BLOG: Mea culpa, Mr. Redfern!

Tom Jackson
Oct 11, 2010


If you're one of the apparently few people who haven't heard, I wrote a story last week in which I called Chris Redfern the "chairman of the Ohio Republican Party."

Of course, he is the chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, as I well know. It's just one of those typos. I missed it when I read the story before handing it in, and at least two editors missed it before it appeared in print.

I apologize to Mr. Redfern, who probably would be happier if I had identified him as the chairman of nearly any other political party. 

Just to be clear, Chris Redfern is the chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party. He's held that job since December 2005


brutus smith

 Freudian slip.

digger nick

He just wishes he could measure up to the high standard of your quote. He's fast on his way to being the new Mayor of "Loserville" Broke, potty mouth, and without any respect.