BLOG: Don't forget your dog or cat this Christmas

Tom Jackson
Dec 7, 2010


Fido and Fluffy need Christmas gifts this year, too, particularly if you care about helping homeless animals.

The Erie County Humane Society is back this year with its Christmas stocking program. For $18, the pet owner gets a stocking stuffed with toys and treats. I've gotten stockings in past years for our cat, Coco, and I can guarantee the stockings are full. The person at the Humane Society taking your order will ask about your pet's size and preferences.

To order one, call the shelter at 419-626-6220. Stockings are available for pickup at the shelter Dec. 14-24. The shelter is located at 1911 Superior St. Stockings can be shipped out of state.

The local Humane Society doesn't get any tax funds from the government, so fundraising efforts such as the stockings are what keeps it in business to help animals.



Kottage Kat

I will be ordering 2 for the "kids" they love it when Santa Claws brings them goodies.  Obviously they are kats.

Just ordered mine, they are custom built for your pet, what a neat concept. Please support the Humane Society, and wishing all a Merry Catmess.





How about selling some information about animals to people that really need it (i.e., almost everyone).  Cats cannot fend for themselves or live off the land.  Birds and mice do not make for a sustainable diet.  Dogs should not be kept outside on a chain all the time, especially in very hot or very cold weather. All animals need fresh water a few times a day. Garbage like rancid hams and turkey carcasses should not be thrown outside for animals to get ahold of and choke on.  Chicken bones are not okay for animals to eat either.  Kittens and puppies are not toys for your kids.  Kids can accidentally squeeze a kitten to death very easily.  Responsible pet ownership and other considerate actions regarding animals is sorely needed.

Kottage Kat

Two of my cats were rescued from extreme conditions, and they were a mess when I got them. They are now healthy and happy and waiting for Santa Claws. Resonsible pet ownership is just a given. Please remember that animals are not "throw aways" they are living beings and should be treated as such.

I was amazed at the questions they asked when ordering my "stockings", and knowing they are custom made for the "kids" will be so nice.



Another way to help the Humane Society is to donate to them or attend their annual fundraiser.  It is this Friday (12/10/10) at Lyman Harbor from 6-9pm.  It is so much fun and for such a good cause!



All of my "babies" are rescues, too. Some were in worse shape than others, but none would have survived on their own. As far as I'm concerned, abandoning or abusing an animal should be a FELONY offense (especially when you consider the number of lowlives who move upward and onward to abusing children).

The local Humane Society is well worth supporting. I know I do! Whether it's via adoption, garage sale purchases, or whatever, it's an exellent cause. They do a difficult job, but a worthy one.

For those who don't have the $18 to spend on a stocking, consider a smaller donation. The shelter also often requests donations of old towels and the like (check to see what they need right now). For those who can't do even that much this year (and I'm not blaming you—it's tough out there right now!) you can donate food to shelter animals every day at no charge to you by visiting The Animal Rescue site at:

Kottage Kat

One of my "babies"{ was abused by an 80yr old lady, and this is the second one she had abused, her granddaughter is a Vet (not Locally).  She has been hard to socialize d/t being shut in a bathroom for a long time, and she still sleeps in my bathroom often. I would love to have a cattery, where they could be rescued and live out their lives with love. Short of winning the lottery that is not going to happen, so many people hate cats, and for the life of me I cannot understand why, you can train them, I have 2 that sit on command, and I have 2 that when I tell them to use the "loo" they doo.  They are wonderful company, as I just broke up a cat fight, lol. Coming home at night and knowing that they are there and  I am not alone is so nice. Please if you are thinking about an animal, rescue, they will be grateful and give you unconditional love.

Bless you for caring, and meow meow meow meow is from the kids

Missy Lou, Marvin Gaye, Mora Lucille, and Malachi Levi.