BLOG: News from the Register bureau in South Korea

Tom Jackson
Nov 24, 2010


(My son, Richard Jackson, teaches English in Andong, South Korea. When news broke about North Korea's latest military provocation, I asked him if people in South Korea are worried about what's going to happen next. His reply:)

The expats (but not me) are upset and concerned, but mostly expats into their first year. Old hands, like Susan, Casey (my friend) and myself are like 'business as usual. If you recall, North Korea sank a South Korean ship a few months ago and 46 sailors died. I think 2 marines died yesterday. What makes this incident unique is that they attacked civilians.
As for the Koreans I work with, nobody has brought it up or acted concerned. It's like the Julius Caesar maxim: I can die only once, but to worry about it is to die over and over again.  This is home, so the S. Koreans can't stress over it all the time. The government is of course concerned, but it's their job to worry.

I can explain to you why I'm not concerned. It's all about the money!  North and South Korea have numerous joint business ventures. The South sells and gives a lot of aid to the North every year. A full scale attack would dry that up. What the North is angry about is that the current conservative South Korean government is reducing that aid.
Again money reasons. China and Russia are major trading partners with SOUTH Korea. If North Korea attacks and disrupts that, what do you think is going to win the day? Communist solidarity or the almighty dollar? China is the world's second largest economy. I think we know the answer to that question. If North Korea cost them that much business,  Chinese troops would pour over the Yalu and install their own puppet government. 

Back in the 1950s, it was two impoverished countries fighting. Now it's one impoverished country and one really rich country.



S. Korea acts like a child pushing their boundaries to see how far they can go before getting spanked. China will most likely pull in the reigns because it’s not in their best economic interest to let the two Koreas resume the war. But, somebody needs to put Kim over their knee.

I have to wonder how long it will be before war well be reignited in Korea.  You must remember that war has never ended just nothing more than an armistice.  Unfortunately most of the American people have been desensitized by this administration when it comes to the facts and situations that is going one in the world.  There is and will continue to be a dislike between  North Korea, South Korea, China, Russia and  Japan. There has to be a stop put to our support to these countries that are not cooperating  with the United States.  It is my opinion that the world is looking at the United States and having less and less respect as time goes on.  There is only one way to regain the respect of the world and that is the stand up and let world know exactly where we stand and what we  are  going to do to stop these rogue nations from the actions that are disrupting our monetary values and our relationships. Contrary to popular believes  the United States does control the economy of the world the way of the United States witch dictates the outcome of the world In their financial and economic status.  I have had an issue for many years with giving money to countries that have disasters when they are not our friends and in most cases charity we give them is sidetracked by the government's.  I find it incredibly stupid to send charity two countries that do not treat us with the same respect. I find it interesting how many countries send heip to the United States when a major disaster takes place in the United States.

brutus smith

Newsflash sing sing, being the world's policeman is bankrupting our country. And thanks to the Conservatives China is the Big Dog on the block now. Yeah, keep sending our jobs and technology over there you so wonderful Corporations. You have the full backing of the Repubs. And they will even give you more tax breaks than you already have. 


brfutus smith

I am sure that I am wasting my time but I'm going to attempt to enlighten you. First of all the United States is the second largest country in the world to tax big business.   second of all our unions make it so expensive to maintain a large profitable business In the United States that is a reason some companies are moving overseas. Third this administration is antibusiness and anitmerican and  socialistic by nature.  I realize that I have said more than you will understand. One of the largest problems we have in this country Is that the voters  vote party not by candidate if people like you would watch and understand what the platforms are and what the candidates motivations are  Then we would have a much more intelligent voter population in the United States. I have come to an honest conclusion that you are probably the most ignorant individual that has written comments  in my life.  If you would just pick up the constitution and read it and try and understand it you will find out that this administration has violated the constitution and is going to continue to do so as long as indevigals  like yourself go to the polling booth. 


Kottage Kat

Clinton sold us out to the Chinese, not to mention NAFTA. 


bs, you must feel truly honored to be enlightened by an indevigal such as greggsing


Thanx Richard.

Keep us posted.


Did a google on indevigals.

Houston we have a picture!!!



Oy Kimo! You dirty old man from Gypsum. What do you look at on the internet? Men dressed up as women?  Shame on you kimo!  : )


Yo Sal.

Did another google, on indevigals.................

Must be a Korean word?????

Sorry Richard, the devil has a hold on me..........


And again, thanx for the post.


Oy Kimo!  Too much wine or beer?   : ) 

Marine Sgt.

 I got called back to duty early and have been ordered to Korea. It doesn`t look good.  I want to thank you for your support of the troups and all the prayers.It really means a lot.




Greggsing, Please enlighten us some more and cite specific examples of where the current administration has “violated” the constitution. Feel free to point out specific articles or amendments within the constitution.


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