BLOG: Hot ballot initiatives to watch

Tom Jackson
Nov 1, 2010


While most of the news coverage on Tuesday's election has naturally concentrated on the candidates and speculation of a Republican comeback, there are many interesting ballot initiatives to be decided tomorrow.

A post on the Cato Institute's Cato@Liberty blog lists some of them, including California's initiative to legalize marijuana, a measure to impose an income tax in the state of Washington and an attempt the chop the sales tax in Masschusetts. The pot initiative in particular could be the beginning of the end for the "War on Drugs" if it actually passed and is likely to be closely watched by both sides. 


6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Jackson:

I recall that your spouse strongly supported Mr. Obama; has she become at all disillusioned?


CA Prop. 19: If it passes, it should be interesting to see how the Feds react.

Regardless, medical maryjane has long been been de facto legalization.

Kinda like ordering the shuttering of Limewire - 10 yrs. too late.  The Govt. tends to come late to the fire. They might as well have outlawed 8-Track recorders.  




correction sir.. obama said he had done things "that MOST people don't even know about yet".. you are quoting from the daily show with jon stewart...

stewart was caught off guard by that statement and then said something like uh what are u planning a big surprise party for us all with jobs and something etc etc

6079 Smith W


@ illuminoctis:   Nope! I copied it off a transcript of the DS:   “We have done things that some folks don’t even know about,” (Barack Obama, Oct. 27, 2010)   Regardless, the point of the quote was: Isn't this guy supposed to be a great speaker and communicator? He's on the TV almost every day for gawd sakes.    Face it, his message is old and stale and voters are suffering from "product fatigue." Hype only gets ya so far.  

Ya wouldn’t have had a disaster like Carter without a Nixon; and we wouldn’t have gotten a second stringer like Obama without a Bush. Game over.