BLOG: A tough race for Sherrod Brown in 2012?

Tom Jackson
Jan 19, 2011


Politico, discussing the possibility that the Republican Party might take over the U.S. Senate in the 2012 election, says that with the retirement of Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., "North Dakota joins six other states that appear to be toss-ups at best for the Democrats — and the GOP needs to snag only four seats to win control."

One of the states that Politico tagged as tough for Democrats is Ohio, where Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown faces re-election after knocking off the incumbent Republican, Mike DeWine, in 2006.  

Ohio's new lieutenant governor, Mary Taylor, is considered the most likely Republican candidate, at least at this point. Taylor won't say that she's running, but she isn't working hard to discourage the talk, either.

The other states listed as tough races for Democrats are Virginia, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, and Florida. Of course, it's very early to be making such predictions.







Well, if we can get rid of him, Krazy Dennis, and the Pork Queen, it would be a great start to rebuilding this state

Kaptur isn't going anywhere, all we can hope is they redistrict Erie County out of her realm

Dennis is a gone. They will eliminate his district. Sutton is on the list also

Change the labor laws to make Ohio an RTW State, cure some tax issues, and a few other things, Ohio could be back on the way to being the economic powerhouse it once was



 I don't think that Senator Brown stands a chance in 2012.  He's hitched his wagon to the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda and he will have to run on that record.  While he'll get a great deal of support from the Cleveland area, I don't think it will be enough.


As for Congresswomen Kaptur and Sutton, their districts border one another.  I won't be shocked to see those two forced to run against  one another in a democratic primary, with only one getting to hold onto their seat. 


I for one would love to be back in the good old 5th district with Congressman Latta as my representative.




As I remember only a few years ago it was a Republican White House and a Republican controlled US Senate, a Republican controlled US House, a Republican Governor and Republican State House and State as stated by some her that must have been all we needed to see Ohio prosper and become that powerhouse of economics. Course that was not the case was it??? Ohio still lost jobs and companies and folks were still on unemployment benefits and host of other negatives.

Then we had the banking explosion of late 2008 and GWB just about took the entire banking system to a total meltdown based on those fantastic Republican banking policies and along with those much loved Republican lack of regulatory actions in the banking industry. Yep, Republicans sure had it under control so they thought but it was clear as 2009 started the entire banking industry in this country was near collapse and quite frankly GWB really did not have a clue what to do.

I don't think Democrats have all the answers and they certainly don't have all the faults either. Before folks start dreaming that Republicans are the only way to lead us to paradise you better get the rose colored glasses off and realize Republicans are not Gods Gift to America and they are not ready to lead us to the promised land. Tacks both parties in cooperation but no one controls it all.




I don't trust the RINO's to get it done. What we need people who will actually worry about what is happening to this state and not the next election cycle. Tough to find, but there are a few out there

You hear it all the time about building building in the South. RTW laws and a friendly tax structure are what is bringing them down there. And the Democrats aren't going to shoot themselves in the wallet by even considering RTW or cutting the amount of union government workers here. Without a fundamental change in the amount of tax dollars expended on employees, pensions, etc the tax rates cannot be reduced. We have to reduce the amount of free money the state gives away to people who do not contribute to the state also

Economic Impact of Boeing on Charleston and SC


Based on estimates from Boeing, there will be an additional 3,800 new jobs created at the new Boeing Dreamliner operations. However, in addition to these direct employees, there will be another 11,478 jobs supported by the indirect and induced effects for a total of 15,278 permanent jobs supported in the Charleston and surrounding area as a result of the Boeing Dreamliner operations.


What would happen to the state if a plant could bring 15,278 jobs to Ohio? Granted they won't be the wages of old, but right now a wage is a wage.

Standing back and saying "we don't want these jobs since they don't pay "x" dollars an hour" is insane. Look at all the people who applied for the custodian job at Perry Schools a while back.

People need jobs period. And continuing the way things have always been in this state isn't changing the situation


Georgia's new KIA plant:




* West Point, Ga., plant is Kia's first in United States

* Assembly plant designed to produce two vehicles.

* Kia is owned by Hyundai Motor Co.

* Georgia Tech study predicts Kia plant will help produce 20,000 jobs in nine-county region by 2012.

Work force

* Plant is to employ 2,500

* 43,000 filed online job applications in early 2008

* State built 70,000-square-foot adjacent training center


* At 2,500 jobs, Kia will receive $65.6 million in job tax credits over five years

* $130 million in property tax abatements

* $21 million in infrastructure improvements

* $13.9 million estimated sales tax exemptions available on capital expenditures

Source: State of Georgia



6079 Smith W

Sherrod is believed to be a variation of the name Sheridan, which means "seeker" or "searcher." 

In 2013, hopefully former Sen. Brown will have lots of time to devote to his namesake.



It seems that the BMW plant in South Carolina is doubling it's work force, it can't keep up the demand for their SUV and crossovers in China. Yes the same china Durwood Brown loves to slap embargo's on to protect his union cronies. AKA tires. To protect 12 temporary workers in Findlay Ohio, Durwood put an embargo on chinese tires, great way to win brownie points with the chinese Durwood.

brutus smith

 Gee, what a surprise our resident right wingnuts have such short memories. We had Repub control in the State of Ohio for 16 of the past 20 years. And we lost how many jobs? Selective memory, a right wingnut disease.


So what are your suggestions to fix this state Brutus? Be honest



Anyone who doesn't blame Republicans for various and sundry economic woes is, indeed, a rightwingnut. The culpability is clear. And anyone who doesn't blame Democrats for doing the same and worse is a leftwingnut. Neither party has a particularly impressive track record where the economy (and jobs and budgets) are concerned.

At the moment, the GOP seems to have the upper hand because it finally seems to be listening and doing some of the right things accordingly (the keyword here being "seems"). But if I were ever to agree with you on anything, it would be with this: The Republicans here have definitely got something to prove since past history doesn't make them look a whole heck of a lot better than the alternatives.

NOTE: Republicans are a lot better where some things are concerned, and honestly worse in others. I'm talking solely about the economy right now.