BLOG: Black people are rallying behind LeBron James

Tom Jackson
Sep 29, 2010


Writing for, Vincent Thomas makes an interesting point: LeBron James may not have won many friends for his decision to leave Cleveland, but black people don't loathe him the way many sports fans do.

"You've probably heard about his plummeting Q rating (the industry standard for measuring an athlete's familiarity and appeal)," Thomas writes. "According to The Q Scores Co., for non-blacks, LeBron's positive Q rating went from 18 percent in January to 10 percent in September and, more telling, his negative Q rating went from 24 percent to 44. Nearly half of the non-blacks in this country don't like the dude. Meanwhile, LeBron's positive Q rating among blacks went from 52 percent in January to 39 -- a noticeable drop -- but his negative Q rating barely budged, going from 14 percent to 15. Among African-Americans, says The Q Scores Co. executive vice president Henry Schafer, the shift in opinion was mostly to neutral."

Thomas attributes this to "black protectionism," the instinct to rally around a prominent black taking incoming fire.

His best sound bite: "I'm sorry, but Brett Favre was nowhere to be found on The Q Scores Co.'s top 10 most disliked list. And, dig this: America dislikes LeBron more than it dislikes  Ben Roethlisberger. That's just not deserved. So, you know what? Enter the ride-or-die black community."

Hat tip for the pointer to economist Tyler Cowen's Marginal Revolution blog.




Captain Gutz

I'm not black, and I love LeBron, even after he left the Cavs.


The only reason racism still exists is because of articles like this.  It is so wrong in many ways!


 Lebron James is just another person to me. I never worshiped him, therefore don't care where he lives, what he does, etc. 


You know what? Let the "black community" use whatever stats or figures it needs to justify its' self. Let the "black community" use whomever it wants to advocate or speak for them.

Regardless of my race, I speak for me. I advocate for me. I make no excuses when I fail, and I give no credit when I pass. It's on me and always will be.

I don't need a rally point. I don't need a support group, a union or an administration to tell me what I deserve. When I want something, I make it happen. Period.

Too many self help, excuse making, "yes" people out there. Stop making excuses for why someone isn't successfull. Stop telling people they have a reason for why they aren't successfull.

I have sat and watched for almost 30 years while the "black community" made excuses for it's members. Now I'm seeing it in the middle class, regardless of race. Every time I hear that the middle class is dying, I know it's a self inflicted wound. Illegal immigrants didn't take your job, your lack of work ethic did. Powerfull banks didn't take your home, your poor planning and budgeting did.

It's time for America to man up. Stop seeing yourself as black, white, Mexican, rich or poor. Start realizing that noone is going to do it for you, regardless. When you stop blaming the other guy for your problems and start making YOUR life your priority, the better off you'll be.


who really cares


I'm not Black and I liked Obama. You can bet I won't vote for him in '12 though.


Black people are rallying BEHIND LeBron James?  Almost sounds like a president they will rally BEHIND no matter how much LYING, DAMAGE and FAILURE he will do.  I guess the premise of a person's performance and management means absolutely nothing.  Race comes first.  Now WHO would have figured that?  After all, you liberals ALL voted for our president.  So, how does it all feel now?  What happened to all of you during the "anointed" one and his grand acceptance speech in Chicago?  I must admit, it was a monumental event with those Greek columns.  But, all that has worn off and WHAT does the NATION have?  Nothing but BLAME, EXCUSES and FAILURE.  Oops, don't forget the great liberal administration is abandoning ship like rats and your fellow liberal politicians are keeping a distance from the "savior" like he is the plague.  Can any of you blacks and liberals explain that?  Go ahead and rally BEHIND Lebron.  At least he can perform and he earns his money.  He is worth every penny.  See you all in 2012.  Ha! Ha!   



I agree 100%.


What a useless and biased article. Slow day at the SR???


This IS usless. I want my 2 minutes  back!


I mention black people in my comments and my comments get deleted for being racist.