BLOG: Rock Hall, No! Yes, Yes!

Tom Jackson
Jan 4, 2011


The good guys often lose, but sometimes they get a few good licks in first. I felt very surprised, but glowed with gratitude, to read a long op-ed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by John Covach that tears into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for omitting Yes from the hall's Pantheon.

It's easy to poke fun at Yes' lyrics. I never figured out what a khatru is, much less a "Siberian Khatru." But judging from the thrilling song, the khatru from Siberia seems like one of the better ones. 

Progressive rock was a huge musical movement, particularly in the 1970s. Some of those bands probably deserve to be forgotten -- I'm not manning the barricades to defend Starcastle or Styx -- but Yes seems to me the best of the bunch. Songs like "Roundabout" and "Heart of the Sunrise" (particularly the live versions from the "Yessongs" live album) hold up much better than many other 1970s rock songs.

Bonus link: Michael Norman of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has an amusingly snide list of 25 rock acts snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He leaves out Yes and forgets Roxy Music, too, (an influential band, with a New Wave/alternative sound way ahead of anyone else) but lists several of my favorites, such as the Cars, Cheap Trick, and blues guitar god Stevie Ray Vaughn, who is arguably the most egregious oversight of all.




6079 Smith W
@ Mr. Jackson:   Don’t really give a armadillo’s rear end about the R&RHOF. R&R don’t belong in a museum.   Never been there and probably never will be but…   With you being an Okie, don’t you find it a bit peculiar that Waylon ain’t in but Bob Wills and The Rolling Stones are?   Heck the Stones liked Waylon and Waylon liked Bob Wills – oughta count for sumpthin’ don’t you think?   A bring a smile to your face video:



I am still kinda bummed about Rush. But alas, they won't get in

As far as the video link, Ronnie plays a heck of a steel!

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What you talkin bout willis?  Yes didn’t make it?  Fragile and Close to the Edge are CLASSIC!  The Moody Blues deserve it also!    


It seems that the opposition to Yes stems from forces far removed from Cleveland, namely Jann Wenner et al.  Wenner is the founder of Rolling Stone magazine and has been identified as the major "no-man" where Yes and the HOF are concerned.  One of his acolytes, Dave Marsh, is part of the selection process as well and has not been kind to Yes either.  Marsh is closer to my musical tastes than is Wenner, but both appear to be enamored with more lyrical based artists like Bob Dylan, for example.  I've also read that they consider prog too distant from the blues from which, they assert, stem the roots of rock music. 


Yes?  Really, people are upset about Yes not getting in?  Maybe they should take a deeper look at some of the bands that have not gotten in yet before they complain about Yes.


There will be no justice until the Archies and Ohio Players get in!!!!

Raoul Duke

Rock n Roll has been going down hill ever since Buddy Holly died.


Dude Abides says "Rock n Roll has been going down hill ever since Buddy Holly died." That was such a sad day when buddy died. Who knows what music and songs would have been if only had buddy lived. Many of the old songs are being redone and replayed by various artists. Just recently the history channel commercial  has been playing a song by buddy as a type of christmas song. The song was called Everyday.   I have grown to love music that was written long after buddy died. Dude Abides says "Rock n Roll has been going down hill ever since Buddy Holly died." That music from the 1950s was great, wasn't it. My opinion is that Rock and Roll died when rap crap took over. Rap crap is not music, it is noise pollution. Garbage.

Captain Gutz

The reason Yes is not in the Hall is because of that awful Relayer album.

cha cha cha, cha cha.