death from the farm to the shelf may be harsh to some but that is what has become of todays urbanites they have lost touch and Bambi really is just a cartoon Sorry Just vote with an open mind and if you really care about farm livestock buy local then you can at least know where ,who ,and how your food was produced and have a bigger say in it, than letting out of state pot stirrers run your food budget out of reach ! BUY LOCAL when you can and demand our food from overseas is safe and fairly marketed


Let me be clear from the outset: I'm not a vegetarian, nor do I wish to be. I know where meat comes from, and I accept the facts of life—and death.

That being said, I don't believe for a moment that there's any necessity—or frankly any place—for cruelty. Animals should not only be slaughtered humanely, but RAISED humanely.

I know that there are already plenty of farmers out there who ensure that their cattle are well fed, that their pigs aren't inhumanely confined, and that their chickens aren't overcrowded. But for those few who DON'T care, as well as for those cases of outright abuse (we've all seen the hidden camera video tapes!), there's apparently a need for a law that includes punishments with real teeth in them. I think it's unfortunate that there IS a need. People shouldn't need a law just to behave decently! But there's all too often a pretty big gap between "shouldn't need" and reality!

Just Thinkin

WE have laws, We have checks and balances, Just like the Gun laws WE let our JUDGES ignore them and Then WE cry and whine WE need more LAWS, Wake up pass tougher rules on law enforcement and the Judges to do the job that they are allowed to do with the LAWS already on the BOOKS, NO! NO! NO ! Lets just  make more LAWS add more Judges what a circle of lame excuses WE as a Society have become. Nothing but a bunch of self serving whiner's and complainer's, remember ENFORCE what we have and put the PLEA agreements away Burn a few and the rest may shy away  from the heat if not apply the law to them ,Just use what we have and vote out the JUDGES who ignore the job before them ! enough Said  One last note Example just recently we had a shooting at a home and if the LAW would have been adhered to the PERP would have STILL been in lock up for the GUN CHARGE !!  3 years PERIOD Ya right LOL No lets pass more laws See what a futile excuse your demands for putting unfair rules on Farmer's .


If there are existing laws in place to address cruelty to farm animals, then I agree with those who suggest we enforce them rather than make still MORE laws that aren't enforced. But it was my understanding that there weren't any laws (beyond regular animal cruelty laws, used mostly in cases of companion animals) that applied to farms. Please advise if my understanding has been skewed by publicity favoring this new measure.

As an aside, I remain STRONGLY in favor of upping the seriousness of animal cruelty crimes to felony offenses... Where does THAT effort stand in Ohio?

40 Hour Worker

To Captain Gutz -  I think the moral progress of ALL nations in the world leaves a lot to be desired.  It's no wonder animals are treated with so little care and respect and used and abused at the whim of human society.

From the cruelty and abuse inflicted on companion animals to the livestock subjected to cruel and inhumane actions that take place on factory farms.  It's all disgusting and there is no excuse for these actions coming out of a supposed "intelligent" species.  Who really are the true animals of the world?


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