BLOG: GOP senator hopes to get women to turn against Republican Party by Nov. 2

Tom Jackson
Oct 12, 2010


U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., one of the darlings of the Tea Party movement, gave a speech at a Baptist church in South Carolina Friday and offered advice on who ought to be allowed to teach in public  schools.

"DeMint said if someone is openly homosexual, they shouldn't be teaching in the classroom and he holds the same position on an unmarried woman who's sleeping with her boyfriend — she shouldn't be in the classroom," according to an article in the Spartanburg Herald Journal.

Isn't it interesting that DeMint has singled out women for his sexual code of conduct, but doesn't want to apply it to heterosexual men? It's just a coincidence that he's a man, of course.

According to the newspaper's account, DeMint also complained that when he previously suggested banning gays and single women from the classroom, "No one came to my defense." 




The MAN has VALUES!! I agree with him, maybe not so much the couple living together unmarried,for many that is the preferred and to many the best option.

but "OPENLY" gay teacher i have no use for teaching my child. "OPENLY" gays in this country have a 100% agenda to push there lifestyle on everyone else and to make everyone accept and like it attitude.. Sorry Jack or (jill). I do not think kids should be subject to the "forced acceptence" whether based on religon, or home life teachings, The word OPENLY creeps me and i am sure many others out. Kids are subject to enough accepting and to be respectful in life, than to have it grade based. He's got my vote.

My thoughts

The word "openly" creeps me out too. Openly Christian, openly Democrat, openly Republican. They all scare me. Hey Trucker, unless you live in SC you get no vote.


Hey trucker, you are correct, this man has values.  But, he is in SC and we are in liberal Ohio.  So WHO should teach in our schools?  How about liberal female teachers that prowl around for their next victim.  You know, like the fox guarding the hen house.  How about showing Al Gore's movie and having the TAXPAYERS pay for yet another liberal piece of proven false trash to poison our children?  No?  How about raising school taxes with NO results?  You know the accepted premise of more money for more FAILURE.  Not some improvement, not a little improvement, not any improvement, just more FAILURE.  As long as the PEOPLE keep paying "protection" to the teacher's UNION, just bend over and take it.  It is the American way.  Sen. DeMint has a lot of values and he is not AFRAID to tell you.  He is a leader.  What do we have?  Sen. Sherrod Brown (D), or our own inept Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D), Rep. Marcia Fudge (D), Rep. Betty Sutton (D) and Rep. Charlie Wilson (D).  Now WHAT do all these pillars of representation have in common?  How about that letter they wrote to the president begging their own democrack leader to build a runway?  Guess what?  He is not going to fund anything.  0bama will spend on what he wants, NOT what a few two bit legislators want.  Ha! Ha!  This PROVES the democracks are falling apart.  So WHY didn't those tornado VICTIMS receive help or low interest loans from uncle 0bama to get them back on their feet?  Oops!  You liberals forget about that?  You know, where SEVEN lives were lost during that tornado in Wood county.  Oh, we need a runway at Plum Brook, but only give excrement to all those taxpaying people who were instantly homeless.  If we can give BILLIONS to hamas, palastine, afghanistan, pakistan and india, surely we have a few cents to give to the people that PAY their TAXES.  I guess that is called spreading the wealth around? 


That is true the south carolina thing, but even so.. ask yourself.. Why do we even have an article on this SC election?

I believe it is to get people in our area upset with the Republicans.. Gay haters and such. It's not like a hate thing but more of like i previously wrote. Sorry mosty dem population. The silent majority has awaken.. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. No more politically correct business. I for one have had it! as many have.

Massengill Wins...

Silent majority?  Trucker I think you are a member of the ignorant and vocal minority!


We-uns got Demint, you-uns got "UFO" Kucinich.

brutus smith

 Real women would not vote Republican.


Teachers have no business being "openly" ANYthing, at least not when "openness" can be interpreted as offering up an influence on young impressionable minds in the classroom.

Teachers who are "openly" Christian want to teach "creationism" alongside legitimate science. Teachers who are "openly" Democrat (or even Socialist or Communist these days) want to teach collectivism instead of straight Economics that shows just how well such "wealth sharing" policies DON'T work. Teachers who are "openly" atheist want to scrub all mention of religion or god(s) from history lessons despite the patently obvious influence those things had on the history they're supposed to teach. Teachers who are "openly" anti-gun want students to report their gun-owning parents. And yes, some "openly" homosexual teachers are publicly (and in the classroom) effectively teaching a subject that's inappropriate in schools.

When I was in high school, a teacher (and one of my coaches) was a lesbian who apparently enjoyed a certain amount of gay porn. She was an excellent teacher (English, Literature) not least because I never had a clue she was gay until I found out years later. She actually taught English, not an agenda, and public speaking, not activism.

DeMint is, I think, a little harsh on the private lives of teachers (co-habitating, for example). As long as the students don't know, how can he suggest it influences them for good or for ill? But his GENERAL notions really aren't as out of line as some here are trying to make it sound.

Somewhat off the subject, but to Brutus' point: You don't know me, but I've never lied to you here (including the times I've agreed with you), so you can trust me when I say that I'll be voting for at least SOME Republicans in November, and you had better believe I'm just about as "real" as a woman gets!

6079 Smith W


The Socratic method of teaching is thousands of years old and with the advent of computers has become largely archaic, highly inefficient and very expensive to maintain.   B.F. Skinner created the concept of what he called “teaching machines” which allowed students to comfortably learn at their own pace.   Their purpose was to help take personal human prejudices and preferences out of learning.   Skinner lived long enough to see computers and he declared that they were what he was talking about.  

In the 21st Century, teachers should largely become aides for helping student to understand the material presented while keeping their personal political and social viewpoints secondary to student learning.


brutus smith

 sam a, out of curiosity, how do you teach being gay? 

6079 Smith W

@ bs:

 Why are you afraid to say where you live?