BLOG: Time to defend Obama

Tom Jackson
Nov 19, 2010

I'm hardly an uncritical admirer of President Obama. But when he does something right, it seems only fair to defend him.

If you follow the news, you know by now that a suspected terrorist named Ahmed Ghailani was acquitted of most of the charges against him. The jury convicted him on one charge and may still serve a very long prison sentence.

The received wisdom from the daily papers claims the outcome as  "a setback for advocates of civilian trials," as this Washington Post piece puts it. Predictably, the Wall Street Journal calls  the outcome of the trial a "fiasco."

Perhaps the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal lament the fact that we haven't become a nation of kangaroo courts. Perhaps they prefer the court system of countries such as North Korea, where the observer may confidently predict the outcome of a show trial by knowing the preferences of the Dear Leader. It seems to me that a fair court system that protects the rights of the accused can be a point of pride for all Americans.



brutus smith

 What have you EVER done winnie other than insult people and be the butt end of Chung Lee's jokes?

6079 Smith W
"I… turn down my intelligence level when I post on here." (brutus smith, July 3, 2010)   Kinda says it all doesn’t it?
brutus smith

 Oh I forgot about you going to the airport to watch old ladies getting "patted down".

6079 Smith W


"No need to call names and insult.” (brutus smith, Nov. 8, 2010)


brutus smith

 Just repeating what you said.


Gee kURT, I really can't fathom what my DD214 has to do with anything, it is not germaine to the dicussion whatsoever. However in my daily ritual of my life, I really don't reflect on how the rest of the world will judge my decision. If I choose to have a shot of Blanton's Bourbon with my Cuesta Rey cigar, I don't think about Joe Slovnak in Bulgaria. If you must know about my service record, I was a wizzo in an F-4 Phantom with George Bush as my pilot in the Texas National Guard!


Tom Jackson, you are screwed up for writing this article.  Terrorists do not deserve rights.  And what these papers were outraged over is that this is should be a military trial for an individual who wishes to attack this country, not a common civil trial.

I can't believe Brutus still posts to these blogs.  Brutus never says anything intelligent, doesn't support an argument, and always give up by insulting other people. 

I guess that's just a part of what makes him a good liberal.  When your ideas are unsupported, insult your detractors and distract people from actual issues.


brutus smith

 Far right wingnut, not middle right. Hi! Feeling bad about yourself today?

6079 Smith W

“Double naught spy” writes: 

“Far right wingnut, not middle right. Hi! Feeling bad about yourself today?”

“I can't take anything he dishes out.” (brutus smith, Nov. 21, 2010)

Keep 'em comin'! LOL

brutus smith

 Hahahahaaahahha! Caught ya! Now you are admitting using different screen names. Gotcha winnie! ROFLMAO! That was easy. Take that hook out. LOL!


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6079 Smith W
@ "Double naught":   Different user names? Nope - wrong as usual.   "He" is a pronoun used as a general reference. Didn't they cover that in Double Naught School Jethro?

Winnie, go home and gargle with old razor blades.

6079 Smith W
@ GWP (Grumpy White Person):   

"Feeling bad about yourself today?” (brutus smith, Nov. 24, 2010)


Are all you unemployed CRYBABIES giving thanks for food stamps and the Victory Kitchen? Stop whining that there's only one job for every 100 unemployed -- you're just NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH. No unemployment for you! Ha! Ha!

Want more? I'm giving thanks because we will soon eliminate taxes for the rich and maybe we'll spill more crumbs for you common saps to pick up. Of course, there will be a "consumption tax" on that. Ha! Ha!


@ winnie Smith 6079

Okay here is are a few items.

Remember Sitterly & his petion regarding certain taxes in Huron County?

A few of us collected signatures for him & attempted to attend commmisioners meetings, only to be told it was their right to hold executive priveledge if they deem it proper.

Got Terry Boose to publicly acknowledge he took farm handouts ($$).

How about the airport & commisioners?

Got things rolling there.

Don't forget  your post about the old foundry in Norwalk.; we were involved with the meeting & the Mayor @ the library.

A few local companies were interested in the location for development.

You do nothing but blow ...............

Some serve & do charitable work also you grandstander.

Be grateful you were born in America.


6079 Smith W
@ kURT:   Feeling a bit insecure are we? It’s potentially a condition stemming from your alcoholism.   Unlike you, I have no desire to be co-dependent and spout off my civic contributions in a pathetic attempt to seek your approval.    

Be grateful for your next beer.