BLOG: The Democrats strike back

Tom Jackson
Sep 30, 2010


The news has been filled in recent weeks with reports of polls showing big Republican leads in key races, across the country and also in Ohio. I posted about this a couple of weeks ago.

Polls for the Ted Strickland-John Kasich race for governor have become essentially even. For example, a CBS/New York Times poll shows Kasich ahead by only one percentage point. 

Local Democrats at a Wednesday campaign event at Diana's Deli in Perkins Township told me that efforts have been stepped up to get the attention of their partisans.

Lynda Mobley, president of the North Coast Labor Council, said her people have been manning phone banks and will be visiting voters personally.

"We can only go to labor households. People are very receptive," she said.

Bob Warner, an official with the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades and a former Sandusky City Commissioner, said it's natural that people trying to make a living haven't tuned in to the election until recently.

"People weren't really paying attention until Labor Day," he said. "People have a life."

He said the union is trying to educate members that they can use absentee ballots.




Dude, consider the source, two bastions of liberalism. There are more people unemployed than are union members. Just don't start getting that  CNN Mathews tingle.


Mainstream America is waking up to the reality of the Republican promise. 

Maintaining tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 % in an era of the greatest disparity between rich and poor.

Vowing to take any progress on reforming health care backwards.

Keeping alive division among Americans by denying the rights of gay and lesbian citizens.

Limiting a woman's right to make medical decisions about her body.

The Republican party dragged its feet on extending unemployment benefits, but are focused on extending tax cuts for the rich.  Why would any working man or woman vote a Republican?



Because they have a brain and values.


No poor man ever gave me a job.


Geez, the last Rasmussen Poll taken yesterday according to real clear politics has Kaisich up by 8% up from 7% two weeks ago.

Pastor Ron

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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained obscenity. Discussion Guidelines

Pastor Ron

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For shame Pastor Ron. Where is your church? Do you take all of the offerings on Sundays and throw it up into the air and tell the Supreme Being to take HIS share and what falls to the ground goes into your pockets?


I worked for a lot of "poor people".

One thing about working for the average guy, they pay their bills.

In my years in business, the only people that stiffed me were "rich people".

I'll take "poor people" any day, better "Class" of people.............


The Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut actually said she wondered if the minimum wage laws don't place too big a burden on businesses.

Talk about class warfare.

They really want to drive the middle class down to a third world standard of living.


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Oh my gosh, I really didn't know that ceo's of major companies as well as business owners live out at Crossroads

6079 Smith W


@ reader:   Minimum wage laws can force employers to pay workers more than some are worth.   It’s all about labor productivity.     Govt. interference in the labor market is the major cause of unemployment.   -----------     @ Kimo:   “Rich people” stiffed you? No. Losers with the appearance of wealth "stiffed" you. There’s dead beats in all socio-economic classes.   Maybe you just did a lousy job?    


Massengill Wins...

Sounds like my dark side believes people should work and not be provided a living wage?  It is bad enough that many jobs have dropped the benefits..... now some think people should be paid less than it takes to live.  One must wonder if he prefers the return of the identured worker, slavery, or just plain colonialism.  These conservatives sure are showing their true colors.

Mr. D

Here's how it works...Big Business, CEOs, rich repubican Bush taxbreak buddies, eliminate jobs (other than their own) , lower wages (other than their own), and eliminate health insurance and other benefits (other that their own) so they can make a "bigger profit" for them selves....Then recieve the huge Bush buddy taxbreak to "create jobs", which never get created, Talk about double dippin, pocket the" blood money", then get a tax break on it, and pocket the tax braek money they were supposed to create jobs with....I call it "Iotting", kind of like Iott did to his workers....Folks, think long and hard about who you vote for.....

brutus smith

 Repubs are getting scared, the people are starting to see the midget behind the curtain. Their motto: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss".


BS, repubs are getting scared? Are you out of your mind? The CBS poll is the only poll in the country that shows a glimmer of hope for the Dems.  Nearly every poll out there shows a pretty significant margin of victory for repubs in Nov and in most races the gap is getting wider.  What I really think is funny is that my parents who were life long Dems, and union members (UAW), are doing early voting and are voting a straight republican ticket for the first time in their lives. My wife, also a union member (UAW), voting straight repub. My sister, another UAW member, voting straight repub, she also has been a lifelong Dem.  I hate to break it to you BS, the Dems really are in serious trouble.  In Nov when you finally pull your head out of your backside you will figure it out.


reader: Wanna know how any "working man or woman" could vote for a Republican? Because it's the "rich" (I use the term loosely -- Dems consider an awful lot of people "rich" who aren't) who CREATE jobs, who HIRE people, who FORM companies, who contribute immeasurably to the economy. Sure, some are greedy, but THEIR profit is all too often their company's profits and thus their employees' profits. Do most of us make as much money as those "fat cats?" Nope. But would we make less without them? Look around and the "YES" is pretty obvious.


SamAdams...... It's middle class spending that creates jobs.   If the rich get richer and the middle class is driven down to a subsistence standard of living, what jobs will the rich create to make products or services no one has the money to consume ?

The Republican plan to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 % of taxpayers will only make the fat cats fatter.


Mr. D

Sam....Its pretty obvious, you can't make much less than minimum wage

brutus smith

 Since Bush "fattened" up all the rich people, where are the jobs? Where are the jobs?

6079 Smith W


@ Mr. D   Yea the Dems are all poor. LOL.   Just ask Warren Buffett, Geo. Soros, Jim Cramer, the Kennedys, the Kerrys, the Obamas, the Pelosis, the Reids, the Gores, the Edwards, etc, etc.   Why are public pension plans like CALpers, CALsters and others investing hundreds of billions of dollars outside the U.S. helping to fund foreign cos.?   Why is it any of the govt.'s business what I charge for my labor? Isn’t that between my employer and me?  

The socialists practice economic slight-of-hand and the financial ignorant "ooh and ah" while thinking that it’s real magic.

The mid-term elections are typically a referendum on the President. The independent voter is through with Mr. Hopie-Changie and independent voters tend to determine the outcome of elections.

  If it makes ya feel better, keep grasping at political straws  - the Dems are out in Nov.


Massengill Wins...

It appears that there are those like Winston who believe that the rich should own the poor.  Upton Sinclair wrote a book called The Jungle about the meat packing industry in the early 1900's.  The book led to the reform and creation of minimum wages, workplace safety, and restricted child employment.  It sounds like those like Winston believe that those were the good old days.  Did I mention that Upton Sinclair was one of those evil socialists?  One has to ask....... who is evil here?   Are we to believe that those who want to protect the weak and unfortunate are the evil ones?

6079 Smith W


  “The Jungle”? It's a novel.   In addition to being a work of fiction, it contains a whole lot of hyperbole - it makes for a better story and increased sales.     Sinclair had an unspectacular political career. Obviously socialism was once not as politically acceptable in the U.S. as it is now. Who knew?   He also supported Prohibition – the fascist!   Yep! Gotta several of those Dems I mentioned; socialists claiming to help the poor and middle class while fattening their own wallets.  

Just ask wealthy "poverty pimps" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.


6079 Smith W


@ reader:  

Nope, you’re seriously incorrect; it’s capital, investments and savings that help to create jobs.

What do you think that the so-called "rich" do with their wealth, maybe hide it under a mattress?

No, they invest it in stocks, bonds, real estate and other income producing entities.

Capital will always tend to flow where it is best rewarded and increasingly that is not the U.S. That's why pension plans and other money mgrs. are investing more and more in lower tax foreign countries.

Increase taxes on the wealthy and watch money and companies move offshore.


Pastor Ron

Winston if I am not mistaken isn't Atlas Shrugged "just a novel"?  Hyperbole....... I would suggest Atlas Shrugged.  Unspectactular political career?  Who do you think you are?  Are you accomplishing something by being a discredited blog warrior?

Pastor Ron

Winston it is clear that you are not a Christian.  Why do you hate the Lord Jesus?

6079 Smith W


@ PR:   So love of JC means that one embraces socialism and advocates the looting of the wealthy by Big govt.?    Kindly quote the Biblical passage(s) wherein JC condones theft by Caesar.   
Mr. D

But Smith....the bush rich tax break buddies were supposed to use that tax break money, to create jobs, , not in real estate, not yachts, not frivilous trinkets....The deal was toget an obscene tax cut to create jobs here ...They welched on the deal, pockets the money, invested where no jobs were created, bilked the system, screwed the public who had confidence in their character, Do you get it now....The rich bush tax break buddies who you worship are no better than the lowest, most hateful, decietful, narrow minded, self indulging, scummy , pervert on the earth...


What is truly unfortunate is that the media (once again) refuses to acknowledge the fact that there are people running for office that do not belong to either the Democratic or Republican parties.

Instead of having an open discussion on specific topics that will affect all citizens it's all the same old B.S. It's all negative ads or non-substance glitz designed to attract those without the brains to research the people running for office.

Time to talk about Libertarian ideas for the way our govenment should operate.

See for details and candidates that have unique ideas.



  Ok Hilltop...I checked out the link to the "Libertarian Party". THEY sound like what I`m looking for.  More research is needed,but they look better than the Democrats and ANY party is better than the Republicans and Tea party. The Dems are at least TRYING to do something for the PEOPLE,which is a  more than the Republicans EVER did.  And the Republicans had 8 years of momentum running this country into the ground and they actually expected the Dems to turn things around in 2 years. What a joke!!  I feel that if the Republicans  REALLY cared about the people of this country,they would have at least TRIED to work together with the Dems to get things straightened out,but they would rather spend their time trying to make the Dems look bad and lieing to the voters.  Many believe that a vote for Republicans mean you want things to go back to the way it WAS.  Anybody that wants things to go back to that is an uninformed fool. It is so sad that so many people have given their lives trying to protect our rights and freedoms,and now so many people just sitting around singing the blues and doing nothing as their rights and freedoms are being taken away right in front of their eyes. If these people on here would spend as much time writing their Congressman and State Rep. instead of leaving stupid comments here,MAYBE things would change in Washington.

Pastor Ron

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Pastor Ron

Here is another verse you wicked people should be aware of:

Romans 13:7

Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor

These are the words of the Lord Jesus Christ not some novelist!


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@ Smith W: Where do you think the jobs went--off shore. The last time I checked, any publically traded business has one resposiblity, and that is to make profit for share holders. Profit at any social cost. Most are building in countries with cheap labor. I just keep wondering: To sell to whom? Reader is right. It is middle class spending that drives our current local economy.

So where are the jobs? Answer: In China, Mexico, and India. Let's shrill some more about unions. They have been sounding the alarm for decades. Where will we be when the new $14 Ford employees are ready to retire with no health or retirement benefits? How many homes and cars will they buy. If you are truely a small business, who profits from a service provided in the community, how will they pay for your service?



I hate to inform you Eriemom, anyone who has a 401k retirement plan is a stockholder in multiple public traded corporations.  If they don't make money you lose your retirement.  As far as $14 Ford employees, that's already the case, take a look at the tiered wage systems at most of the local automotive plants.  The unions negotiated contracts that will assure that no new employees ever make more than $17/hr, the did this so that the 70 yr old guy who cleans toilets can continue to work and make $30/hr while his much younger counterpart makes half that and has to pay for a huge portion of their benefits.  The unions no longer do anything worthwhile for the worker. Their only function now is to keep people employed that otherwise would have been fired long ago.


   Look how many companies locally have moved or shut their doors.  Rich men might be all the bad names you care to call them but most didn't become rich because they are stupid.  When you tax them enough they'll move or shut close-up shop.  Remember the letters Routh Packing sent to their employees, we can't afford raises.  These jobs would be lost, not gone elsewhere.  Rich people and stock holders have investments and they will not work long with no returns.  How long would you work without recieving a check at the end of the week?  No one likes working for free and it sure doesn't put food on the table.  Pass your levies for whatever good cause it might be and just see how many jobs are created.  Oh sure, a few more jobs directly but when another plant closes don't sit back and wonder what happened cause I'll tell you, it was the straw that broke the camels back.  People don't like to admit there really is a bottom in the well and we've reached it.

6079 Smith W


Mr D writes:   “the bush rich tax break buddies were supposed to use that tax break money, to create jobs, , not in real estate, not yachts, not frivilous trinkets.”   Is the U.S. not a consumer and largely service based economy?   The so-called rich account for approx. 30% of consumer spending.   So in the past number of yrs., there were absolutely no jobs being created in RE, the selling of water craft, etc.?   I believe that the ’01 and ’03 tax breaks were to spur economy activity – not just necessarily to create jobs though that would be part of the equation.   Did you forget that the U.S. experienced a recession in ’01? Also, the tech bubble began blowing up in ’00.   Also, I’ve already proven that the unemployment rates during the Bush years were low.   See again:   What economist in his or her right mind says that raising taxes on high income earners will spur economic growth and create jobs?   Don't you claim to be a prosperous land owner? If true, send the U.S. Treasury a few extra bucks. Why wait for the tax cuts to come off?  



6079 Smith W


@ PR:   Romans 13:7?   Those are the words of Paul in a letter to the Romans – not JC.   JC was supported and funded by the wealthy. See Nicodemus for one.   Christianity professes charity (freely giving); socialism proclaims the theft of private property for the benefit of the state.   You've failed to prove that Christian values are compatible with socialist economic philosophy.  

 Want an authoritarian passage? Check out Acts 5:1-11:



6079 Smith W


@ eriemom:   “So where are the jobs? Answer: In China, Mexico, and India.”   And why are their economies booming and the U.S. and other developed countries' growth stagnate?   Lower labor costs and access to capital.   So what’s the answer to increase jobs in the U.S.? Lower labor costs and access to capital.    Artificially high labor costs result in fewer jobs.   Also, automation has played a large influence on manufacturing employment.   It takes about 50% fewer workers in some plants to do a job than it took decades ago.   Get rid of robots and automation and there’d possibly be an increase in low productivity jobs.   Lastly, U.S. savings and investments have been moving into developing countries:   ---------------

A libertarian: Fiscal conservative, social liberal. Works for me!

I don't necessarily care what you do, as long as I don't have to help pay for it.



brutus smith

 winnie, stop saying you are a Libertarian. You give real Libertarians a bad name.


here is an interesting stat that i came across this past week.

since 2000 108 factories have closed in nw ohio.  of those 67 have moved elsewhere within the united states and 41 have moved overseas.  we have lost 67 to other states!  not countries.  this has accounted for approximately 18,000 jobs being lost.  why?  this is both a dem-rep problem.  after reading several interviews of people from other states it points directly to the amount of red tape in the state of ohio.  many of the states that "stole" these factory jobs have people appointed to do just that.  they have the ability to strike deals which is something that ohio lacks in according to these people.  we need to redefine this and make it a priority.  one factory management team here in ohio contacted stricklands office about tax breaks and informed stricklands office that they had a pending deal with the state of indiana and gave a two week deadline.  according to the plant manager they never heard a word from strickland so 897 jobs left for indiana!  wow.  go teddy!

brutus smith

In the years leading up to their seizure of power in 1994 it seemed that Republicans care about eliminating pork more than almost anything. But after the election was a different story. Not only did they not make good on their promise to banish earmarking they literally sent the process through the roof. Government programs that had never previously contained earmarks became saturated with them. Programs containing only a few earmarks became almost nothing but earmarks. The Labor-Health, Human Services and Education bill went from having no earmarks in 1994 to $33 million in earmarks in 1996, nearly a $100 million in 1998, half a billion in 2000 and more than $1 billion in 2002.

A report that I prepared along with others on the Appropriations minority staff in the fall of 2003 described how dramatically the practice had careened out of control. It indicated, fore instance that the number of earmarks in Defense Operation and Maintenance account had swelled from 33 before the Republican takeover to 232 by 2004. In Defense Research and Development the number of earmarks grew from 219 to 1299. This was happening in nearly every appropriation bill and it wasn't just happening in Appropriations.

The report drew only snickers from Republicans who were committed to conquering new heights in the realm of earmarks. Perhaps the pinnacle was reached with the passage of the 2005 highway bill. Instead of containing 487 earmarks--the number that sparked the all night protest by Republicans on the 1991 highway legislation--the bill contained 6,371 earmarks controlling the expenditure of $23 billion in federal money. As a report I did for the Center for American Progress indicated, the bill not only contained more earmarks than any highway bill in history it contained more than all highway bills combined.

Captain Gutz



Are you really Scott Lilly?


Just rememder when you vote D stands for Drive forward R stands for Reverse and L stands for Lost


Mikel: I agree Ohio is messed up!!!!!!!!! Just remember who has controlled the statehouse for 18 of the last 22 years,

And you act as if this just happened overnight ? Amazing!! Enlighten me some more with your vast wisdom.


Brutus: I`m in total agreement, I get a kick out of Winnie claiming to be Libertarian.

He is as much a Libertarian as Obama is a socialist. LOL

Actually I`m worried about  my old sparring partner Winnie. After reading his comments lately I fear he is slipping and it is hard to tell him and taxpayer apart.

On this topic alone he has called " The Jungle" hyperbole and fiction yet clings to "Atlas Shrugged" and his fictiona l username.

He thinks paying 7.25 anhour to employees is crippling to business owners,and claims labor costs are destroying our economy despite the fact that the average Ceo makes more in his first hour of work than most workers make in 52 weeks.

I expect to wake up tomorrow and see him endorsing slavery!


        One can't even come close in guessing the number of earmarks Marcy Kaptur has voted Her approval since taking office.  Well over 70,000  Yes, Spelled-out  that's Seventy Thousand.  Iwish she would take a long walk on the Bridge to Nowhere, She voted "YES" on that also!

6079 Smith W


@ MHL:   FYI:   A “Libertarian” (upper case “L”) tends to refer to one who is a member of the Libertarian Party.   A “libertarian” (lower case “l”) tends to refer to one who espouses and supports the principles of free market capitalism and individual rights.   How is my reading of “Atlas Shrugged” a sign of “clinging”?   How is your belief in Big Govt not an endorsement of serfdom to the State?   

How does your “R” “D” and “L” statement not help to validate that politically that many Americans such as yourself can’t think beyond moronic slogans?


brutus smith

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brutus smith

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mhl..not saying this happened overnight.  just throwing out there what has happened in the last ten years.

but....since you threw it out there.  your inspirational leader gov strickland wants to put in a high speed railway from cleveland to cincinnati which can be achieved in just less than 6 hours.  he has already stated that the state will have to subsidize it by at least $17 million per year.  you can drive it in less time than that.  but here is the kicker.  while visiting the railroad museum in fostoria, oh there is a schedule from 1935 which states the duration of that trip to be 6hours and 5 minutes!  so in 75 yrs your dumbocrat gov can only get you from one place to another about 15 minutes faster.  now thats what i call progress!  thanks gov strickland for adding to an already $1 billion plus deficit and for being fiscally responsible!  i think he is related to brutus.

brutus smith

 hugh, it was people like your mom, dad and wife who voted to accept the tier wage system. As long as they got their good wage, benefits and pension. They couldn't care less about the next generation. Why did they worked those UAW jobs anyways? And why are they so selfish that they wouldn't want the next generation to have what they have?

And S-R moderators, he brought his mom, dad and wife into the conversation, so I really didn't appreciate you deleting my post. 


Sorry Brutus, mom and dad retired before the tiered wage system, my sister was hired after the tiered wage system, and my wife also hired after the tiered wage system.  If you must know the truth about my parents and thier pensions, if you know anything at all about GM, my parents pensions were cut nearly in half when they were thrown on the governments pension guarantee system, not to mention that my mom lost her medical coverage when Delphi went belly up.  I guess its a good thing they actually saved all their lives and didn't count on their pension alone, so they are doing pretty well.  Such a shame that the majority of those caught in this situation are probably hurting right now.  I see the years of dues paid while they were working, as well as dues that they voluntarily pay in retirement have done a whole lot to advance their cause.  As far as being selfish, maybe you should ask the union leadership, they are the ones who crammed the tiered wage system down everyones throat.  You are right on one thing, selfish union members voted in a pay system they knew would screw younger workers in order for them to continue making their inflated wages.

brutus smith

 mikel, at 1st I thought maybe you had a dream or "vision" about the rail service. But lo and behold you got that info from another right wingnut blogger, who must have had a dream or "vision". Salemnews huh?

brutus smith

 So hugh, you put up a lot of words but never answered the question about why they worked UAW jobs. And why would they vote Repub now, when clearly the Repubs hate middle class people, let alone union people?


bs you are wrongggg.  actually the statement that i made about strickland admitting that this program will need to be subsidized by at least $17 million annually came right out of the san reg.  it was also noted in the san reg that the rail commission was happy to say that they could provide that service in just under 6 hours.  should have had your mom read you the article.  the info that i stated about the amount of time it took for a train in 1935 came right off of schedule that is in the train museum.  take some time and go look for yourself.


If you are a liberal and looking for some encouraging news I guess the CBS/Nwe York Times poll would be the best poll to visit


October 07, 2010
Democrat Dirty Tricks: A Primer on Stealing Elections
By Ed Lasky
Halloween is approaching, but the true horror for Democrats will happen two days later on Election Day. Democrats have much to fear, and they have already reached into their bag of tricks to try to derail Republicans across the nation.

Democrats are desperate to stop the red tide spreading from the heart of the nation and heading toward the coasts. They are eager to preserve and protect their liberal agenda and extend it in the years to come. They fear that Republican ascendancy in the House might lead to the defunding of several elements of ObamaCare and thus put it on life support until they can deliver the coup de grace in 2012 under a veto-proof majority or a new president.

Democrats tremble at the prospect of Congressman Darrell Issa (whose Chief of Staff has earned the sobriquet of The Democrats' Worst Nightmare) investigating a wide range of government programs and agencies. Issa Investigations would encompass the waste and fraud associated with the misnamed Stimulus Bill (that mostly stimulated political allies of the Democrats, among them public unions) as well as dereliction of duty at the Department of Justice as political appointees bend and break the rules regarding the Voting Rights Act to favor the Democratic Party.

Congressman Issa and others can gum up Obama's agenda by the use of subpoena power -- for instance, by repeatedly calling to testify the various czars and czarinas who escaped Senate scrutiny courtesy of Barack Obama's machinations. One of the most potent blows to the Democrats would be Republicans winning in state races and thereby having the power to gerrymander districts based on the 2010 census -- this power would sway elections until the next census ten years from now. Public unions would find it harder to shake down taxpayers, and other unions would lose all the favors the Democrats have bestowed upon them.

Truly, a parade of horrors is in store for the Democrats if the Republicans rise.

Democrats are reaching into their bag of tricks. They are going beyond garden-variety tactics such as push polls and misrepresenting their own records, positions, and even identities (including stripping their party designation, the Scarlet D, from ads; hiding the fact that they are incumbents; denying one's paternity, as in the case of Harry Reid's son, who went the way of Cher during his campaign and used just his first name, Rory; running away from Barack Obama and their own votes on ObamaCare and the stimulus; pledging to vote to repeal ObamaCare and extend tax cuts for one and all; misrepresenting the views of their opponents; and portraying themselves as Blue Dogs despite being Pelosi Lapdogs). And, of course, they are postponing ethics trials of prominent Democrats until after November 2.

Democrats have also been very busy keeping initiatives regarding ObamaCare off state ballots, fearful of giving citizens an even greater reason to go to the polls. Jobs were offered to weak Democratic candidates to take them out of the running so stronger candidates would have the field to themselves -- a violation of federal laws that clearly will be part of the Issa inquiry.

That is old school.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and we are beginning to see the Democrats start to rely on "dirty tricks" to spoil the fun (because if you have to run from the policies that are destroying your party's popularity, you have to resort to all means, fair and foul -- and mostly foul -- to win). Politics is war by another means, and when the Democrats are led by the Cook County Gang that could not play straight, all sorts of tactics will emerge.

Let's take a tour across the political landscape and catch some highlights.

The Department of Justice

Under what used to be our system of government, the Department of Justice was charged with maintaining the integrity and honesty of the voting process. Since Eric Holder became Attorney General, the DOJ has become a political tool to protect Democrats. ACORN and other community organizing groups that have engaged in a nationwide pattern of voting abuse have seemingly all but escaped the attention of the DOJ. The New Black Panther Party's videotaped example of voter intimidation has been given a pass by the Department -- a scandal that has brought forth responsible lawyers in the DOJ to testify about race-based policies of the political appointees heading up the Civil Rights division.

The DOJ has also pressured communities to change their election rules to boost the number of likely Democratic voters -- as the DOJ did with the city of Kinston, North Carolina regarding back voters and as they did in Ohio to boost the number of Puerto Rican voters. The DOJ has also been remiss enforcing one aspect of the "Motor Voter" law passed in 1993 -- a law that expanded the voting rolls by requiring states to offer voter registration material at numerous state offices, especially the Departments of Motor Vehicles. The aspect that the DOJ lawyers seemed to have missed is Section 8 of the Voting Rights law, which requires states to cleanse their voter rolls of people ineligible to vote -- including felons and dead people -- and to ensure that people are not allowed to register and vote multiple times for the same candidate.

The potential for fraud that favors Democrats is made clear by two recent examples where citizens' groups have actually done the job the DOJ refuses to do and have uncovered violations of voter laws by Democratic-linked groups.

The Secretary of State Project

The role of Secretaries of State should not be ignored, either.

These are the officials charged with ensuring the integrity of the voting process. Yet many of them have been elected through the efforts of the Democracy Alliance, a group of super-wealthy liberals (led by George Soros), Democratic operatives, and union leaders. This group's agenda is to ensure that politicians they choose to support are elected to these crucial posts. These are officers who are responsible for voting rolls being purged of ineligible voters.

Minnesota's Secretary of State was helped by this group, and it appears that Democratic Senator Al Franken may very well been elected in a narrow win over Republican Norm Coleman with the help of votes that should never have been counted. Ohio's secretary of state during the 2008 election, Jennifer Brunner, was also elected with the Alliance's help -- and had a "see no evil" approach toward ACORN voter fraud in that state. The push for increased early and absentee voting by Democrats and allied special interest groups is ripe with potential for fraud, especially if used in conjunction with street money to encourage votes for particular candidates.

While trying to expand the ranks of likely Democrats, the DOJ is also actively trying to suppress the votes of those in the military -- likely Republican voters -- by giving states a pass regarding their adherence to rules regarding sending soldiers absentee ballots.

The upshot: our soldiers, who are risking their lives to defend us, are risking the loss of their voting rights at the hands of the Department of Justice while the ranks of likely Democratic voters -- including ones that should not be allowed to vote -- expand.

Darrell Issa will have fertile fields to plow at Eric Holder's Department of Justice.

Smear Campaigns

Smear campaigns are the "wetwork" of politics. They are hit jobs, meant to assassinate the character and careers of conservatives. We saw them employed most viciously against Sarah Palin when her entire family came under assault -- a type of collateral damage that is fine by Democrats. During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama warned the GOP to "lay off my wife" and that to make "Michelle an issue in the campaign" would be "unacceptable." Yet he had no problem with the scorched earth, take-no-prisoners hatchet job on the Palin family committed by his minions.

This gang seems inspired by the Cook County mores exemplified by the movie The Untouchables. (Capone: "I want to find this nancy boy Eliot Ness, I want him dead! I want his family dead! I want his house burned to the ground!" See also Barack Obama's threat during the campaign that if they bring a knife to the fight, "we bring a gun," borrowing a line -- as Obama is wont to do -- from Sean Connery's character in the movie.) Lately we have heard the vice president threaten to "strangle" the GOP if any Republican brings up the deficit -- a figure that has significantly worsened under the regime of Obama-Pelosi-Reid.

The ends always justify the means with the gang that cannot play straight.

Democratic candidates are throwing chum in the water to churn the wheels of the rumor mill. The New York Times reports that Democratic strategists are planning the most negative campaign in years and helpfully explained that they were doing so to distract voters from their own records. Democrats are trying to distract voters from their own vastly unpopular policies by focusing on such items as tax liens and divorce records of their opponents. The Obama message of hope and change was "just words."

Sometimes the rumors are started by liberal bloggers. One blogger started a rumor that Republican Congressman Dave Reichert was suffering from a brain injury, making him unfit to serve in Congress (untrue). Another of these creepy critters tried to start a rumor that John Boehner was having an affair with a lobbyist by loudly asking him about this faux-scandal in front of a crowd of people. This blogger -- whose hero has to be the Nixon-era Donald Segretti -- has made a career of following GOP candidates around the country with a handful of mud ready to hurl (hoping it sticks).

Perhaps he was inspired by the insipid example of the New York Times, which ran a huge front-page story right before the 2008 election intimating that John McCain had also had an affair with a lobbyist. Indeed, during the campaign season, the New York Times is transformed into the National Enquirer -- only when it comes to Republicans as targets.

A determined group of activists can gin up a controversy and rely on the echo chamber outlets in the media to broaden and magnify the smear (see Fred Barnes' superb article, "The Colorado Model: The Democrats Plan for Turning Red States Blue," for a template of how this strategy successfully worked in that state).

Perhaps one of the worst purveyors of smears (and other assorted dirty tricks, as will be seen below) is the bombastic Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson, who, when he failed to depict his opponent Dan Webster as a Vietnam War draft-dodger, resorted to the video chop shop and patched together a video portraying Webster as "Taliban Dan" concerning his views of women -- an effort that would make Michael Moore proud (but seems to have backfired by its sheer clumsiness).

The smears will become worse in the days ahead -- whether it is a fake controversy involving the Republican candidate for Governor of California Meg Whitman's former housekeeper or the making of phone calls mischaracterizing the positions of Republican candidates (as Democrats did regarding Scott Brown's pro-life position in Massachusetts before that important election for the people's seat -- formerly known as the "Kennedy seat"). Gossip sells -- especially when it is supercharged by Democrats lapdogs in the so-called mainstream media.

A common tactic has been to try to link Democrat opponents to Wall Street and the mortgage meltdown; long-time Democratic dinosaur John Dingell even tried to link his Republican opponent, a cardiologist, to Wall Street. But I have seen it over and over -- always promoting the canard that opponents of the Democrats are profiteers from the 2008 crisis (a disaster that greatly enriched George Soros, the Democrats' number-one patron and the top funder of 527 groups such as, and a major backer of influential think-tanks such as the Center for American Progress, Obama's Idea Factory -- all tools of the Democrats to gain and keep power).

One could go on and on in this theatre of the political.

Death to the Tea Party

One of the most potent movements in modern American politics has been the breathtaking rise of the Tea Party and its focus on fiscal discipline and responsibility -- traits antithetical to most Democratic politicians. The movement is gaining not just self-described adherents, but also large numbers of sympathizers. The Tea Party has focused attention on areas that make many Democrats vulnerable. Hence, the Tea Party has earned the wrath of Democrats.

We are all familiar by now with the wild charges Democrats and their lapdogs in the media make about the Tea Party, heavy on the Alinksy-style of ridicule: it is racist, retrograde, composed of wackos and pawns controlled by the Koch brothers (wealthy funders of Libertarian causes) and corporate interests, led by profit-making Elmer Gantrys, and mere astroturf groups being controlled by wealthy string-pullers. The reliable bogeyman Karl Rove has also been invoked by the Democrats as way to demonize the Tea Party. Conservative bloggers have been getting this treatment for years; now everyone who opposes Democrats and their agenda is a target.

Democratic Senator Max Baucus has used his power as the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee to ask the IRS to investigate a panoply of groups that can be considered part of the Tea Party movement, and -- lest we forget -- Barack Obama ominously "joked" about siccing the IRS on people while he planned to expand the ranks of IRS agents prepared to audit us into submission. Liberal watchdog groups make noise by calling for the IRS to investigate a group linked to Karl Rove. The more chaff in the air, the more the Democrats distract people from the Democrats' collective record.

Democrats uphold the First Amendment when flags are burned and brandish it when Muslims want a mosque built near the 9/11 site -- but they try to chill free speech when people want to express their views towards Democrats. (Hence Barack Obama's disgraceful attack against the Citizens United decision during the State of the Union address; when Democrats want our opinions, they will give us them.)

These efforts have been defeated for the most part. The charges of racism leveled by Democratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, who said he was spit upon by Tea Party members, led to the offer by Andrew Breitbart of a $100,000 reward for any evidence that such an attack took place. None has surfaced, and videos of the event where this supposedly had happened show no indication that it did occur. The Koch brothers have been pilloried, but when information apparently taken from their confidential tax records was made public, an investigation into possible abuse of IRS information was launched by an inspector general. Others have challenged the hypocrisy of Democrats turning the Kochs into piñatas by highlighting the role of George Soros, the sugar daddy of the Democratic Party. For every Karl Rove claim, one can be made about the maestro of astroturf groups, David Axelrod -- Obama campaign strategist-turned-chief domestic policy advisor.

However, there are trickier and more dishonest tactics being used by Democrats as they tamper with Tea Party. In fact, black ops against the Tea Party are happening throughout the nation -- a vast left-wing conspiracy.

A counter-"people's movement" called the Coffee Party was launched last February and already has seemingly flopped, embarrassing the media which eagerly hyped it at its debut. Groups have been formed by the aforementioned George Soros to monitor Tea Party activists -- meant to expose extremism and racism in the Tea Party. Will this racism charge stick if liberals plant agent provocateurs at rallies -- as they already have done by infiltrating Tea Party rallies to give the impression they are rallies for racists?

A plant, a crude KKK-like sign or T-shirt, and a camera crew -- snap, crackle, and pop: the Tea Party morphs into neo-Nazis.

False Flags

The Democats' black ops can be creative. Following the adage of divide and conquer, there have been more than a few examples of candidates being put on ballots as a way to siphon support away from Republicans considered tough challengers to Democrats. In Michigan, a group claiming to be the "Tea Party" put 23 candidates on ballots around the state; this was a plot engineered by a Democratic operative to split the Republican vote in November. The affidavits to get on the ballot were notarized by this operative -- possibly a crime.

The ever-creative Alan Grayson also was the wizard behind the curtain in setting up a fake "TEA Party" group in Florida. This TEA party was a shell group set up by liberals to siphon votes away from Republican candidates. Several of these "candidates" had ties to Grayson, and he paid almost $28,000 to the man who turned the (fake) TEA Party into an entity that ran its own (fake) candidates. The Nevada Tea Party candidate running for the Senate (who recently tried to hurt Sharron Angle's chances by secretly taping her) has also been accused of being a fake Tea Party candidate who is trying to help the Democratic Senator and Majority Leader Harry Reid retain his seat.

Democrats are helping such false-flag Tea Party candidates nationwide.

Voters should not judge a book by its cover (or title).

In Pennsylvania, a group called "" has absurdly tried to link the GOP candidate for the Senate, Pat Toomey, with Iranian madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. A voter might see the word "Vet" in the name of this group and give its view credence since the military is one of the most trusted institutions in America. However, such trust would be misplaced. This group is a liberal veterans' group based in Oregon (not Pennsylvania) that somehow found hundreds of thousands of dollars to drop into the Pennsylvania race. Another veterans' group has condemned VoteVets as being a political group masquerading as a veterans group and has charged that VoteVets is a small group of veterans bought and paid for by the Democratic Party to run hit ads.

Another example of this kind of dirty trick comes from Nevada, where the Tea Party-sounding group Patriot Majority has been attacking Sharron Angle. Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post investigated and found that this group was formed by Harry Reid's former spokesman and is funded by the SEIU and the AFSCME (the government workers' union).

There are many of these types of groups running ads and endorsing or criticizing Republican candidates around the nation; they may sound legitimate, but they are camouflaged liberal hit groups flying false flags -- like pirates steeling for an attack.

Be forewarned: this essay is only a flyby through the dark Democratic alleys of American politics. There are powerful and wealthy special interests (unions, members of the Democracy Alliance, and many others) determined to retain the reins of power because of the benefits that flow to them -- regardless of what happens to the rest of us. Undoubtedly, new schemes are being hatched now to swing the election their way come November -- and we may never discover them.

Ed Lasky is news editor of American Thinker.
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