BLOG: The Democrats strike back

Tom Jackson
Sep 30, 2010

The news has been filled in recent weeks with reports of polls showing big Republican leads in key races, across the country and also in Ohio. I posted about this a couple of weeks ago.

Polls for the Ted Strickland-John Kasich race for governor have become essentially even. For example, a CBS/New York Times poll shows Kasich ahead by only one percentage point. 

Local Democrats at a Wednesday campaign event at Diana's Deli in Perkins Township told me that efforts have been stepped up to get the attention of their partisans.

Lynda Mobley, president of the North Coast Labor Council, said her people have been manning phone banks and will be visiting voters personally.

"We can only go to labor households. People are very receptive," she said.

Bob Warner, an official with the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades and a former Sandusky City Commissioner, said it's natural that people trying to make a living haven't tuned in to the election until recently.

"People weren't really paying attention until Labor Day," he said. "People have a life."

He said the union is trying to educate members that they can use absentee ballots.




Dude, consider the source, two bastions of liberalism. There are more people unemployed than are union members. Just don't start getting that  CNN Mathews tingle.


Mainstream America is waking up to the reality of the Republican promise. 

Maintaining tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 % in an era of the greatest disparity between rich and poor.

Vowing to take any progress on reforming health care backwards.

Keeping alive division among Americans by denying the rights of gay and lesbian citizens.

Limiting a woman's right to make medical decisions about her body.

The Republican party dragged its feet on extending unemployment benefits, but are focused on extending tax cuts for the rich.  Why would any working man or woman vote a Republican?



Because they have a brain and values.


No poor man ever gave me a job.


Geez, the last Rasmussen Poll taken yesterday according to real clear politics has Kaisich up by 8% up from 7% two weeks ago.

Pastor Ron

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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained obscenity. Discussion Guidelines

Pastor Ron

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For shame Pastor Ron. Where is your church? Do you take all of the offerings on Sundays and throw it up into the air and tell the Supreme Being to take HIS share and what falls to the ground goes into your pockets?


I worked for a lot of "poor people".

One thing about working for the average guy, they pay their bills.

In my years in business, the only people that stiffed me were "rich people".

I'll take "poor people" any day, better "Class" of people.............


The Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut actually said she wondered if the minimum wage laws don't place too big a burden on businesses.

Talk about class warfare.

They really want to drive the middle class down to a third world standard of living.


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Oh my gosh, I really didn't know that ceo's of major companies as well as business owners live out at Crossroads

6079 Smith W


@ reader:   Minimum wage laws can force employers to pay workers more than some are worth.   It’s all about labor productivity.     Govt. interference in the labor market is the major cause of unemployment.   -----------     @ Kimo:   “Rich people” stiffed you? No. Losers with the appearance of wealth "stiffed" you. There’s dead beats in all socio-economic classes.   Maybe you just did a lousy job?    


Massengill Wins...

Sounds like my dark side believes people should work and not be provided a living wage?  It is bad enough that many jobs have dropped the benefits..... now some think people should be paid less than it takes to live.  One must wonder if he prefers the return of the identured worker, slavery, or just plain colonialism.  These conservatives sure are showing their true colors.

Mr. D

Here's how it works...Big Business, CEOs, rich repubican Bush taxbreak buddies, eliminate jobs (other than their own) , lower wages (other than their own), and eliminate health insurance and other benefits (other that their own) so they can make a "bigger profit" for them selves....Then recieve the huge Bush buddy taxbreak to "create jobs", which never get created, Talk about double dippin, pocket the" blood money", then get a tax break on it, and pocket the tax braek money they were supposed to create jobs with....I call it "Iotting", kind of like Iott did to his workers....Folks, think long and hard about who you vote for.....

brutus smith

 Repubs are getting scared, the people are starting to see the midget behind the curtain. Their motto: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss".


BS, repubs are getting scared? Are you out of your mind? The CBS poll is the only poll in the country that shows a glimmer of hope for the Dems.  Nearly every poll out there shows a pretty significant margin of victory for repubs in Nov and in most races the gap is getting wider.  What I really think is funny is that my parents who were life long Dems, and union members (UAW), are doing early voting and are voting a straight republican ticket for the first time in their lives. My wife, also a union member (UAW), voting straight repub. My sister, another UAW member, voting straight repub, she also has been a lifelong Dem.  I hate to break it to you BS, the Dems really are in serious trouble.  In Nov when you finally pull your head out of your backside you will figure it out.


reader: Wanna know how any "working man or woman" could vote for a Republican? Because it's the "rich" (I use the term loosely -- Dems consider an awful lot of people "rich" who aren't) who CREATE jobs, who HIRE people, who FORM companies, who contribute immeasurably to the economy. Sure, some are greedy, but THEIR profit is all too often their company's profits and thus their employees' profits. Do most of us make as much money as those "fat cats?" Nope. But would we make less without them? Look around and the "YES" is pretty obvious.


SamAdams...... It's middle class spending that creates jobs.   If the rich get richer and the middle class is driven down to a subsistence standard of living, what jobs will the rich create to make products or services no one has the money to consume ?

The Republican plan to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 % of taxpayers will only make the fat cats fatter.


Mr. D

Sam....Its pretty obvious, you can't make much less than minimum wage

brutus smith

 Since Bush "fattened" up all the rich people, where are the jobs? Where are the jobs?

6079 Smith W


@ Mr. D   Yea the Dems are all poor. LOL.   Just ask Warren Buffett, Geo. Soros, Jim Cramer, the Kennedys, the Kerrys, the Obamas, the Pelosis, the Reids, the Gores, the Edwards, etc, etc.   Why are public pension plans like CALpers, CALsters and others investing hundreds of billions of dollars outside the U.S. helping to fund foreign cos.?   Why is it any of the govt.'s business what I charge for my labor? Isn’t that between my employer and me?  

The socialists practice economic slight-of-hand and the financial ignorant "ooh and ah" while thinking that it’s real magic.

The mid-term elections are typically a referendum on the President. The independent voter is through with Mr. Hopie-Changie and independent voters tend to determine the outcome of elections.

  If it makes ya feel better, keep grasping at political straws  - the Dems are out in Nov.


Massengill Wins...

It appears that there are those like Winston who believe that the rich should own the poor.  Upton Sinclair wrote a book called The Jungle about the meat packing industry in the early 1900's.  The book led to the reform and creation of minimum wages, workplace safety, and restricted child employment.  It sounds like those like Winston believe that those were the good old days.  Did I mention that Upton Sinclair was one of those evil socialists?  One has to ask....... who is evil here?   Are we to believe that those who want to protect the weak and unfortunate are the evil ones?

6079 Smith W


  “The Jungle”? It's a novel.   In addition to being a work of fiction, it contains a whole lot of hyperbole - it makes for a better story and increased sales.     Sinclair had an unspectacular political career. Obviously socialism was once not as politically acceptable in the U.S. as it is now. Who knew?   He also supported Prohibition – the fascist!   Yep! Gotta several of those Dems I mentioned; socialists claiming to help the poor and middle class while fattening their own wallets.  

Just ask wealthy "poverty pimps" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.


6079 Smith W


@ reader:  

Nope, you’re seriously incorrect; it’s capital, investments and savings that help to create jobs.

What do you think that the so-called "rich" do with their wealth, maybe hide it under a mattress?

No, they invest it in stocks, bonds, real estate and other income producing entities.

Capital will always tend to flow where it is best rewarded and increasingly that is not the U.S. That's why pension plans and other money mgrs. are investing more and more in lower tax foreign countries.

Increase taxes on the wealthy and watch money and companies move offshore.


Pastor Ron

Winston if I am not mistaken isn't Atlas Shrugged "just a novel"?  Hyperbole....... I would suggest Atlas Shrugged.  Unspectactular political career?  Who do you think you are?  Are you accomplishing something by being a discredited blog warrior?

Pastor Ron

Winston it is clear that you are not a Christian.  Why do you hate the Lord Jesus?

6079 Smith W


@ PR:   So love of JC means that one embraces socialism and advocates the looting of the wealthy by Big govt.?    Kindly quote the Biblical passage(s) wherein JC condones theft by Caesar.   
Mr. D

But Smith....the bush rich tax break buddies were supposed to use that tax break money, to create jobs, , not in real estate, not yachts, not frivilous trinkets....The deal was toget an obscene tax cut to create jobs here ...They welched on the deal, pockets the money, invested where no jobs were created, bilked the system, screwed the public who had confidence in their character, Do you get it now....The rich bush tax break buddies who you worship are no better than the lowest, most hateful, decietful, narrow minded, self indulging, scummy , pervert on the earth...