BLOG: Is the next Browns coach from Sandusky?

Tom Jackson
Jan 4, 2011


One of the possible replacements for the just-fired Eric Mangini is Jon Gruden, who was born in Sandusky and grew up here, according to several press reports. (His ESPN  bio is here.) Although he is now a commentator on ESPN, he was a successful NFL coach (Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl in 2002 under his guidance). This story, which says he grew up a Browns fan, is typical of the speculation swirling around him.




I keep hearing that too. So we will see. I think he would be good for them and am hoping!

My thoughts

We want Chuckie!


 I didn't know that Bill Cowher was from Sandusky. Sorry, wishful thinking. My bad?


Doesn't Gruden still have a number of years left on his ESPN contract?  Personally, don't see Gruden or Cowher going anywhere but where they are for now.


 I don't see Cower or Gruden coaching the Browns. Especially Cower. That would be like Tressel going to the state up north.