BLOG: Update: Beast has been found

Tom Jackson
Oct 19, 2010


UPDATE: Beast has been found in a nearby shed, hungry but otherwise fine. 

ORIGINAL BLOG: Peggi Sue Hoyt, a Huron resident who is active in rescuing cats, hopes a kind-hearted reader will rescue her from her current predicament.

Beast, a much-loved family pet, became spooked when a family visited to look at another cat, and suddenly ran away.

Beast has never been outside, and probably is very frightened, Hoyt told me.

"We searched for hours, through the patch of forest, then into the farmland. We live on Berlin Road in Huron, and he was last seen running toward River Road," she said.






He is a beautiful cat. I hope you find him.

first of duh month

 Best of luck...really hope he comes home or a decent human being rescues him!!!    :(

p.s.....Leave a bowl of food outside near the door!!!


This is GREAT NEWS! Glad to hear it. This is a bad time of year for a black cat to be wandering around loose, being that it is halloween. Some people are cruel.

Stay by your human kitty!

Kottage Kat

I am so glad that Beast has ben found and unharmed. Have inside cats, 3 years ago one got out and was killed. I know the anxious moments one can spend when a cherished kitty is lost.

I love happy endings.